The Mother of all Muslim “Uncle Toms”

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws”

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

king with no clothes


This year’s winner of “The Mother of all Muslim Uncle Toms” award goes to newly elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan – for obvious reasons. As who else – other than a pseudo Muslim in charge of the world’s greatest city of usury and evilness, is most deserving of such an award? Of course, Obama comes in a close second, but even his whoring for Wall Street, and war mongering against many Muslims nations, doesn’t compare to Khan’s enthusiasm to “dance with the devil in the pale moon light”. True, Obama did what many thought would be impossible – he made George W. Bush look good (so much so that Americans were actually contemplating electing his brother Jeb Bush as the next U.S. President). But did Obama actually call moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” as did Sadiq Khan (during his interview with Press T.V.)? No, he did not! So that’s why he can’t win this year’s coveted “Mother of all Muslim Uncle Toms” award. Only a person who openly states that he is a Muslim, and who labels fellow Muslims as being “Uncle Toms”, whilst simultaneously and hypocritically acting as the typical Uncle Tom, deserves such a precious title. No doubt, Khan is going to fulfil the agenda of his bankster masters to the letter. The illuminati know what they’re doing when they appoint such Muslim “Uncle Toms”, because they firmly believe in the maxim: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. The Zionists are also secretly over-the-moon by Khan’s London Mayor appointment – because they can continue to cry to everyone about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and thus continue to act the victim and steal more land in Palestine. However, some Christians and Jews (on the “Before it’s News” website) are in uproar saying stuff like: “Oh nooooo!!! Churchill is turning in his grave… London has become Londonistan…an anti-Semite is the Mayor of London!!!” But they’re only really pissed off because they now realise that the devil doesn’t care who dances with him in the pale moon light – regardless of a person’s religion or race. So what’s the point of them selling their souls to the devil if anyone can easily do it too? Much to their dismay, Khan is just fulfilling that old Arabian prophesy that: “Muslims will follow Christians and Jews down the lizard hole (of usury) faster than you can say Uncle Tom!”


Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported Allah’s messenger (peace be upon him) as saying:

You would tread the same path as was trodden by those before you – inch by inch and step by step, so much so that if they had entered into a hole of a lizard, you would follow them in that also. We said: Allah’s messenger, do you mean Jews and Christians – by your words: “those before you”? He replied: Who else (than those two religious groups)?


When the 2Pac and Biggie deaths were being investigated by police, one of the gangster suspects pleaded to the police that he was “not a murderer but a mortgage broker”. This indicates the extent to which morality in society has sunk – because, in this day and age, being a “mortgage broker” is considered less criminal than being a murderer. However, mortgage brokers are just as bad – as they cause untold misery with their unaffordable housing, enslaving homeowners in debt for the majority of their working lives – thus ruining the happiness of countless innocent families. Partaking in usury (or interest) is considered one of the greatest sins in Islam (even worse than committing adultery); because of the harmful effects it has on the wider community. Historically, Christians have also condemned usury, because Jesus set a good example when he rebuked the money changers in the Jewish temple. The “PALE HORSE” in biblical revelation is an acronym for “Pathetic Assholes Leading Economies” – (PALE) [like London Mayors], “Humans Only Really Seeking Earnings” – (HORSE) [such earnings are based on usury/interest because humans have forgotten God’s warning in scripture, and so they’ve become like low-life pale maggots] – behold a PALE HORSE, death is in the mix…be warned, God’s wrath is severe!


Now that Sadiq Khan is the magic grand vizier of London, we hope that he will relinquish his desire to be an “Uncle Tom”, and instead turn London into a truly Islamic city – perhaps a true eco friendly, green Emerald City, with an Islamic banking system and a modern-day transport system – to replace the stinking antichrist (Dajjal) Zionistic city it is today – with its 19th Century polluted transport system and debt-ridden housing crisis. Who knows, pigs may fly. We hope that Sadiq Khan will realise that the Muslim ummah (community) is stronger than he knows. If he took a moment to contemplate the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and stopped pandering to his bankster masters, he might also learn that superheroes are meant to fly – as Muslim heroes who never (under any circumstance) give up the prophet’s dream for a mere measly interest-fuelled profit on the street, or for the pathetic job of London Mayor.


There is a scene in the Addams Family movie where baby Addams becomes seriously ill (at least ‘unwell’ in terms of illness within the ‘monster’ family). The grandmother looks at the baby’s rosy cheeks and wails: “Oh, no!!! With those rosy cheeks, he could grow up to become a lawyer, a dentist…President!!” The baby’s father (Gomez) then falls to his knees in despair and yells to the heavens: “Please, I beg you, Take me instead… Take me!!!”

Here is this scene on YouTube:

Addams Family Values – Pubert ill


It seems that the so-called fictional “monster” Addams family is more enlightened, with real morals (compared to how people live today) – as who in their right God-fearing mind would ever want to have those evil blood-sucking jobs. What would Mr. Addams have done if he was told that his sick baby might one day grow up to become a pseudo-Muslim “Uncle Tom” London Mayor?! No doubt, he would have fainted on the spot – just like countless real Muslims are doing right now at the mere thought of Sadiq Khan working as Mayor of London. However, Khan (in his delusional state of cognitive dissonance) thinks he has now become a role model for British Muslim children. Perhaps some kid should laugh out loud as Khan prances naked through London as Mayor – to tell him that he’s just another pathetic king with no clothes – because in the land of the blind (dealing in usury), the one-eyed idiot “Uncle Tom” is king!


YouTube video: “Behold a pale horse” – written and performed by Charlie Daniels:

Charlie Daniels wrote and performed this song, that is right on time, and describes the current state of affairs we find ourselves in:



There was a mighty nation
 Blessed above all of creation
It was a rare and precious pearl
Conceived in faith and liberty
Home of the brave, land of the free
Was the envy of the world

But this shining city on the hill
Has turned from the creators will
And let evil take control
Now the reckless men who lead them
Want to strip away their freedom
And to steal their very soul

Now it’s smoke and mirrors
 Switchin’ bait
Criticize and confiscate
And let the guilty walk away
In this much righteous Godly nation
In the halls of education
They forbid a child to pray

They say we need to spread the wealth
They pretend to guard the health
Of the feeble and the poor
While the hand they hold behind their back
Confuses and conceals the fact
That the wolf is at the door

There’s an unseen hand
That pulls the string
That makes his little puppets dance
To every song he sings
 As the night rolls in on a rising tide
Look beyond the shadows
Behold a pale horse rides

They claim to seek a New World Order
Nations without borders
But don’t believe the lies
Even in this wealthy nation
It can come down to starvation
In the twinkling of an eye

They tell us there will soon be peace
Our lives will be an endless speech
But they lead us toward the darkness
In the distance sabres rattle
And the armies train for battle
As the beast prepares his mark

There’s an unseen hand
That pulls the string
And makes his little puppets dance
To any song he sings
 As the night rolls in on the rising tide
Look beyond the shadows
Behold a pale horse rides

It’s time for every righteous man
To step up tall and take a stand
There is so little time
For if we fear and hesitate
Soon it will be too late
 With the last hope of mankind

Time hurries on the shadows fall
The hand writing is on the wall
But even now there’s still a chance
For if the ones called by Gods name
Repent his sin and seek His face
He will hear and heal the land

There’s an unseen hand
Reaching from above
And a gentle voice that beckons
To the shelter of his love
Come on home my wayward child
‘Cause out on the horizon
There’s a pale horse running wild
America my wayward child
Can’t you hear the thundering hoof beats
Of a pale horse running wild
Pale horse running wild
Pale horse running wild
Pale horse running wild


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