Ian Greenhalgh’s Revolutionary “Lucky Charms”

Ian Greenhalgh’s Revolutionary “Lucky Charms”


Ian Greenhalgh has written a news article in “Veteran’s Today” entitled A Call To Arms”. He begins his article positively by writing critically about the evil élite (the 1% wealthy few), who are oppressing the rest of humanity. In his article, Ian tells Americans to act more like his brave hero George S. Patton – a man, in his opinion, who was not afraid to confront evil once he could see the light.  Unfortunately, Ian ends his article in a cowardly way by stating:


“…I really don’t see how else the completion of enslavement and the imposition of the police state can be stopped. I see it happening as a second US Civil War, but the issue this time won’t be state’s rights and black slavery, it will be people’s rights and universal debt slavery. I don’t see it as a war that the people can win either, all the big guns are on the side of evil.”


Ian writes that George S. Patton had “balls the size of Texas”, but by stating “all the big guns are on the side of evil”, it seems he is too quick to shrink and hide (like an ostrich) away from evil, rather than encourage people to stand up for their basic human rights.  This sort of defeatist attitude likely comes from a weak faith in the Power of God (Ian Greenhalgh once claimed to be an atheist). But we should be encouraged by the brave, revolutionary actions of the Prophets of the past: What made David defeat Goliath? – Faith!  What made Prophet Mohammed defeat the evil Meccan idol worshippers? – Faith!  What made Jesus walk on water? – Faith!  What made Prophet Moses defeat the evil Egyptian pharaohs? – Faith!  If you believe in God, and God is on your side, there is nothing you cannot do. So work on building your faith in God and success (God willing) will follow.  Alternatively, you can continue to be cowardly, spineless, faithless military men and women – acting as Henry Kissinger’s “dumb stupid animals” – by fighting and risking your life for nothing more than the killing of helpless men, women, and children in evil wars of aggression. It’s time to draw the line: men or mice – now what will it be? Most governments in the world are hijacked by clans alien (at least ethically) to the citizens, and they definitely work against the people and the nation’s interest. These clans form a permanent staff. They only change “gloves”: the phony hand-picked puppet politicians (it’s doubtful that any ‘clean’ politician would be allowed to run for Presidency).


American people! Go ahead and initiate a universal revolution. As Tracy Chapman sings in her song for revolution: “…finally the tables are startin’ to turn.” After 9/11, we’ve practically been false-flagged daily in all our countries – Dr. Jim Fetzer and Dr. Kevin Barrett have been hosting “False-Flag Weekly News” on the T.V./radio for years – this is beyond ridiculous! Previous, more courageous generations are turning in their graves at our cowardly apathy and complacency. We now all need to uncover the hideous criminals who rule us behind the scenes. We all need to wash down our political arenas and map our own destiny – as Robin Williams once said: “Seize the Day”. You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to find it, the harder it’ll be to find. There’s no time to waste! Don’t lag behind like the wife of Prophet Lot just to get turned into a pillar of salt – the revolution has already begun, so which side are you on?


Breaking News:


9/11 Truth Overwhelms the 2016 Election, the Revolution Has Begun!

(Before It’s News)

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today


The Tyrannical U.S. Federal Government Has Become The Enemy

The 2nd American Revolution — a peaceful one — is only a matter of execution from this point forward




Gen. George Patton and Donald Trump – mind-blowing historical doppelgangers?


Do you think Donald Trump looks like George Patton? Spot the difference in the picture (as below) of them both – they’re like clones but George Patton was (according to Ian Greenhalgh) an American hero (allegedly) but Donald Trump clearly isn’t – perhaps he is Patton’s ‘evil’ twin!:

Celebrities Who Might Be Time Travellers: Donald Trump Looks like George Patton

Donald Trump/ George S. Patton picture:



Ian Greenhalgh’s Poem:


“Lucky Charms”

The evil elite are always after me lucky charms

To steal me gun so it never harms

They’ve read me article: A Call To Arms

Now we’re stuck like sheeple in Animal Farms

George Orwell is turnin’ in his grave

‘cause we’re livin’ in the land of the fee, an’ home of the slave!

Dr. Evil thinks it’s funny when I say:

“They’re always after me lucky charms”

Why does everyone always laugh when I say that?

They’re like Dr. Evil with his evil cat!

People are so full of scorn

‘cause their leaders have wee balls like a leprechaun –

Unlike those of me hero George S. Patton

Although Patton’s the spitting image of The Don,

His balls were as big as the size of Texas

‘cause he’d make the elite scum run –

From fear of his loaded gun

But I ain’t havin’ any fun

‘cause they’re always after me lucky charms

An’ lockin’ people up in FEMA Camp barns

All the big guns are on the side of evil

‘cause we’ve all been turned into sheeple

By evil secret societies like “Skull ‘n’ Bones”

With their ‘order out of chaos’ for sheeple to cull

They’re full of nothin’ but crap of bull

‘cause their brains are evil an’ dull

In a “tug of war” they’ve got the better pull

Makin’ humanity’s revolution all but null –

‘cause they’re always after me lucky charms!


Dr. Evil laughs when Ian Greenhalgh says: “They’re always after me lucky charms” – because that’s what a famous leprechaun character says in a children’s breakfast cereal vintage T.V. commercial – see YouTube Video by Melody Sheep – “Lucky Charms” – a tribute to the commercial:





YouTube video – the Dr. Evil “lucky charms” scene from the Austin Powers movie:





Dr. Evil writes to Gordon Duff

The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”

YouTube Disney Music Video songs:

Mulan song – “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” (in Arabic) + Subs&Trans

“When You believe”



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