Epic Rap Battle: Christopher Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff

Epic Rap Battle: Christopher Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff

Rap DJ: “O.K. good start with Judy Wood vs. Steve De’ak – that can’t be bad, can’t be bad… Listen up all ya homies in da house! We got a note from a Barbie doll’s Ken. He’s requestin’: “How about a mini-nuker duking it out with a nano-thermiter?” Ok, which wanna ya Mo foes in da house tonight got da balls to get in da ring and sing? O.K., looks like we got Chris Bollyn vs. Gordon Duff. DJ spin da music! Truther Epic Rap Battle begin!!”:


[Round 1 – Christopher Bollyn begins:]


Yo Gordon Duff, I’m calling ya out

You’re nuke theory stinks like rotten trout

I’m not messin’ about

Think ya got clout

I’m a gonna make ya scream ‘n’ shout

I got nanothermite to flout

Mork calling mindless Poo

Nanu nanu that’s what hit you!

And I can prove it too

Yeah, by an Israeli Jew

You ain’t even got a clue

Lookin’ for nukes in Ground Zero

Acting the hero

‘cause that’s what “they” want ya to do

Why ya think they call it Ground Zero?

For mindless poos like you – to give ‘em something to do

I’m a gonna whack ya awake with this shoe

‘Till your black ‘n’ blue

Why don’t ya get off the loo ‘n’ do something new?

And don’t get up until I tell you


[Gordon Duff replies:]


Wow Chris stop takin’ the piss

I’m gonna carve your ass and serve it on a dish

So it’s me that ya miss?

Battle you – you wish!

I’d rather study microscopic fish in a dish

So here’s my ass – give it a kiss

On second thoughts, I better put ya to rest

You’re sweatin’ like a slug in a vest

‘cause you’re messin’ with the best

Better not infest everyone with your slime here

Disturbing their minds like too cheap beer

I got nothing to fear

I see what you’re sayin’

But best start prayin’

‘cause I ain’t playin’

Ya better stay in and close the door

Before I show ya what’s for

I’ll light ya up with nuke radiation

As ya get deluded by every T.V. station

You’ve watched far too much mainstream news

It’s making ya booze ‘n’ snooze

You’re delusional

I’m not in this for fun

So better start to run

Before I’m done

I’m more radioactive than the sun!


[Christopher Bollyn:]


Is that all ya got?!

Thinkin’ ya hot

Like the sun – not!!

Why don’t ya start actin’ the swot?

Look in my nanothermite pot

See what I’ve got

Stop cryin’ like a baby in a cot

Your corpse is startin’ to rot

I ain’t finished with ya yet

Nobody’s even botherin’ to bet

‘cause I’ve already won –

So live with regret and fret,

Or better yet

Go look for a 9/11 phantom jet,

Or continue to torture your guinea pig pet

Waterboard ‘em with anythin’ wet

‘cause your really into that stuff

You’re a sadistic troll acting Big Billy Goat Gruff

I’ve had enough!

Like a big bad wolf I’m a gonna huff ‘n’ puff

Think you’re tough?

Your brain’s full of fluff

Ha! Is that your real name Duff?!

Well now is it? Speak up! I can’t hear you!

Who the hell are you?!

Nothin’ but a Khazar atheistic Jew

That’s who!

Ya can’t even spell “god” – always missin’ out the ‘o’

Like ya got something to show

Better talk to your pillow

‘cause no-one wants to know

Ask Ian Greenhalgh to grow ya some balls

Perhaps the “size of Texas” as he calls

In his dreams with lucky charms

Nothin’ he says or does ever harms

With his pathetic article: “A Call To Arms”

He’s cryin’: “All the big guns are on the side of evil!”

His smokin’ nothin’ but V.T. crap of bull

Clearly coming from your skull

Gettin’ a belly full

‘cause you’re ludicrously dull

Fillin’ presstitute brains with sheeple wool

I’m now comin’ in for the cull!


[Gordon Duff replies:]


Gettin’ down with ya nanothermite

Now that ain’t right

So ya wanna fight?

Like superman with tights too tight

Best just take to flight

Like a Mary Poppins flyin’ her kite

Fuelled by fake nanothermite

‘Till I shoot ya down with what’s true

Your nanothermite’s fallin’ down, comin’ to bite you

You learned everythin’ from your Israeli wife Jew

She’s trying to teach ya something new

‘cause you can’t even count past two

Better look somewhere else for inside information

Stop listenin’ to every mainstream radio/T.V. station

‘cause I’ll be reachin’ for ma gun

Getting you on the run

I’ll be doin’ it just for fun

I’m trainin’ my guinea pigs to hunt your bum

That’s why they’re in a cage

Like Richard Gage

Your nanothermite hero

Where’s he now?

Getting’ spanked by a Maryland ‘ho’ –

You should know

Where did all his funding go?

Yeah, that’s right – to every ‘ho’ of the N.W.O.

It’s all over the internet

Wake up from your mind-numbing T.V. set

Stop pickin’ on ma guinea pig pet

‘cause ya see their wee balls as a threat

It’s YOU livin’ with regret

You’re lookin’ like Winnie the Pooh

When I shout “Boo!”

You go ‘n’ marry an Israeli Jew

‘cause ya ain’t gotta clue

Drinkin’ some Israeli witch’s brew

Eatin’ nanothermite poisoned stew –

What’s gotten into you?!

I’ve a good mind to turn YOU black ‘n’ blue


[Christopher Bollyn]


You’re emailing pics of Maryland spankers

Like you’re their porno pimp king

‘cause ya don’t understand a thing

Ring a ding, ding

I’m a here to wake ya up

So stop drinkin’ from the devil’s cup

Every rat has already fled your V.T. sinking ship

So stop thinkin’ you’re really hip –

Just ‘cause Putin sent you a 9/11 satellite pic’

He’s feedin’ ya ca ca from Russia

40% disinformation, 60% crappy ca, ca, ca

From ca, ca land –

That only an idiot like you would understand,

Or your V.T. presstitute spankers from Maryland,

Or your beloved George Soros

With his NWO ‘ho’s

His disinformation just grows and grows

As you lap it all up

Like a lost sick pup –

Doggie forever drinkin’ from the devil’s cup

You’re so drunk on crap you don’t even know who you are

Duff’s gotten drunk again in the V.T. bar

Yellin’: “Who am I? Where’s ma keys? Ma phone, ma car?!”

So delusional, you think you’re a nuke fuelled star

You’re so old ‘n’ mouldy, you’re growing boobies

Quick, someone buy him a bra!

You ain’t gonna get far

Bob Foote

With your foot-in-mouth

You sound like a disease

At ease soldier

The only thing you’re fightin’

Is your reflection

Better get a new disguise and name

‘cause you’re totally struck out of this truther game

You’re only followed by zombies with no brain,

Or James Preston actin’ like an ole dame

With never-ending articles to defame –

Nothin’ but phantom M.I.B. and E.T. again

Simon Shack is drivin’ you insane

He’s sayin’ nukes don’t even exist

So better put nukes on your Santa wish list

Ask for a stocking filled nuke with puke

‘cause ya got ya knickers all twisted in a loop


[Gordon Duff replies:]


Chris Bollyn go throw yourself in the bin

You’re so steeped in sin

I’d wipe that grin off your face with a loaded gun

Ya lookin’ like a Batman’s Joker bum,

Walkin’ around like Pooh searchin’ for honey

I’m in it for real, you’re just in it for the money

Don’t even bother to pay me

With your Richard Gage ‘ho’s wage

Before I feed ya to the pigs in ma cage

Your liquid nanothermite is honey right?

That’s why you’re so sweet and can’t even fight

Like a big fat sugar plum

Better get outta ma way or I’ll kick your bum

Ass! Go back to wherever ya came from

Crawl back under your rock

Knock, knock! Who’s there? The new kid from the nanu block

‘bout to get a nuclear shock

Time’s tickin’ tick, tock, tick tock

Ready to mock every bird brain flyin’ with the nano flock

Yo! Yo! Mary Poppin ugly crows now in stock

I’ve gunned ‘em all down – Pop, pop, pop

These crappers can’t even Hip Hop

So sweet they attract flies like a lollypop

They be lookin’ for tiny drops of nano to mop

I is da new sheriff in town, the good cop

‘bout to blow ma top

‘Till ya all flop ‘n’ drop,

Or hide in the crop like a scarecrow,

Or get spanked by a Maryland ‘ho’

So everybody in da house if ya feel like me

Spank these nanu nanu ‘ho’s on da count of three

So everybody in da house if ya feel like me

Spank these nanu nanu ‘ho’s on da count of three


Yeah, this is a free country

You’re so bad lyrically

Don’t even think about fightin’ me

You’re so cowardly

Your pee is glowin’ yellow

Like liquid nano

I told ya not to swallow

You’re so hollow

Best just weep in ya pillow

I’m a gonna bury you in Ground Zero

You and your freakie homies all in a row!

Your nanothermite theory doesn’t flow with me

Better sell it to some ole granny like Dr. Judy

Put your sugar in her tea cup

Sweet buttercup!

‘cause your theory really does just suck!

What a wet duck!

Just wish for luck

‘cause you’re gonna need it

Ya little bird-brained tit

Havin’ a fit ‘cause ya cooked up some nano $hit – just a bit

Twas mini-nukes that lit up ‘em Twin Towers to grit

I discovered ‘em using ma wit

You discovered nanothermite but smaller than a nit!


[Who won? You decide. Who’s next?]


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