Dr. Kevin Barrett’s poem



Dearest fellow Muslim Kevin

I hope you read this poem –

it’ll help you go to heaven

Please don’t follow that Allen Roland –

Who really doesn’t understand

‘Cause he’s controlled by Lucifer’s hand

To bring the NWO to every land


Please renounce the devil’s way

And write the truth for “Veterans Today”

They won’t let me have my say

’cause their news is just child’s play


We don’t need no disinformation trash

We speak the truth for love not cash

No-one wants to read mishmash

They’ll be leaving you all in a flash


So please now side with really true news

And say goodbye to the Zionist Jews

We’ll forget that you were ever a gatekeeper –

Or a mind-controlled sleeper

When you finally fly high with us as a leaper –

As a real “Truth Jihad” keeper

’cause the rabbit’s hole is getting deeper and deeper!



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