Prince’s “Gold” Song

Prince’s “Gold” Song:    “Gold” There’s a mountain and it’s mighty high You cannot see the top unless you fly And there’s a molehill of proven ground There ain’t nowhere to go if you hang around   Everybody wants to sell what’s already been sold Everybody wants to tell what’s already been told What’s the […]

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Are Star Whackers Roaming Hollywood?

Are Star Whackers Roaming Hollywood?   This year (2016) has seen a remarkable increase in celebrity deaths. Conspiracy theories are running rife on the internet. The pop stars David Bowie and Prince have just died. Who or what is causing so many celebrity deaths? Could it be that the notorious Hollywood “Star Whackers” have struck again – […]

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Epic Truther Rap Battle: Dr. David Griscom vs. Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Epic Truther Rap Battle: Dr. David Griscom vs. Professor Jim Al-Khalili   Rap D.J.: “O.K. everyone, this Epic Truther Rap Battle Competition is now getting serious. We’ve just had Steve De’ak verses Channel 4. Very nice, very nice. Pretty good, pretty good. Hip hop 101. Hey David Griscom! It’s your turn. Do ya thing! Yo, […]

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“The Good of the One” – A tribute to Dr. Jim Fetzer

“The Good of the One” – A tribute to Dr. Jim Fetzer – a renowned Professor of Logic   Unfortunately, Dr. Kevin Barrett recently officially ended his life-long friendship with Dr. Jim Fetzer – because their brotherly love had irretrievably broken down – due to irreconcilable differences of political opinion. For example, Kevin was angry at […]

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Ian Greenhalgh’s Revolutionary “Lucky Charms”

Ian Greenhalgh’s Revolutionary “Lucky Charms”   Ian Greenhalgh has written a news article in “Veteran’s Today” entitled “A Call To Arms”. He begins his article positively by writing critically about the evil élite (the 1% wealthy few), who are oppressing the rest of humanity. In his article, Ian tells Americans to act more like his brave hero […]

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Epic Truther Rap Battle Competition

  Dear Truthers,   This year the Epic Truther Rap Battles have gotten off to a good start. With some awesome opponents. See here: Epic Rap Battle: Steve De’ak vs. Channel 4 T.V. Producer April 19, 2016 Epic Rap Battle: Christopher Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff April 19, 2016 Epic Rap Battle: Steve De’ak vs. Judy […]

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The Real Addams Family

♪ ♫ They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky… The ‘Truther’ Family of Zombies Cast:Morgan Reynolds ….. GomezJudy Wood ………… MorticiaNico Haupt ………… LurchJames Fetzer ……… Uncle FesterPaula Gloria ………. GrandmamaAce Baker ………… WednesdayAlex Jones ……….. PugsleyThing …………….. Itself [For an example of the original inspiration, see this ’60s TV episode […]

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Robin Williams – “Seize the Day”

Robin Williams – “Seize the Day” – by Melodysheep     Published on 20 Aug 2014 A musical tribute to the great Robin Williams. mp3:… Subscribe for more remixes and mash-ups. Films: Dead Poet’s Society Hook Jack  Mrs. Doubtfire What Dreams May Come Good Morning Vietnam Patch Adams Lyrics: Carpe Diem; Seize […]

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The true story behind Disney’s “Tangled”

A Truther bedtime fairy-tale:   The true story behind Disney’s “Tangled”   Once upon a time there was a good queen who lived in a mysterious land (far-far away). The land was being destroyed by Monsanto – the evil dark lord of the underworld. All the food was being poisoned with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and with […]

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Epic Rap Battle: Steve De’ak vs. Channel 4 T.V. Producer

[Rap DJ: “After Christopher Bollyn’s rap battle with Gordon Duff – Now we got Steve De’ak vs. some Channel 4 T.V. Programme Producer. DJ spin da music! Truther Epic Rap Battle begin!!”:]   Epic Rap Battle – Round 1: Steve De’ak vs. Channel 4 T.V. Producer   [Steve De’ak begins:] DJ look what’s become of me […]

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Epic Rap Battle: Christopher Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff

Epic Rap Battle: Christopher Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff Rap DJ: “O.K. good start with Judy Wood vs. Steve De’ak – that can’t be bad, can’t be bad… Listen up all ya homies in da house! We got a note from a Barbie doll’s Ken. He’s requestin’: “How about a mini-nuker duking it out with a nano-thermiter?” Ok, […]

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Zionist Superman

Zionist Superman Superman ain’t savin’ you ’cause he’s controlled by the Zionist Jew With pants that are full of poo That’s why he stank when he just flew And why he doesn’t have a clue   My superman is always true He doesn’t care to wear red or blue He wears pants like he really should do […]

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Free America?

Free America? At first I thought you were just playin’ devil’s advocate But now I realise you really are that stupid Why do you believe your own lies like a kid? The truth can’t be so easily hid   Why do you lie to future generations? And even to entire nations – Just to assemble […]

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Motherhood   How lovely is motherhood If only it could be fully understood How the mum shapes the growing child To be good-tempered, graceful and mild Not stupid and wild   Please don’t send your child to school To be shaped into a system tool Or the world’s greatest fool Taught to obey every tyrannical […]

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Publish or Perish?

Publish or Perish? So tired of false news and the illuminati game Before I take this stance I take a chance in telling you I want more than just propaganda  You are my news, I can’t take disinfo can’t you see Stupid don’t take your aim at me [Chorus:] Perish the thought Of always having you here […]

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Puff the magic plane

Puff the magic plane Lives by the sea It can easily hide from you and me – Anywhere, even behind a tree! No-one seems to know where it can go It can fly too high or too low And cause much passenger woe – When it hides behind a mountain of snow, Or deep within […]

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Epic Rap Battle: Steve De’ak vs. Judy Wood

After many, many, many, many e-mails pleading for truthers to engage in real, open and impartial scientific debate, Steve De’ak has yet to convince ‘truthers’ of the importance of such a debate. Nevertheless, truthers are apparently now willing to engage in an “Epic Rap Battle of Truthers!”   To begin this Epic Rap Battle we have Steve De’ak […]

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Donald Trump is controlled by aliens!!

Donald Trump is controlled by aliens!!   Can you spot the alien beside Trump in this CNN news footage picture?   Here’s the highlighted alien to help you see it more clearly:   “Alien Brain” A grey alien is controlling my brain That’s why I look totally insane My powers are starting to wane Quick! […]

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Kevin Barrett’s “28 Page Load”

Kevin Barrett sings a new version of the Eminem rap song “8 Mile”. Kevin’s song is entitled “28 Pile”, or “28 Page Load” – after a number of US lawmakers called on the White House to declassify documents that shed light on Saudi Arabia’s possible complicity in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Kevin realizes that […]

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Poem: “28 Pages”

“28 Pages”   28 Pages is all we need ‘Till now it’s like we’ve been smokin’ weed With Trump afraid of women who bleed The Don will finally take the lead He’ll open the “28 Pages” for truth to heed Then reveal: “It’s the Saudis – yes indeed!” Anti-Saudi propaganda is now the news’s feed […]

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The Real Life of Pi

The Real Life of Pi – A true story!     My name is Richard Parker.  I’m a U.S. Navy SEAL.  What I’m about to impart to you now is the true story of the life of Pi (forget about all that disinformation in the award-winning Oscar film: “Life of Pi” – because that story […]

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The Blue Gangster

Gordon Duff (Senior Editor of “Veterans Today”) has made some Zionist gangsters really, really very angry by publishing a ‘tell-all’ news article about them.  Sheldon Adelson is particularly pissed off at Gordon for stating in his article:   “What is different about Adelson, what makes him different from the Koch Brothers or other “super-villains” is that he […]

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Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast

*************** Gordon Duff’s lament – a poem: “Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast”   I’d sooner be turned into a frog Than be anything like the Gog and Magog ‘cause I’m on my way to heaven With the help of my Jihadi Kevin We’ll expose the real perpetrators of 9/11 Including Larry Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building […]

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Don’t be a Shill!

Don’t be a Shill!   Hey! Quit being a shill! Stop swallowing the matrix blue pill Until you’ve had your fill ‘Cause I’m just gonna be here still For falsehood to kill And to tell you truth’s will    Why do you hate the truth? By being a propaganda sleuth Your news is but spoof […]

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The Enemy Within

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very […]

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The following poem is dedicated to Steve De’ak – a 9/11 “crash test” truther and Spiderman!: Spiderman   Ring a ding, a ding House on a string I’m doin’ da Spiderman thing ‘cause truth is what I fling When I give you a ring I’m gonna make ya sing My bite’s gonna sting You’ll jump like a […]

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A prayer for WordPress

A prayer for WordPress   May God bless our beloved WordPress Help us to destroy the ‘New World Order’ mess Please be good and kind And help us to speak our mind   Please be really cool and hip By not engaging in censorship Otherwise I’m really gonna flip And throw you in a rubbish […]

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David Griscom – the “wise owl” of 9/11 truth

The following poem is dedicated to David Griscom – A one-word-wonder producing 9/11 truth genius: One Word To The Wise   One word to the wise should be sufficient But they can’t even take a hint Their brains are totally skint Without wisdom Minds of scum – Like they’re drunk on rum And I ain’t just sayin’ […]

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Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?   By Anonymous Patriots We are not only incensed that our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the transnational enemy within our country and around the world, we are disgusted with these warlords, both military and corporate, that send our sons and daughters to wars-for-profit to […]

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