The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”


The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”


Dear Dr. Barrett, Dr. Fetzer and Gordon Duff,


Here are the letters that have recently been exchanged between your selves – via the CIA’s psychic trained monkeys:


We all know that you each love being stuck in a love-feud triangle relationship – like dizzy starry-eyed, star-crossed lovers. However, I no longer have the time, or the inclination to deal with bloody psychic monkey’s banging on my door – asking me to transmit their psychic messages to you all via e-mail. Please settle your differences between you like grown men – perhaps in a boxing ring. Stop behaving like big cry babies on the radio/T.V. – people are starting to make fun of you all again on YouTube.


You’re continuing to give the ‘truth movement’ a bad name – do you really want this to be your legacy after all the hard work you’ve all done together, i.e. as the “Dynamic Duo”. Learn to be kind to one another and please no more name calling. Shish kebab! Anybody would think that you’re all military-industrial-complex presstitute trolls – oh sorry, I forgot, you actually are. Never mind, please still try to be good and behave anyway – some of us have got real truther work to do – unlike all your paper-bitching at V.T. Wilful ignorance solves nothing!




The reasons for the fall out:

YouTube Video: The Real Deal EP# 165 Kevin Barrett vs. Jim Fetzer: The falling out:




2 thoughts on “The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”

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