Muslim verses N.W.O. Zombie thinking

N.W.O. Zombies – such as NeoCons and Zionists think like this:


“To achieve world peace for future generations (the so-called peace of  “A New World Order” – or as George H.W. Bush says “not the law of the jungle”) we must first create a climate conducive to peace – by first using such methods as: Order out of Chaos/ Revelation of the Method/ Cognitive Dissonance/ Hegelian Dialectic/Predictive Programming/ propaganda/ brainwashing/ military dictatorship/ build giant walls/ censorship of free speech/ endless false-flags events to produce endless wars/ use of symbols and illuminati/freemasonic hand signals/ kiss Baphomet’s butt within Freemasonic lodges/Worship a 70 foot stone owl statue at Bohemian Grove for the “cremation of care” ceremony, abide by a United Nations ‘peace keeping force’, etc. etc. Only then will we all live together in peace and harmony!”


George H.W. Bush’s N.W.O. Speech:



New World Order Organisational Chart

NewWorldOrder Organizational Chart

How a Muslim thinks:

“To achieve world peace everyone should simply go to the mosque and pray – be good and stop being such dumb ass zombies!”





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