The esoteric significance of Disney’s “Let It Go” song

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Song – Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel – YouTube:


This article examines the esoteric significance of the Disney song “Let It Go” – from the Disney film animation “Frozen” (as in the above video). The Disney organisation is at the top New World Order control structure. Disney and Hollywood seek to brainwash young children to the illuminati/luciferian philosophy.   For example, read more about the esoteric interpretation of the Hollywood movie animation film entitled “9” here:


The Disney song “Let It Go” seems to personify the story of the evil occult agenda of the United Nations. The woman (singing in the Disney animation of the song) represents the biblical “Whore of Babylon”. She sings that she is a queen and says, “You’ll never see me cry”. The bible tells us that the “Whore of Babylon” will boast that she is a queen who will “never see mourning”:


Revelation 18: 7-8: “To the extent that she glorified herself and lived in shameless luxury, to that extent give her torment and mourning. For in her heart she keeps saying, ‘I sit as queen, and I am no widow, and I shall never see mourning. That is why in one day her plaques will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire, because God, who judged her, is strong.”


Other lyrics, in this Disney song, clearly seem to embody the overall frozen/cold-hearted Godless philosophy of the U.N. Perhaps this is the Illuminati’s way of acclimatizing young children to the UN’s occult hidden agenda – where in life there is “no right or wrong”, “No rules for me” (“Do whatever you like” claims Aleister Crowley – the most prominent occultist of the 20th century), “I’m free”, “Let it go” (i.e. let go of traditional religious values and follow the NWO luciferian religion instead), and be “One with the wind and sky” – i.e. Be one with nature because you’re merging into godhood (this is pantheism!). “Conceal don’t feel” – i.e. conceal your true hidden UN occult agenda as you seek to become one with God and ruled by Lucifer. This Disney queen is clearly seen using sorcery to achieve her aim – in cold-hearted disregard for the people, in the pursuit of her own selfish desires. This is exactly like how the United Nations likes to behave in our world today. The occult élite believe that humanity needs to go through a period of great tribulation in order for it to “purge its impurities”. According to occult writers, these “impurities” include traditional religions and governments as we know them. Who will now put an end to the UN’s Luciferian evil occult agenda?   With God’s help, you and I can, that’s who!

NewWorldOrder Organizational Chart


Professor Walter Veith – (26) The UN   the Occult Agenda   Total Onslaught



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