9/11 Crash Test is now on GoFundMe!

 Here’s Steve De’ak’s fundraising video:



Steve De’ak’s Fundraising Rhyme:


9/11 is coming and the truthers are out

Would you please support our Crash Test

Or we’ll scream and shout!

If you can’t support our Crash Test,

Then a small donation will do

If you can’t make a small donation,

Then God bless you!



 Scary 9/11 Truther Song:


I wouldn’t change places
With anyone tonight
We’ll carve pumpkin faces
And watch the 9/11 truther’s fight

Anything could happen on 9/11
A jet plane could demolish to dust a mighty tower
With such enormous terrible power
That concrete reinforced steel will surely cower

Every human heart will shudder
Every soul will shake with fear
 Tonight, the creepiest
Tonight, the scariest
Tonight, the most wonderful night
Oh-uh, night

Anything can happen on 9/11
 Your trusted ‘truther’ could turn into a rat
 There maybe fake news in your media
Or your leaders may brainwash you with their chat

Christmas time brings the snow
Summer time brings the sun
But on 9/11 your blood begins to run
Something spooky’s going down on

Anything can happen on 9/11
It’s worse than the usual fake mainstream media show
Gremlins going to mess up every T.V. set
From London to Idaho

April 1st can be fun
New Year’s Eve is a bore
But on 9/11 your flesh begins to crawl
Oh, I’m losing control

Anything can happen on 9/11
Politicians could turn extremely mean
 Saying 9/11 truthers should never be heard, or seen
They’re stinkin’ worse than a rotten sardine
And behavin’ like an uptight queer diva queen

Has anybody seen my tambourine
 I may start playing begin the beguine
The craziest night you’ve ever seen
 With a hairy, scary, creepy, crawling 9/11 ‘truther’ team!


Truther Family zombies


5 thoughts on “9/11 Crash Test is now on GoFundMe!

  1. Hi JT!

    Well we WERE on GoFundMe, for about an hour! It was very exciting 😉

    This is all part of the dance, to put funding sites, engineering firms and crash test centers in the uncomfortable position of stopping a peace project. We are not naive. We know that it is unlikely that we will ever be allowed test center time, but that is exactly why this question needs to be asked. If these test centers will allow such fluffy experiments as Mythbusters’ then why wouldn’t they allow us to conduct a test that could stop the war on terror? By simply asking for a quote it paints them into a corner – it doesn’t really matter whether they allow the test or deny it, either way we win.

    If they thought our test would prove the official story was true why wouldn’t they take some crackpot’s money to prove it? With a valid engineering plan in hand and the ability to raise the money needed to conduct the test, we should not be declined test center time, so if they do, then it will only be because they would rather face the embarrassment of denying a peace project than face the embarrassment of allowing a test that can expose the lies of 9/11. Either way we’ll crow about it all over the Internet.

    If anyone wants to give me a few hundred thousand dollars to see how far we can push this envelope, please stop by http://911crashtest.com. We have real engineers chomping at the bit to create the finite element analysis, so we need this money to buy a wing, dismantle it and create models to then crash together. More details at http://911crashtest.org.

    Thanks for the boost, JT!

    Steve De’ak


    • You’re most welcome Steve. Keep up the good work and don’t let the buggers bring ya down – as Mohammed Ali (RIP) once said: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Now the real fight begins and you are the world’s greatest 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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