Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast



Gordon Duff’s lament – a poem: “Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast”


I’d sooner be turned into a frog

Than be anything like the Gog and Magog

‘cause I’m on my way to heaven

With the help of my Jihadi Kevin

We’ll expose the real perpetrators of 9/11

Including Larry Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building 7


Kevin will lift this curse set upon me

For truth to be finally be published on V.T.

He’ll set me free

Opening my eyes to see

My true inner Muslim beauty –

Not this beastly soul or body


This is what I secretly long for:

To no-longer be a presstitute whore

With George Soros knocking on my door –

He wants to take my soul and much more

But I just want to punch him to the floor

‘cause he loves nothing but war

He’s just rotten to the core

Whereas I’m a lion who’s about to roar

I’ll be a Jewish prince like before –

From God’s “chosen people” of folklore

Before the time I was turned into a beastly boar


Kevin will help me break the witch’s spell

‘cause I don’t want to go to hell,

Or imprisoned in a prison cell

For the V.T. propaganda that I sell

With Borat singing: “Throw the Jew down the well…”


I really want to live to tell

The secret I’ve always known

That to Allah belongs my heart and home

He never leaves us alone

Regardless of our skin tone,

Or if we’re sick and do nothing but moan,

Or if we obsess with our cell phone,

Or turn into a mindless clone,

Or if we’re famous or unknown


Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein

So this beast will surely become tame

‘cause selling propaganda is just insane

I’d much rather use my human brain

Even though it may cause me some pain

I’m not after fortune or fame

I want out of this Zionistic game

If only I could reveal my real name

Bob Foote sounds so lame

He’s hiding under Zionistic shame

When will I ever light the Liberty flame?

I wish to become good again

Before Gog and Magog get destroyed by heavy rain,

Or defeated by Muslim warriors like Dhul Qarnain

Muslim justice will never wane

‘cause Zionism’s crazy but Islam’s sane


I might be a “Jew but not a Jew”

But Kevin will make be feel good and new

With ‘red’ blood not reptilian ‘blue’

My beastly nature I’ll subdue

He’ll not be eaten like a tasty cuckoo

‘cause I bet he’d taste just like an old shoe

And would be really hard to chew

Kevin sees beyond the beast to see what’s true –

If not that, then he really doesn’t have a clue

We’ll break this evil spell – just us two

Then flush the evil witch down the loo

And take our enemies to court and sue


“Beauty looked upon the face of the beast

And from that day on, he was as one dead” –

That’s what the Arab legend said

But if it aint true, I’m gonna eat Kevin’s head!

Then, at least, this beast will be fed.


become yourself

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