Free America?


Free America?

At first I thought you were just playin’ devil’s advocate

But now I realise you really are that stupid

Why do you believe your own lies like a kid?

The truth can’t be so easily hid


Why do you lie to future generations?

And even to entire nations –

Just to assemble more battle stations!


You know you’ll have to account for every misdeed

When in the hereafter, the truth you’ll need to heed

Your actions will manifest as a bitter weed –

This seed (with boiling water) will be your feed

And from the chains of hell you’ll not be freed!


So you see the end does not justify the means

When you’re in hell and can’t even eat baked beans

You’ll wish that you’d died innocent – perhaps in your early teens

Before you completely fell apart at the seams


You deceived many people on your way to hell

America can’t even ring its liberty bell

Because with you it sold its soul to hell

To allow your Big Lie to easily sell –

With those Twin Towers that mysteriously fell

Just for a sip of oil from the Iraqi well


The sheeple swallowed your lies like there was no tomorrow

This only left them with deep guilt and sorrow

And with more money to borrow –

When the economy failed to grow,

With morality being so low


Sheeple! We really should be mad at you

As much as we are at the Zionist Jew

But this just makes me sick with the flu

I can’t believe you really don’t have a clue

You’re so crap; you should be thrown down the loo

I think hell is just too good for you

As why should you burn just to be turned back anew?

It’s not like I even have a chance to sue


I can’t take any more of this $hit

You’re not even a tiny bit legit

When you’re clearly sucking on the devil’s tit

People should be mad and having a fit

Instead of believing you’ve got any brains or wit 


So bye, bye Miss American crazy pie

Singing this’ll be the day that I die

I hope you choke on your Big Lie

But don’t expect me to ever cry

I’ll just sit here and sigh

And wonder my, oh my!

Why the hell why,

Did you ever allow freedom to die?

USA Obey freeUSA


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