Donald Trump is a Super Zionist!

  Article: Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC   He didn’t come to pander … but then his advisors re-wrote his speech By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor As everyone knows, Donald Trump occasionally suffers from a tendency to blurt out unspeakable truths. That was what he was planning to do in […]

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The Real Iron Man

The Real Iron Man Hollywood’s so-called “Iron Man” is nothing but a womanizing, pervert, egotistical drunken maniac dressed in a nice iron suit, whereas the REAL “Iron Man” is empowered by the Word of Allah – especially when he reads Chapter “Iron” of the Holy Quran. If you happen to be a man who once worked for […]

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Truth’s Protective Layers

Neil Alden Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012) ********************* Oh Neil Armstrong Why were you so wrong? Your moon landing lies are starting to pong Now I have to sing you this song Even though you’ve been gone too long  Truth doesn’t have any “protective layers” As is believed by the naysayers Who […]

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Steve Irwin Tribute – Wildest Things in the World

Steve Irwin Tribute – Wildest Things in the World – by Melodysheep ****************   A musical tribute to the legendary conservationist & crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. mp3:… Subscribe for more remixes and tributes! @musicalscience   Lyrics: My dad taught me from a very early age Be at one with the snake Feel […]

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Bruce Lee Remix – Be Water My Friend

Bruce Lee Remix – Be Water My Friend *************–RW4   This remix was created by Melodysheep. All credits belong to Melodysheep Bruce Lee Remix – Be Water My Friend A Water Body   Heart in Water and Fire   Bruarfoss Waterfalls – Iceland

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The Science Rap! by Ali G

The Science Rap! by Ali G **************** Check out the original video! (Ali G is a comedian don’t take him seriously) The Science Rap! by Ali G By melodysheep. Uploaded on 13 Jun 2011 Ali G raps about science. mp3: Original video:…   Lyrics: Science What is it all about  Techmology […]

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“Blue & Beautiful” – Neil Armstrong Tribute

“Blue & Beautiful” – Neil Armstrong Tribute ***************   A musical tribute to the legendary Neil Armstrong. mp3:…   Sources: When We Left Earth Neil Armstrong BBC Interview:… New videos coming soon, subscribe for more! @musicalscience Lyrics:   We were flying through the moon’s shadow A deep black sky We were […]

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What is a God? (feat. Jason Silva)

What is a God? (feat. Jason Silva) ************   Buy the music track here:…   “It makes good sense to revere the sun and the stars … because we are their children” – Carl Sagan   A video celebrating the power of the sun, featuring Jason Silva of Shots of Awe: […]

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Bill Nye – The Joy of Discovery

Bill Nye – The Joy of Discovery – by Melodysheep ******************   A marvellous excerpt from Bill Nye’s recent debate set to original music. Subscribe for more science mashups and remixes!   Get the song on iTunes:… @musicalscience Instrumental:…   Video sources:   Nye/Ham debate Wonders of Life Wonders of the Solar […]

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Symphony of Science – Onward to the Edge!

Symphony of Science – Onward to the Edge! ************** mp3: – A musical celebration of the importance and inspirational qualities of space exploration (human and robotic), as well as a look at some of the amazing worlds in our solar system. Featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and Carolyn Porco. “Onward to the Edge” is the […]

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BEYOND THE HORIZON – Symphony of Science + The Planetary Society

BEYOND THE HORIZON – Symphony of Science + The Planetary Society ****************   Created in collaboration with The Planetary Society on their 35th anniversary. Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Emily Lakdawalla and Carl Sagan reflect humanity’s next frontier: beyond the horizon.   Special thanks to everyone at the Planetary Society for making this song & video […]

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SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE – WAVES OF LIGHT *********************   Symphony of Science returns! A musical celebration of light and how it tells the story of our universe. Featuring Brian Cox.   Sources: Wonders of the Universe Journey to the Edge of the Universe Planetary More videos at Subscribe for more remixes and […]

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Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science

Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science ****************** melodysheep Uploaded on 23 Mar 2011 mp3:   “Ode to the Brain” is the ninth episode in the Symphony of Science music video series. Through the powerful words of scientists Carl Sagan, Robert Winston, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bill Nye, and Oliver Sacks, it […]

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The World of the Dinosaurs – Symphony of Science

The World of the Dinosaurs – Symphony of Science ******************   mp3: Now on iTunes:… A musical celebration of dinosaurs! “The World of the Dinosaurs” is the 14th instalment in the Symphony of Science series; it investigates their habits, extinction, and how we learn about them. Featuring Alice Roberts, Bill Nye, Nigel […]

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“We Are Star Dust” – Symphony of Science

“We Are Star Dust” – Symphony of Science *********************   mp3: We are star dust, reaching out to the universe. The 15th Symphony of Science video featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Feynman and Lawrence Krauss. Materials used are from: Cosmic Quandaries with Neil DeGrasse Tyson 10 Questions for Neil DeGrasse Tyson Beyond Belief 2006 […]

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MONSTERS OF THE COSMOS – Symphony of Science ********************   mp3: Symphony of Science returns! Morgan Freeman and a choir of scientists sing to you about the science and freakiness of black holes.   Video sources: NOVA – Mystery of the Milky Way Through The Wormhole: The Riddle of Black Holes Who’s Afraid of […]

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Symphony of Science – ‘The Big Beginning’

Symphony of Science – ‘The Big Beginning’ (ft. Hawking, Sagan, Dawkins, Shears, Tyson) ****************   “The Big Beginning” is the eighth instalment in the Symphony of Science music video series. It deals with the origins of our universe, covering the Big Bang theory, expansion and cooling of the universe, formation of galaxies, the interplay […]

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Symphony of Science – Secret of the Stars

Symphony of Science – Secret of the Stars ************** mp3:   A musical celebration of E=MC squared and Einstein’s theory of relativity. Featuring Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene and Lisa Randall. / Sources: Through the Wormhole Einstein’s Big Idea (NOVA) The Elegant Universe (NOVA) Wonders of the […]

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Symphony of Science – ‘Our Place in the Cosmos’

Symphony of Science – ‘Our Place in the Cosmos’ (ft. Sagan, Dawkins, Kaku, Jastrow) ************************   MP3: “Our Place in the Cosmos”, the third video from the Symphony of Science, was crafted using samples from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, Richard Dawkins’ Genius of Charles Darwin series, Dawkins’ TED Talk, Stephen Hawking’s Universe series, Michio […]

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Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’

Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’ (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye) ********************** “We Are All Connected” was made from sampling Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, The History Channel’s Universe series, Richard Feynman’s 1983 – in YouTube Video by Melody Sheep:   MP3 available at   “We Are All Connected” was […]

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Symphony of Science – the Quantum World!

Symphony of Science – the Quantum World! *************   A musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, the jiggly things that make up everything we see. Featuring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Brian Cox, Richard Feynman, and Frank Close – in YouTube Video by Melody Sheep.

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The US Military’s Anti-Illegal War Theme Song

 The US Military’s Anti-Illegal War Theme Song: **********************   Ever since General Wesley Clark openly confessed on YouTube that NeoCons planned to illegally “invade 7 Muslim countries in 5 years” [U.S. War Crimes], veterans in the U.S. Army have become obsessed with the following song (the lyrics below are a revised version of the […]

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MI5 is now recruiting Muslims in Black (MIB)!

MI5 is now recruiting Muslims in Black (MIB)!     The British Secret Service [MI5] is currently seeking “Undercover Muslims” to work in their MIB (Muslims In Black) Division 5: Zombie and Reptilian Alien Department – those with a sensitive disposition and a fear of reptilian shape-shifters need not apply (even David Icke failed the entrance exam numerous times!). As […]

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The Dancing Queen Tree

The Dancing Queen Tree Lyrics: Ooh You can dance You can jive Having the time of your life Ooh, see that girl Watch that scene Dig in the dancing queen Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go Where they play the right music Getting in the swing You […]

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Muslim Lovers of the BBC – British Brainwashing Channel

Muslim Lovers of the BBC – British Brainwashing Channel   This song is dedicated to Muslim scholars who still work for the evil BBC Corporation – despite all of its anti-Muslim propaganda and war mongering for the military-industrial-complex. I wont mention any names ‘cause we all know who they are – heads up Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka […]

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The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”

The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”   Dear Dr. Barrett, Dr. Fetzer and Gordon Duff,   Here are the letters that have recently been exchanged between your selves – via the CIA’s psychic trained monkeys:   We all know that you each love being stuck in a love-feud triangle relationship […]

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Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!

Special Announcement: Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!   Steve De’ak has posted a new page on his website to say that he supports this “Truther Musical”  epic music production. He has finally got over his fear of freemasonic Baphomet butt worshippers, to come out of the woodwork and dance the dance of freedom:   Steve’s […]

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