My Ruby Slippers!

My Ruby Slippers!

ruby slippers


I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too

I’ll get you my pretty and every other Zionist Jew

My jihad Muslims are flying to get you

So now let’s see who it is that’s really true –

Islamic green or the Zionist blue?


Those ruby slippers are mine

You stole them along with Palestine

And no, I’m not doing just fine

With your bloody Zionist crime

So now you’re running out of time!


Don’t bother running to the Wizard of Oz –

Or should I say Alister Crowley’s demon Aiwass?

He has such a big head like an alien

But a brain that’s smarter than a hen

Whereas I do jihad by the sword and the pen

I’m gonna get you and you won’t even know when

So you’d better run along and hide in your poppy glen –

Like scurrying mice, unlike real women or men


Your “Wizard of Oz” film is just disinformation

To confuse every child and every nation

You may have stolen land by use of a gun

But don’t ever think that you’ve now won

‘cause am just getting started and having some fun

So run along little rabid rabbit, now run!


Water will never melt me

Because I’m truthful and free

And I can do anything, like defying gravity

But you’re so blind and can’t even see

You even think my face is green like a tree!

You’re just a spoilt brat, but I fight like Bruce Lee

And I’ll destroy you with my karate

Or like Mohammed Ali,

I’m gonna fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee

Until you wet your pants with wee-wee –

Just please don’t piss on my slippers of ruby!

‘cause they bring me much glee

You know, we could just settle this over a cup of tea,

Or I could just spank you over one knee,

Whilst singing John Lennon’s song “Let it be”


Those ruby slippers aren’t worth fighting for

They just make you look like a tart, or whore

It’s your arrogance that I really abhor

Our religion isn’t just a tale or folklore

It’s meant for peace not for bloody war

And your fighting is just making everyone sore

It’s not even interesting anymore

It’s just such a stupid bore

I’d rather watch paint drying on my door

Than take your Zionist crap anymore

‘cause you’re rotten to the core

And what is the Israeli flag ever good for –

Other than sweeping a dirty floor?


Your friends don’t have courage, a heart or brain

As a matter of fact, they’re just bloody insane!

Running like maniacs down every peaceful lane,

Causing much sorrow and pain

I hope they get hit by a train!

Or beaten in school with the cane,

‘cause how else will they be tame?

I’m just sick of their illuminati game –

Stealing my ruby slippers just for fortune and fame!




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