Being Palestinian

 “We are the only people on Earth asked to guarantee the security of our occupier ..while Israel is the only country that calls for defense from its victims”  Hanan Ashrawi, an Indigenous Human Being




Being a Palestinian Sucks!

by Johnny Punish


As the John Kerry Obama peace talks get magically caught up again in failure, I am again reminded that this charade has been going on for 60 plus years and still most don’t get the strategem deployed by the ambitious Euro settlers.

First, let me say that it is so sad that the indigenous culture and peoples are being systematically exterminated by the Euro settlers; step by step, inch by inch in a mission creep for the ages. 

In America, it is especially disheartening considering that the same thing happened to the Native Americans by the ancestors of the Euro settlers.  I mean, you’d think the collective American public would have taken something away from that sad and bloody conquest in that were’ all human beings but nooo!  Sadly that is NOT the case as their money and vitriol continue to fund the ethnic cleanse.


More sadly, I find the collective American majority simply cannot empathize with the indigenous peoples.  They have heard for so long that the indigenous peoples are terrorists by the propaganda machine that they cannot get passed the B.S. to find the human being!  Yeah, in this day and age right?  You’d think the masses would figure that they are continually lied to by their machine masters….but no, it goes on and on like predictable clockwork.

To me, it is very sad indeed to the point where I don’t even get into a conversation with 90% of Americans on this issue.  The collective majority simply cannot see the forest from the propaganda trees and so one lets them be; living in bliss surrounded by truth that does not touch their plastic anti-septic bubbles or invades their KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS time!   And so it goes….

Instead the indigenous peoples suffer long term extermination and ethnic cleansing as the mission creep meanders on decade by decade; each declaring a phony peace process that ends up with more settlers taking more land over time.  It would be a comedy sketch if it was NOT so shrewd and diabolical.


An Ethnically Cleansed Palestinian



The Devil’s Lair

Obama why did you go to Riyadh
Pretending to engage in Jihad
With that evil Saudi King lad
Who thinks Islam’s just a fad
‘cause he’s really very bad
And making Muslims look very sad
By going completely mad


The Saudi King isn’t guarding the Holy Ka’bah
He couldn’t even guard his own ca-ca
When he sits with Israel to laugh ha, ha
Like a naughty boy singing la,la,la,la,la!
As they plot more wars in Iran and Syria
To mess up the entire Arabian Peninsula,
And everywhere including India


Black gold has been Muslim’s downfall
Now Gog and Magog have broken down their wall
They’re bringing chaos everywhere –
By not fighting in any way fair
And wrestling with the Russian bear
Who doesn’t even seen to care –
By giving everyone a mighty scare,
Just to keep them from being aware
That it’s all part of the devil’s lair!



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