Flat Earthers Verses Truthers

An Open Letter To Jeranism – A Flat Earther

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Dear Jeranism,

It’s obvious that you have a lot of money and energy to produce so-called ‘truther’ music videos, but we in the REAL “truth movement” know your game and what you’re really about – you poison the well of truth. However, we “Round Earthers” would like to do a spoof music video with you of Michael Jackson’s “BAD” song: We the good Round Earthers singing/dancing against your bad Flat Earth gang – do you accept the challenge? – ‘Cause the whole world has to answer right now as we tell you once again “who’s bad?!”  You’re bad, that’s who! Really, really bad and ridiculously so! You’re right to say that you’re “not in Kansas anymore” because you’ve obviously gone to Total Loco Land – land of the most deluded black PSYOPS disinformation Tavistock Institute trolls that ever existed. Stop wasting people’s time with your Flat Earth rubbish – who are you trying to fool and WHY?!! Please review this article: https://truthermusical.wordpress.com/science/psyop/ to understand why your Flat Earth theory is total bullshit nonsense, and learn to devote your time to being a real “truther” for a change – ‘cause you’re giving ‘truth’ a bad name and helping to promote the CIA’s claim that all ‘truthers’ are crazy “conspiracy theorists”.   Yes NASA is mostly Satanic but that doesn’t mean that they are 100% wrong in everything they do. The bullshit they feed to the public is just what Neil Armstrong terms “truth’s protective layers”. Once you peel away the many layers of NASA bullshit, you eventually see some of the good that they’re trying to do. You have produced some good material – such as your analysis of the Sandy Hook false-flag crisis actors, so why spoil all your good research with crap like the Flat Earth theory?  Please read this article: http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/03/the-flat-earthers-are-being-sent-into-every-real-truth-movement-to-disrupt-and-destroy-them/#more-26003


NASA CGI (Gangham Style Parody) – Video Duration: 7 minutes, 5 seconds:

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – FRAUD KINGS: NASA, BOLDEN, KELLY & GIFFORDS – Video Duration: 42 minutes:



3 thoughts on “Flat Earthers Verses Truthers

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