tangled webs to decieve

The following poem is dedicated to Steve De’ak –

a 9/11 “crash test” truther and Spiderman!:



Ring a ding, a ding

House on a string

I’m doin’ da Spiderman thing

‘cause truth is what I fling

When I give you a ring

I’m gonna make ya sing

My bite’s gonna sting

You’ll jump like a Jack on a spring

’cause in the land of the blind,

I’m the one-eyed king

So wait-a-ya-get-a load of what I’m gonna bring!


I’ve been bitten by a Black Widow

So now I’m in the know

I’m gonna go with the flow

And teach ya all how to grow –

So stop bein’ a NWO ‘ho’

‘cause I’m your friend – not your foe!


Oh, what a tangled web ya weave,

When first ya practise to deceive

I’m gonna make ya all grieve

Until ya get up ‘n’ leave

I’ve got somethin’ up ma sleeve –

To destroy The Matrix (like Keanu Reeves)

So ya all best just believe!



Holy Quran – Surah 29. Al-‘Ankaboot – The Spider:

[Author’s Note] This is the 29th Surah of the Qur’an. It has 69 verses. The weakest dwelling is that of the spider. Those who ignore the Divine System automatically choose ways of life that are as fragile as the home of a spider. This is an example for those who accept worldly masters and their parallel systems, and ignore the Divine Guidance. The Surah touches upon some history of human behaviour and their reaction to Divine revelation, and gives us Permanent Injunctions to reflect on and follow.




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