Confessions of a NeoCon Cockroach

larry silverstein

Confessions of a NeoCon Cockroach


cockroach-silversteinHi, I’m Larry Silverstein. Before I confess my sins to you all once again, I would like to state how thrilled I am to have a part in your new musical production: “The Sound of Muslims – with Zombies!” I just love the song “Silverstein ‘Pulling’ Building 7” (as below).   It’s definitely the sort of song I’d love to sing with a good strong military macho man like Dr. Kevin Barrett, Gordon Duff or Jim Fetzer. I just love crinkly old military men in uniform, ‘cause everyday I fantasize about them arresting me and handcuffing me in their sexy tight police/army pants. I really like the line in the song “…totally unprepared are you to face a world of men”. That’s because I’ve been waiting an awfully long time for a real, rare man to come along and put me in jail where I belong. I’d much rather be stuck all day long with them in a stinky jail cell, than be fed luxury food and wine with my Zionistic kin. At first I thought Simon Shack would be the “real, rare man” for the job, but he turned out to be just another Tavistock sock puppet/David Bowie wannabe – who thinks he’s just too sexy for anything. Then I turned my attention to big bald old troll-like men (with furry overgrown guinea pig-like features) like Kevin Barrett. Even to this very day I still hope that a manly macho man will become manlier and one day arrest me – with his shiny medallion helmet and kinky big leather boots.   I can’t wait to see Kevin in a police military uniform; or better still, wearing the same tight army uniform that Gordon Duff once allegedly wore when he fought in the Vietnam war. Those army men were hot! – So hot in those days, with their hot pants. You don’t get that type of macho-manliness in men these days. Nowadays, military men like Gordon Duff spend all their time going through some ‘craigslist’ papers searching for kinky presstitutes in Maryland, when all they ever need to do is pick up the phone and call me. Me!! I’ve been waiting to hear from them for a very, very long time. It’s been too long. So very long. I love that song: “It’s raining men… Hallelujah it’s raining men. Tall, dark, blonde or lean, rough and tough and strong and mean… God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too…” You know the song.   I wish it would rain men. But it only ever rains REAL RAIN. Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied about 9/11/Building Seven? The truth is, I’ve been trying to confess my 9/11 sins to the American people for some time now. But every time I totally confess to the mainstream media that I “pulled” Building 7 for controlled demolition, they totally ignore everything I’ve said and go on about getting ‘em muzzies. Why do only the muzzies always get all that sexy S&M jail bondage treatment?! Why can’t I be in on some of that sexy bondage action too? I love the James Brown song: “Hot pants, smokin’…” – it reminds me of all those macho military men in hot black leather pants. Sadly, the U.S. military are becoming more and more sissified – wearing high heals and girly stuff like that – just to show they support their female colleagues. What Zionist, cockroach scumbags like me really want, and dream about on a daily basis, is having some big strong macho man arrest us – not some sissy pervert in high heals! Even General Wesley Clark expects nothing less than this. Why do you think he too confessed his 9/11 sins by saying that him and his NeoCon cronies planned on invading “7 Muslim countries in 5 years”. When he openly confessed such crimes, couldn’t you just see the longing in his eyes – the dream that one day he may be arrested by a hot ‘n’ smokin’ military/police guy in hot pants? BBC building 7Sadly, such men are extremely rare – that’s why this will be my last confession. The unfulfilled desire of being arrested by a real sexy man in uniform is just too much for me to bear right now. And don’t even let me recall those day dreams I frequently get – of real, rare holy men wearing long, flowing Islamic capes coming to get me – exactly like the cape Sheikh Hamza Yusuf often wears. I have this on-going fantasy of a ridiculously good looking Hamza Yusuf/Johnny Depp lookalike wearing an Islamic superman-like cape – singing the way James Brown does on stage singing the songs “Please Don’t Go” and “Prisoner of Love”. I want to be Hamza’s “Prisoner of Love”, but he turns a blind eye to all Zionist crimes – even going as far as applauding George W. Bush’s “State of the Union Address” for his war crimes against many Muslim nations. My other fantasy is of being stuck in a jail cell with the Sean Penn lookalike Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad. We could pretend we are both in jail on death row – like in Sean’s film “Dead Man Walking”. We could then be filmed having endless conversations together in our jail cell – about how “conspiracy theorists” are all moon landing sceptic nutters, and how much we all love the BBC – even though Tony Rooke won a court case against them for all their BBC 9/11 presstitution/war propaganda. Tony Rooke has the right idea when he says that everyone must go to the police to report their 9/11 criminal findings. I’ve always dreamed of doing just that, sayin’: “Officer, arrest me at once! I ‘pulled’ Building 7. I’m a Zionist, neo-con, criminal cockroach scumbag!” Handcuff me – you sexy beast!” But what if that officer then says the same thing that was said to The Addams Family: “Who are you?! What are you? Who moved the rock?!” I’d only then be forced to reply: “I have seen evil. I have seen horror! I have seen the unholy maggots that feast upon the dark recesses of the human soul! But until today, I had never seen YOU!!”


silversteinAlas, such dreams will never come true. Americans are only interested in punishing and arresting “Muzzies”. And if Donald Trump becomes the next U.S. President, my hopes of being arrested will sadly be gone forever. Donald’s shallow threat of “finally bringing 9/11 truth to light”, doesn’t have me shaking in my sexy leather boots like a real police officer would have me doin’ – ‘cause all Trump ever says is “maybe it’s the Saudi people who did 9/11”. Like hello!! I friggin’ well did it o.k.!! Look over here! Ahoy there! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!! Do I need to shout it from the roof tops! What’s a man to do to get some sexy/skin-tight/black leather uniform wearing police/military attention around here? O.K then, go after those Iraqi, Afghanistani, Iranian or Saudi men, see if I care! ‘cause we all know that you army/police guys prefer them to cockroach, crinkly Zionistic neo-con old men like me. Never mind. At least I can fantasize, can’t I?! But as that cockroach-like guy in the movie “King Kong” says, “I’m crawling back out of the toilet and drying off my wings” – cockroaches like me never give up, so watch your big fat butts – there’s a new cockroach in town!

Larry Silverstein

Silverstein ‘Pulling’ Building Seven

You wait little traitor
In an empty jail cell
For fate to turn the light on
Your life little cockroach
Is an empty page
To be tossed in the fires of hell!
You are Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building 7
Traitor it’s time to think
Better beware
Be canny and careful
Traitor you’re on the brink
You are Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building 7
Buildings will fall in time
Eager young lads
 And Zionists and cads
Will offer you food and wine
Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of men
Traitorous and evil and sadistic are you
Of things beyond your kin
 You need to be jailed
You scum-sucking pig
With police telling you what to do!

Building 7

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