Puff the magic plane

Puff the magic plane

Lives by the sea

It can easily hide from you and me –

Anywhere, even behind a tree!

No-one seems to know where it can go

It can fly too high or too low

And cause much passenger woe –

When it hides behind a mountain of snow,

Or deep within the ground below


Puff the magic plane

Why are you so bloody insane?

Where is your moral brain?

Life is not a silly game!

You should quit foolin’ around and be tame

And stop perusing mass media fame

You used to be such a good ole plane

But now your disappearing act is so lame

And who will now take the blame –

As you rust in the sea or with acid rain?


I hate you so much now you stupid Puff!

Because you’re evil and like to play rough

Like someone who is really into this stuff

By the name of Gordon Duff –

The Editor of Veterans Today

Who knows how you fly and in which way

Because you’re controlled by the CIA!

And so does the British Rolls Royce –

But they seem to have lost their voice,

Because the illuminati say they have no choice


 If you’re gonna be part of a false-flag

Just for some evil illuminati slag –

Then there’s no use in monitoring you with a tag

Or tryin’ to cover you up with a rag


So goodbye Puff the magic plane

Go be with the other 9/11 puffs in an illuminati game

But don’t ever think that you’re friendly

Because humanity has eyes to see

And from God’s wrath you must now flee

Because you behave so cowardly –

When you kill innocents, even a wee baby!


So run and hide you stupid coward

But you ain’t gonna get any reward

You’re just gonna die under the truth sword

And by the eternal justice of our Almighty Lord!


May God bless and help all the victims of the missing Malaysia Airline:

MH370 missing plane

malaysia plane

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