Kevin Barrett telepathically communicates with Jim Fetzer

Kevin Barrett telepathically communicates with Jim Fetzer



Dear Jim,


Thank you for your letter which you sent to me via the CIA’s telepathic/psychic monkey. I apologise for the slight delay in replying back to you, but I’ve been far too busy sucking up to Gordon Duff. He and I have learnt to work in harmony together, despite his obvious/covert anti-Muslim Zionism. We frequently sing the song “For Good” (from the musical production “Wicked”) as we explore the dark side of our personalities more – in order to know ourselves better and to answer any questions people may have to ask us. I know that it must enrage you to see me grovelling to a well known George Soros loving “Lord of War”, but times are now changing for the “greater good”. Like you, I too like to listen to songs by Kelly Clarkson. My favourite is her song “Already Gone” – because it reminds me of you and I and our volatile working relationship. The song tells of how you and I were never really meant to be together as friends forever and ever. We were always meant to say “goodbye” – like when you start loving such anti-Muslim loudmouth, bombastic assholes as Donald Trump – the doomsday “trumpet of hell” calling people to destruction and to anti-American ways. I won’t even mention here your endorsing of Sodomy, because I’ll just let God deal with you on that issue – perhaps in the same way that he dealt with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Endorsing sodomy and Donald Trump on radio/T.V. was just so “below the belt” and unbecoming of an elderly military veteran such as you, that I truly felt ashamed for you.   That was no small matter. Even when I told you that Donald Trump clearly hates Muslims like me and hopes to make our lives a living hell in America, you just completely ignored my concerns. Did you really then still think that I’d take your side and forsake the love of my very own family, and my beloved Islamic religion? If so, then you’ve clearly lost your mind. Yes, indeed, we were once-upon-a-time fantastic “Dynamic Duo” truth fighting heroes, but it’s clearly time for us to both move on – even though they were the best days of our lives.   I must now seek to explore my “dark side” a bit more  – because we can never really truly appreciate the good unless we fully immerse ourselves in the bad. Some Luciferians take this message to the extreme in their “Do what thou wilt” philosophy. Thinking that bad and good can be made one and the same: “as above, as below” they say. However, a true Muslim is one who shines his light in darkness, not one who cowardly shines only in the cold light of day with the familiar. I want to shine now in the company of the ‘darkest of dark’ of war lords – Gordon Duff. He needs my beacon of Islamic light more than anyone right now. My lighthouse will navigate his rat-infested V.T. military ship to safety so that it doesn’t sink faster than the Titanic. I have confidence in him and I changing for the greater good. All the great Muslims of our day and age behave in this heroic way – they freely enter hell in order to bring sinful souls to salvation. For example, Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad frequently seeks to influence presstitutes at the BBC to look at Islam in a new light. Although, I do think Sheikh Hamza Yusuf went a bit too far when he practically kissed George W. Bush’s butt – whilst shaking his hand and applauding him at his “State of the War-mongering Nation Union Address”. I just feel it in my heart that Gordon Duff may one day put aside his love for worldwide genocide, and learn to see the beauty of Islam instead. Whereas with you, I’m not so sure that you’d ever be open to Islamic thought – I’m only joking! In my opinion, you’re already Muslim – even though you may not know it yet – as we Muslims believe that everyone is born a Muslim until their parents change them into Donald Trump loving bombastic, loudmouth assholes.   I just don’t think I can teach you to pray five times a day when we’ve had such enmity between us lately. Will you ever really truly forgive me, or will you still hold some hatred in your heart towards me – thus clouding your judgement of my Islamic teachings? But I want you to know this Dr. Jim Fetzer: you will always be in my heart as a loyal truther and I thank you for supporting me back in the day, when our brotherly love was strong. I wish you all the best and hope that you win that trillion dollar lawsuit against the U.S. government for their Sandy Hook false-flag event. Perhaps when you’re rich and famous you may consider throwing me a frickin’ bone here, Jim! ‘cause I’m the boss. I’m the real Batman and you’ll only ever be Robin. I’m the only one who can wear tight pants in this town – ya got me! So go do your own thing in some other town – see if I care! But seriously, please let there not be any hard feelings between us now. Don’t look back in anger – like Lot’s wife did in Sodom only to be turned into a pillar of salt. I think you deserve more than that. I tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth, because I fear God’s punishment may one day come upon you. As Kelly Clarkson sings: “I want you to know that it doesn’t matter where we take this road, ‘cause someone’s gotta go. I want you to move on and I’m letting you go. I’m already gone.” We can’t make ‘right’ what is ‘wrong’ (unless we’re working for Gordon Duff at “Veterans Today”). We were always meant to say goodbye (when you’re so far up Donald Trump’s ass it’s not even funny!). I’m currently learning to sing a new version of the song “The Wizard and I” – from the musical production “Wicked”. My version of the song is called “The Duff and I” – read the lyrics here: Perhaps you should do the same and sing “The Donald and I”.


Best wishes my dear ole friend. So long, farewell, Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen.


Yours truly,


Dr. Kevin Barrett


P.S. True brotherly love never dies!


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