Jim Fetzer telepathically communicates with Kevin Barrett

Dear Kevin,


I am telepathically communicating my feelings to you now via a third-party (psychic monkey), because, as you know, we are no longer friends. Because we are not on speaking terms any more, how the hell can I even say anything to you! I miss the days we used to speak endlessly on the radio. We were like the ultimate “Dynamic Duo” couple radiating brotherly love to the universe. We fought gallantly together against our enemies. I even went on T.V. to defend you from Bill O’Reilly – remember! I swear when Hannity kept flashing the “666” freemasonic hand signal at you in your news interview with him, I wanted to just punch him in the face – in the same way Donald Trump likes to punch protesters. I’ve just listened to the song Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson and it reminded me of you. I wish we could be friends again but you have let Gordon Duff seduce you with his evil seductive ways. I don’t really love Donald Trump, nor do I endorse sodomy. I only said those hurtful things to you because …well because I was mad at you for calling me a “bombastic asshole” on radio and on YouTube, and like to the whole bloomin’ world! How could you say such a hurtful thing after everything we’ve been through together?   We are not spring chickens anymore – our youthful days of carefree messing about are no longer an option. We must now put our petty differences aside and get back together for the good of our country, for the good of 9/11 truth, for the greater good and for the good of …well for the good of just being good O.K.!


Please get back to me ASAP, because I don’t know when I will next be able to tap into this CIA trained psychic monkey’s brain to telepathically communicate to you my true feelings. I hope you get this message in full via psychic monkey. So long comrade. I miss you!   We are the “Dynamic Duo” amigos and amigos forever we’ll be!


Yours truly,


Jim Fetzer


p.s. please tell Gordon Duff to answer these questions – I like them very much.



YouTube Videos – remembering the good ole days:


Bill O’Reilly Vs 9/11 Truther (yours truly – Jim Fetzer):




Kevin Barrett 9/11 whistleblower on Hannity & Colmes:



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