MI5 is now recruiting Muslims in Black (MIB)!

ufo56MI5 is now recruiting Muslims in Black (MIB)!




axis of evilThe British Secret Service [MI5] is currently seeking “Undercover Muslims” to work in their MIB (Muslims In Black) Division 5: Zombie and Reptilian Alien Department – those with a sensitive disposition and a fear of reptilian shape-shifters need not apply (even David Icke failed the entrance exam numerous times!). As a Muslim you must demonstrate your ability to completely shrink from any controversy regarding 9/11 truth – going as far as allowing the real ‘Axis of Evil’ to bomb all your beloved countries back into the stone age, or turn them into depleted uranium parking lots – as was the dream of American NeoCon military whores like General Wesley Clark – who openly expressed on YouTube the need “to invade 7 Muslim countries in 5 years”. Muslim lovers of the BBC are particularly welcome to apply – as they can often quickly go into an extremely delusional “cognitive dissonance” state of mind – this skill is useful when you are required (by us) to wrestle with 70 foot high stone owls escaping from Bohemian Grove, whilst also fighting reptilian aliens and zombies. Apply today – before another “false-flag” event occurs in a major city near you, and is falsely blamed on Muslims – and (God forbid) we then have to listen to more “False-flag Weekly News” shows between Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. Jim Fetzer. We are hoping that Dr. Kevin Barrett applies for the MIB Management position, but we realise that he might be in far too much of a delusional state already working for “Veterans Today”.

Here is your assignment and job description:



Dress requirement: anything black, or anything to cover you up completely like a hijab, or lots of hair:

Picture of an “Undercover Muslim” MIB agent:



Here come the Muslims in Black. Galaxy defenders.  The good guys are dressed in black – remember that – in case the mainstream media tries to brainwash you.







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