Sadiq Khan’s recent letter to Muslim “Uncle Toms”

Dear Uncles Toms,


This is Sadiq Khan (London Mayoral candidate). By now, you must have read all the news about my labelling you all as being “Uncle Toms”:


Please don’t be disheartened. Oh, Uncle Toms, many years I have waited for complacent, apathetic Uncle Toms like you to appear. Why, I predict the Wizard could make me his magic grand vizier! My ummah, my Muslims, I’ll write at once to the Wizard. Tell him of you in advance (by calling you all “Uncle Toms” on Press TV!). With an Uncle Tom talent like yours, my dears, there is a defint-ish chance – that all your countries will be invaded (at least 7 Muslim countries in 5 years time – as is the dream of the entire Neocon cabal and General Wesley Clark). If you continue to work as complacent Uncle Toms and do as you should, you’ll be making many good (or refugee camps throughout Europe and the Syrian border!):


“…The entire nation of Syria represents such an illegitimate war zone. In fact the Middle East has multiple theaters of war which have been fabricated through false flags attacks and other black operations.  The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

As General Clark stated, they planned on invading Syria in order to dominate it … and so they did along with 6 other countries.

In closing, may the words of Edmund Burke inspire men and women everywhere to do what is right where it concerns the future destiny of the United States of America.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [Uncle Tom] men do nothing.”

 State of the Nation


Please continue to clap to George W. Bush when he seeks to start unjust wars in the Middle East – follow the example of our esteemed Sheikh Hamza Yusuf in this respect – he did well to ignore all those hand-delivered letters by Dr. Kevin Barrett to his Zaytuna Institute (the letters called for more Muslims to speak up for 9/11 truth – how dare he!).  Don’t forget to continually label 9/11 truthers as “conspiracy theorists” (to please the term’s CIA inventors) – just like our dearly beloved Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad does – when he is writing articles and acting the Uncle Tom for the BBC. When our sheikhs organise “Rihla” Islamic conferences worldwide to talk about anything but 9/11 truth, then this can only be a good thing, can it not?   Be like Professor Jim Al-Khalili and keep hold of your Queen’s OBE award, and don’t think for a minute to give it up in protest, or question why the “cradle of civilization” (Iraq) has been turned into a depleted uranium parking lot.


General Wesley Clark


No, you haven’t misunderstood! This weird complacent, apathetic quirk you’ve tried to suppress or hide is a talent that could help me meet the Wizard (and so become London Mayor!). If I make good, so I’ll make good. ‘cause when I meet the Wizard and once I prove my worth, he’ll not expect me to think or speak about the 9/11 Big Lie. Meeting the Wizard is what I’ve waited for since birth. And with all his wizard wisdom, by my looks he won’t be blinded. Do you think the Wizard is dumb or like Munchkins, so small-minded? No, of course not! He’ll say to me, “I see who you truly are – a man on whom I can rely!” And that’s how we’ll begin the Wizard and I: Once I’m with the Wizard my whole life will change. ‘cuz once you’re with the Wizard no-one will think you’re strange. No father is not proud of you, no sister acts ashamed, and no 9/11 ‘truther’ will pester you about their 9/11 truth campaign! And all of London has to love you, when by the Wizard you’re acclaimed. And this gift (or this curse of 9/11 truth denial) I have inside, maybe at last, I’ll know why, when we are hand in hand – the Wizard and I.


And one day, he’ll say to me, “Sadiq Khan, a man who is so superior, shouldn’t a man who’s so good inside have a matching exterior? And since folks here to an absurd degree seem fixated on your verdigris, would it be all right by you if I de-Islamified you?” And though, of course, that’s not important to me, “All right, why not?” I’ll reply. Oh, what a pair we’ll be the Wizard and I; Yes, what a pair we’ll be – the Wizard and… unlimited my future is unlimited and I’ve just had a vision almost like a prophecy. I know – it sounds truly crazy and true, the vision’s hazy – but I swear, someday there’ll be a celebration throughout London that’s all to do with me!  And I’ll stand there with the Wizard, feeling things I’ve never felt and though I’d never show it, I’d be so happy, I could melt! And so it will be for the rest of my life, and I’ll want nothing else till I die. Held in such high esteem, when people see me, they will scream, for half of London’s favourite team; The Wizard and I!!


Of course, I couldn’t do it all without all of you Muslim Uncle Toms – now could I? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being just you – an Uncle Tom! Long-live Uncle Toms. Uncle Toms forever!!!


Yours truly,


Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan





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