The ‘Unified Field’ Theory

The ‘Unified Field’ Theory


The Unified Field theory

Is really rather dreary

It’s making me very weary

And makes me want to flee


When it’s the UN’s unity

I know it won’t set me free

If it’s run by the luciferian illuminati –

Out on a human killing spree

With their eugenics policy

They even killed Simon Shack’s daddy!


With their “as above, so below”

They think they’re in the know

But they’re so stupid and slow

Causing ‘order out of chaos’ just for woe


It all sounds rather satanic

To put humanity in a panic

And to make everyone bloody sick

Just because the illuminati are really thick


So from Allen Rolland to David Icke

I’m going to tell you all to take a hike

‘cause your theory I really don’t like

So you’d best be on your bike


Your ‘Unified Field’ won’t yield anything

‘Cause the UN’s magicians are just bluffing

Their foundations are like a glass house on a spring

Waiting for their one-eyed luciferian king


You’re wanting to mix good with bad

Are you bloody stupid or mad?

It’s really just very sad –

That your theory is simply a fad

Whereas my Islamic faith is real and I’m glad


Islam won’t mix with another religion

Just to unite as one

For some stupid Aiwass demon

Truth isn’t about games or fun

Or the worship of the moon or sun

It’s a race to please Allah, so now run!



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