Luciferians are Lunatics!



Luciferians are complete raving lunatics. They believe that our God is unjust, and that God’s creation “Lucifer” somehow managed to outsmart the Real God to save humanity from God’s injustice. They believe that with Lucifer’s help they will eventually be able to become Gods themselves. But any thinking, objective person can easily see the blatant flaws in the luciferian belief. If our concept of God is that God is “All Powerful”, then how can a lower created being such as “Lucifer” ever overcome God’s Almighty Power? The fact is that we don’t know who God really is. Our tiny pathetic little brains can never fully comprehend His entire Majesty. We can only ever hope to wonder at God’s attributes. The 99 Names of Allah, also known as The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎ ʾasmāʾ allāh al-Ḥusnā), are the names of God (specifically, attributes) by which Muslims regard God.

So what has turned luciferians into psychotic, delusional morons that think they can outsmart their Almighty Creator? One news commenter thinks Christianity might be the cause, he states:


“We don’t need no ‘Luciferian ideology’.

That’s what CHRISTIANITY is for.

How many MILLIONS have been slaughtered over the past 1500 years as a direct result of Paul’s metaphysical idolatrous PERVERSION of the Teaching of Jesus?

The Jews, the black peoples of Africa, the indigenous populations of the Americas and the Pacific islands; to say nothing of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the religious wars of Europe…


ALL exterminated by those claiming to be following the Teaching of Jesus.

But people are beginning to wake up to the evils of Christianity; so what do the Christian religious officials do?

They direct attention AWAY from the evils of Christianity, to the ‘Luciferian ideology’ that, most likely, they were instrumental in creating in the first place specifically for DISTRACTING people from the evils of Christianity.

Certainly a demonically ‘clever’ policy.”



The catholic pope was once fond of burning many single women as witches, so perhaps hardcore feminist luciferians like Helena Blavatsky dreamed up the luciferian belief – simply to rebel against the barbaric acts of the Catholic Church against women. However, some people may embrace the luciferian philosophy because of a deep-seated sense of guilt at some of the evil actions they have committed in life. Perhaps fearing that they will be severely punished for what they did, they despair of God’s mercy and so learn not to care at all and become hard-hearted, as Kevin Barrett writes:


“… the stress of military service often causes hearts to wither up and die: PTSD is really post-traumatic heart disorder…

This hardening of the heart involves a kind of refusal of truth: the truth of our real feelings, the truth that we are all profoundly interconnected, the truth that “the enemy” is another human being like us, the truth of ultimate unity. When Americans hardened their hearts after 9/11 and vowed to march off to kill huge numbers of people who vaguely resembled those alleged to have annihilated the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, they were rejecting truth at all levels – including the ultimate, metaphysical level – and embracing a satanic lie.”

Such military guys might then have delusions of grandeur – by believing that they can merge into God by becoming Gods themselves, and so they might embrace the ancient Babylonian mystery school religion of pantheism. Allen Roland is an ex-Navy military fighter pilot who promotes the pantheistic, eugenicist, luciferian, UN philosophy of the Jesuit priest named Teilhard de Chardin. Allen believes that humans are evolving into divine beings and are merging with God, or the Universe for their salvation. The belief that humanity needs to merge with the universe for salvation is a core luciferian belief and has nothing to do with Islam. Allen states:


“The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness (the Unified Field) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears and whose principal property is the universal urge to unite.”

Allen Roland also writes: “Jesus was divinely human ~an evolutionary forerunner for a state of soul consciousness we will all eventually surrender to.”


Muslims believe Jesus (PBUH) was not “divinely human” or a God in any way, or evolving to become a God, but that he was simply a human prophet. However, the Muslim-luciferian gatekeeper Kevin Barrett boasts that Allen is now using his type of luciferian philosophy, alongside Islamic teachings, as “therapy” to cure the post traumatic stress of U.S. military men and women.


warThe reason why arrogant and shameless elitist men like Henry Kissinger openly rebuke military men as being “dumb stupid animals”, is because they know that they are speaking an obvious, undeniable truth. Military men are deliberately turned into soulless killer animals by the military-industrial-complex. They are brainwashed form an early age to believe that being “macho” is about going out and killing as many people as possible – not even in a more ‘fair’ way, like in the olden days when men fought man to man, but these days it’s done in the most cowardly way possible – like simply pressing the button for a drone bomb to kill many innocents as “collateral damage.” So when men in the military eventually see the light, and feel a deep sense of shame at their cowardly actions, then they naturally develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This is simply their conscience screaming at them “what the hell are you doing!! Wake the hell up and stop being such a cowardly moron!” This post-traumatic stress disorder is actually a good thing. It tells military men that they are still human and still have a conscience to feel guilt for what they have done.


Some monsters (like Henry Kissinger) don’t have any level of empathy at all, so anyone experiencing PTSD should thank God that they are still able to experience some level of guilt. The obvious solution to such guilt is to beg for God’s mercy and forgiveness, and to do whatever one can possibly do, in this earthly life, to rectify the crimes that one has committed. The completely wrong approach to PTSD would be to try to bury the guilt in denial and delusions of grandeur. However, it seems that Allen Roland is adopting this wrong approach to treat military men with PTSD. He wants them to let go of their guilt by believing that they can become one with the Universe, or – as in the luciferian Disney song “Let it go” , become “…one with the wind and sky”. Yes, let’s all become one with everything we can possibly see, as in this way all our sins might be less apparent, but instead be diluted with the perfect innocence of ‘the other’!  However, the danger with this type of thinking is that eventually people might despair of the mercy of God, fail to take individual responsibility for their actions, become delusional and start believing that they too are Gods. Allah tells us in the Qur’an that only unbelievers ever despair of the mercy of Allah. Real men or women should never fear Allah’s punishment to the extent that they completely despair of God ever having any mercy towards them. They should face up to the consequences of their evil actions, and welcome any punishment that they justly deserve – that is if they are truly lovers of God’s ultimate Judgement and Justice for peace on Earth.


Military men should immediately stop co-operating with their own enslavement. There is no honour at all in what they do anymore, and the people will never thank them for their supposed self-sacrifice. The transhumanist élite have plans to replace military guys with robots anyway – robots that won’t ever develop a conscience to upset their desire for more and more war crimes. Evil joker politicians like Tony Blair now believe that they can go to war whenever and however they like, without even bothering to consult public opinion. Such evil men think that they know best and arrogantly trample on anyone who thinks otherwise:


‘Tony Blair yesterday said ministers must be prepared to go to war in the future regardless of the level of public opposition.

The former Prime Minister suggested voters do not always understand where Britain’s real interests lie and should be ignored if politicians think there is a good case for military intervention.

He admitted that ministers should be ‘aware’ of the need to secure public support for a foreign conflict.

‘But in my view, it doesn’t invalidate the necessity to intervene because what you’ve got to compare is the fact and the consequences of intervention with the fact and the consequences of non-intervention,’ he said.”



oil for war

Many millions of people came out on the streets to protest against the illegal Iraq war, but they were totally ignored by ‘the powers that be’, so military men should wake up to the reality of who it is they truly serve. If they still decide to work for the devil, then at least they can face their inevitable punishment like real men and women, instead of turning into mushy delusional morons believing that they can become God.

Kevin Barrett in this article writes: “Dr. Roland also has his [military] clients forgive those who have wronged them.”


Well excuse me Mr. Roland Rat, Master of the Universe, ex-military Navy fighter pilot – who probably killed many innocents in his ‘magnificent flying machine’, please save all your forgiveness for yourself, ‘cause you’re gonna damn well need it! Please don’t lecture us about forgiveness and ‘merging when the Universe’ when you and your lot have been caught ‘pants down’ murdering innocents for the criminal élite – just for the sake of a fake ‘war on terror’. If you had any brains at all, you would have left military service long before you ever became Henry Kissinger’s little Navy pilot flying “stupid animal”. So please stop confusing military men and women now – with your evil pantheistic, UN luciferian philosophy dressed up as psychological ‘therapy’- because if the evils of traditional Abrahamic religions (that were perverted) gave rise to the evils of the luciferian philosophy, then what monster will be created when military men and women are indoctrinated by the crazy ideology of luciferianism?!



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