9/11 – A certain human sacrifice?




9/11 – A certain human sacrifice?

Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

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 Wickerman sacrifice

“Burn the Witch” or Burn the Twin Towers?

The Real Story Behind the Trending Radiohead Song (video)
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 6:25

(Before It’s News)


A new song by Radiohead is trending, called Burn the Witch which is based off the 1973 film Wicker Man (they admit). Above left is a screenshot from the music video of the giant wickerman that burns at the end. The lyrics include 9/11 references about a “low flying panic attack” repeated twice. Another band called Queens of the Stone Age released a similar video from their song also titled Burn the Witch (2006). Their video includes TWIN girls dancing around a fire and lyrics as follows:


The first to speak
 Is the first to lie
 The children cross
 Their hearts & hope to die

Bite your tongue
 Swear to keep your mouth shut

Ask yourself
 Will i burn in Hell?
 Then write it down
 & cast it in the well


So, where are we going with this? Well, there were two Wicker Man films, 33 years apart. The first was in 1973, the same year the World Trade Center opened in the Hebrew year 5733. Nicholas Cage starred in the 2006 reboot of Wicker Man. 23 days later, he would also star in the World Trade Center film, in which he played a FIREMAN! During pagan sacrifice, the ancient Druids built essentially a CAGE from wicker, which was then filled with people and set on fire.

Now, there is much more to this story. During the very first Burning Man, a wooden man was set afire in 1986 (about the halfway point to 9/11) on the summer solstice. The 1973 Wicker Man film took place in SUMMERSisle, with events surrounding sun worship on the summer solstice! The founder of Burning Man denies ever seeing the film or any association. But, as you will see in the second video below, we prove otherwise.

In another odd foreshadowing, we see a 2000 Iron Maiden cover with their version of Wicker Man (above). Inverted, we see one of the Twin Towers afire, BEFORE 9/11 happened.

So, it appears as though the two legs of the wicker man (depicted in 1973 images) are the Twin Towers, which were built to be incinerated, before they were ever constructed!

There is much, much more to this story. See the analysis and indepth discussion in the videos below as we decode LIVE the sinister sorcery of the elite! (See Before It’s News for the videos).

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