Epic Rap Battle: Steve De’ak vs. Channel 4 T.V. Producer

[Rap DJ: “After Christopher Bollyn’s rap battle with Gordon Duff  Now we got Steve De’ak vs. some Channel 4 T.V. Programme Producer. DJ spin da music! Truther Epic Rap Battle begin!!”:]


Epic Rap Battle – Round 1: Steve De’ak vs. Channel 4 T.V. Producer


[Steve De’ak begins:]

DJ look what’s become of me

I’m in a rap battle with a ‘ho’ from T.V.

Fightin’ programme producers from Channel 4

‘cause ma ‘truther’ homies have all turned whore

So Channel 4, have ya got more?

I’m talking ‘bout your propaganda galore –

Bringin’ war from shore to shore

You’re wicked to the core

You make me snore

You’re such a bore – so very boring

Get outta here from this here boxin’ ring

‘cause I’m the world’s greatest, the king!

Yeah, I watched your U.K. T.V. show

Written by some military-industrial complex ‘ho’

I could barely stomach ten minutes of it

It was so full of $hit

Entitled: “What British Muslims Really Think”

That military ‘ho’ really did cook up a stink

Wink, wink, ya better not blink

Before ya miss total reality

Better let ‘em Muslims be

You’re now dealin’ with me

I’m a gonna chew ya up and spit ya out for tea

I’ll be doin’ it for free with glee

And Tony Rooke’s havin’ ma T.V. licence fee

As I take ya to court –

For the war mongering propaganda that ya bought

You’ve been caught, ya rotten wart!

Yeah, we ‘truthers’ like to rap battle in dodgy places

But I ain’t never seen so many screwed up faces

Like those from your dark ‘n’ seedy “survey places” –

Worse than any gangsta underground sewer of stink

As ya look to find a pseudo rat that’ll tell ya what Muslims think

You’re like the missing link of evolving worms coloured pink

I bet ya never met a real Muslim in your life

You wouldn’t even know one if she were your wife

You’re destroyin’ the circle of life

Ma truth’s gonna cut ya like a knife!

I’m bringing ya some misery ‘n’ strife

‘Cause your former Chair of Equality

Is full of baloney

He’s ‘Human Rights Commission’

Is on a mission to destroy

Like a demented school boy

Trevor Phillips I’m callin’ you out!

Don’t make me scream ‘n’ shout!

Crawl out from the woodwork and learn your lesson

I’m rap battlin’ ya now for fun

Where did ya get the results of your ‘survey’?

Ya wanna play?

You’re lying that most Muslims still sympathise with terror

Terrible Trevor your lies are stupid and weak

So stop playin’ hide ‘n’ seek

With your fake “war on terror” world so bleak

In this more enlightened age, you’re sounding like a freak

I’m so ashamed of you

‘cause ya haven’t got a clue

With your “slam, bam, damn, I hate Islam”

You’re soundin’ like some bigoted ole gran

Like a werewolf devouring a lamb

Grow up and learn to be a man!

Tell your fellow Channel 4 Producer whores

To stop feeding terror and wars

Like some evil Satan Claws

You stupid satanic Elf

You’re shuttin’ so many doors on yourself

I’m here to help you expand your mind

Even if I’m now forced to deal with your kind

Let’s rewind to a time when you were colour-blind

And truly respected diversity

Like when ya showed a Plane Crash Test on T.V.

That show was really rather good

It was right up ma street, in ma ‘hood

It was better than ma rap battle with Dr. Judy Wood

I hope you’ll do another “Plane Crash Test” with me

This time, with real scientific impartiality

Perhaps with an intelligent Muslim like Professor Jim Al-Khalili

He’s got an OBE and sips tea in the queen’s gallery

‘cause Her Royal Majesty is secretly a Muzzie

Who loves every Iraqi

‘Cause she’s fed up with fake Christianity and Freemasonry

See’s just discovered her real family tree

And she’s a direct descendant of Muslim humanity –

Not of reptilian aliens, or of an E.T.

She’s now tryin’ to rescue her grandson Harry

From being Kissinger’s “dumb stupid animal” in the military

So where’s your patriotic loyalty?

We’re callin’ for greater Truther unity!

Let’s face it; your T.V. programmes can’t get any worse –

Alienating every human being that’s not funded by some ‘ho’s purse

Work with me, before I start to curse

Quick doctor get ‘em a nurse!

Channel 4 is dying

With nothing to bring but a ‘ho’s N.W.O. trashy bling

Their next show is: “Trevor ‘n’ military presstitutes havin’ a fling”

Am a gonna make ‘em sing

Lock ‘em all up in the prison psycho wing

This here’s a rap – Time’s up, ding-a-ling-a-ling!


[Channel 4 T.V. Producer replies:]


Steve De’ak your rap battle’s whack

Best take all that crap back

Blah, blah, blah, hoop-a-dee-do-dah

I love Muzzie Iraq

Ya must be smokin’ crack

I ain’t listenin’ to a word ya said

‘cause ya clearly gone ‘n’ lost your head

I’m surprised you even watch T.V.

You’ve got the attention span of a flea

Thinkin’ you’re a star singing “Let it be…”

Please don’t hurt the Muzzie

Be friends with Professor Jim Al-Khalili

From Iraq –

What the hell are ya getting at?

It’s not me that’s Islamophobic

So sick, your brain’s made out of brick

Are you really that thick?

Our survey says the Muzzie secretly loves the military

Especially when they get really bloody in their country

They’re so full of apathy and complicity

I’m just trying to wake ‘em all up

‘Cause their drinkin’ far too much from the devil’s cup

They’re a sitting duck

Waitin’ for some phantom messiah

Just to give him a flyer

Sayin’ come watch a movie –

It’s a remake of “Silence of the Lambs”

A parody called “Silence of the Islams”

With sadistic Muzzies killin’ their own

Allowing NeoCons to destroy their every home

Even the Pope’s goin’ queasy –

With more sympathy than the average Muzzie

Especially from oil-rich Saudi

Who’s turnin’ a blind eye to every refugee!

You’re talkin’ about human evolution

I’m tryin’ to start a revolution –

To turn you maggots into real men and women

I’m like a fox chasin’ a hen

Back into its pen

Before an asteroid comes and hits ya from heaven

‘cause chickens are comin’ home to roost

So better give your brains a boost

You’re tryin’ to unite ‘truthers’-

Good luck with that

You’ve got more chance befriending mouse with cat,

Or fire with water

They’re in it for the slaughter

Killing their own – from mother, father, son to daughter

Truther’s wouldn’t unite even if their lives depended on it

Wait a minute; their lives DO depend on it

They still don’t give a $hit!

Quit playin’ the Muslim Mahdi

With your Plane Crash Test dream to achieve unity

The needs of the 1% few far outweigh those of humanity

Forget Science, or Philosophy

‘cause you’ve got as much scientific objectivity as my T.V.

So tell ‘em somethin’ they don’t already know about me:

Yeah, I do produce propaganda on the telly

Yeah, it does turn your minds to jelly

I am a military-industrial complex whore

I do love war

I do love Gordon Duff and all his V.T. stuff

And his Maryland spankers who like to play rough

I’ll still take all ya mother ‘truthers’ on

An’ ship ya all to The Don

So he can make ya all sick

With his anti-Muslim rhetoric

And build a wall miles wide ‘n’ thick

Even the Gog and Magog won’t get over it

This here’s Prison Planet, you’re in da crazy wing

In the land of the blind, da one-eyed man is king

Ma noodle is caboodle, cock-a-doodle

I’ve got screws loose

Ya wanna go crazy with us?

Don’t ya know we’re loco?

Well if ya gotta go, ya gotta go

But I like you –

That’s why I didn’t wanna be the one ya commit suicide to

‘cause I know somethin’ about you

Yes little homie, yes I do!

Listen up everyone!

Steve ain’t a gangsta, he’s just messin’ with ya

He ain’t nothin’ but a good ole Jew

And he studied at a posh school too

With a happy marriage, good wealth ‘n’ health

He said it himself

He’s an open book on a shelf

And he wants ya all to love the flyin’ dajjal donkey

With his “9/11 Plane Crash Test” study

To help the U.S. military

I ain’t endorsing your Crash Test project

‘cause jet planes are just plain wrong!

I’d rather climb Twin Towers like King Kong

“In a world full of people only some want to fly

Isn’t that crazy?” –

That line’s from Seal’s “Crazy” song

So move along, ‘nothing to see here

Nothin’ but more crazy ass fear!

You’re lucky this is prime-time T.V.

So I’m watchin’ ma vocabulary

YOU let it be, don’t point the finger at me

‘cause I know what it’s like to be truly free

And I’m still sayin’ chuck the ‘free’ world

Chuck the 9/11 Crash Test! Chuck this rap battle!

You’re all crazy sheeple cattle

Rattle ‘n’ roll

I ain’t fallin’ down your rabbit hole!



[Who won? You decide. Who’s next?]




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