Fake Moon Landing Alien Baby

moon landing Neil Armstrong


Nine months we struggled with you in our womb

Until you popped out with a mighty boom!

Who would’ve known you’d turn out to be such a loon?

Wishing for wealth to eat with a silver spoon

Just to plan a fake NASA trip to the moon

With false promises that you’ll feed the poor soon

Then off you fly in your big Virgin air balloon –

Not caring if it’s morning, night or noon,

Or worrying if you’ll ever end up in a tomb


What keeps you going, I really don’t know

Perhaps you just enjoy putting on a show

We only wonder why we ever let you grow –

Just to cause so much sorrow and woe

And bring the world so damn-well low


Stop thinking you’re great like Mohammed Ali –

You don’t fly like a butterfly, or sting like a bee

You just messed up our entire history!

You’re so blind, you can’t even see

That you’re weak and can’t even create a flea

Why did we ever give birth to thee?

We should’ve just settled for a nice cup of coffee or tea

Or stuck with writing stupid poetry

Then we might have prevented World War One, Two and Three!

And your ugly face from looking at me –

Starring with ‘em crazy joker eyes with glee

Like you’ve just done a pee-pee in your great big nappy –

Like that’s supposed to make me happy!


Now I’m getting really very snappy

I’ll gonna wallop you over ma knee

And belt ya ‘til ya flee!

So don’t bother to beg and plea

With your stupid Freemasonry

‘cause you’re one ugly fake moon landing alien baby!


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