Dr. Evil writes to Gordon Duff

YouTube Video: “25 Great Dr. Evil quotes”:


Dear Gordon Duff,


This is Dr. Evil. Like you, I too try to conceal my real identity from the masses – just as you hide your real evil identity from Dr. Kevin Barrett, I hide mine from Austin Powers – the so-called “international man of mystery” (I just hate the little bugger). Anyway, you may wish to watch the above video to learn a bit more about me. You see, you and I are not so different after all. The very things which you stand for: 40% presstitution propaganda news, deadly vaccines, GMO Monsanto crap, ‘Lord of War’ type gun selling, George Soros, worldwide criminal wars etc. – are the very things which are now considered in the Noughties “Evil”.


I have just read the confession of my evil friend Larry Silverstein, and I too would like to confess that I’d love to see you in your tight army uniform pants. If you put me in a giant guinea pig cage, then wear your tight pants, bend over, turn and growl at me like a tiger, then wouldn’t that be fun? I have one more frickin’ request – other than having more frickin’ sharks with frickin’ lasers on their frickin’ heads: may I request that you organise a “Truther Tight Pants Day” at “Veterans Today” and declare “every day should be tight pants day” – like how everyone wants “Negro Day” to happen every day in the musical “Hairspray”. I got this idea from watching some celebrities do the “Tight Pants Dance” on YouTube video (see below) – Will Ferrell looks a bit like Kevin Barrett in his tight pants don’t you think? Other celebrities doing the “tight pants dance” are: Cristina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon, but James Brown (soul brother Number 1) does the best “Hot Pants” song and dance of them all. I too wish to wear tight pants, but I’ve had trouble wearing them ever since my testicles were ritualistically shaved when I was young. I think we should have a “Tight Pants Day” competition to see who can dance the best in their tight pants. It will then become a dance craze all over the world. If you do this, then I will find a filmmaker to sue the U.S. Government for ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for staging the 9/11 false-flag event. Jim Fetzer is seeking to win an “outstanding investigative journalist” award for his Sandy Hook work, and is working with filmmakers to sue for damages for one trillion dollars – so now that he is your nemesis, why should he be the only one to have all that money?! If the U.S. Government refuses to hand over the money, we will do what we always do – hijack some nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage for ONE TRILLION DOLLARS – then burn them all with liquid hot magma! Or put them in an easily escapable elaborate situation to wrestle frickin’ sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads. WOHAHAHAAAAAA!!!


5 thoughts on “Dr. Evil writes to Gordon Duff

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