Secret military operation code-named “Amigos, Amigos, Amigos”



In order to accurately carry out Steve De’ak’s  “9/11 Crash Test” experiment according to Christopher Bollyn’s specifications, we will need some life-like dummies to act as the passengers sitting within the test jet plane. These passengers will be included in the “mass” weight – as Chris thinks necessary (as in his e-mail below).  We will also include replica passenger luggage too, and will replicate the environment of the real hijacked plane on 9/11 as accurately as possible down to its minute detail. If you have any spare luggage, toilet roll, or rubber human life-like dummies lying about, then please donate them to a VERY good cause  – the 9/11 Crash Test.  You can also donate your spare cash to the project here:

Steve’s Campaign Powered by Fundly


We hear that there are many spare dummies lying about at “Veterans Today” and hope that Gordon Duff will spare a few to us – although the Luciferian sort are highly flammable (and so for this reason alone they will be declined by us – not for the fact that they are just ridiculously ugly – not mentioning any names like Dr. Kevin Barrett, or Allen Roland).  Also, if anyone has any spare wing plane parts lying around in their back garden, then please forward them to us, but don’t pick up any of the fake plane engine parts that the FBI happened to plant on the street on 9/11, or any jet wings that are heavily reinforced according to NASA scientist’s specifications – otherwise the wings may melt like butter into the replication of our Twin Tower building and thus the official 9/11 theory may still be scientifically supported and believed.

If you don’t have any spare dummies for our science experiment, then please try to make some – sew like the wind!!  We will use whatever skills and education we still have left in our arsenal to defeat our enemies – even though Ian Greenhalgh moans on V.T. (in his article “A Call To Arms”) that the situation is hopeless because “all the big guns are on the side of evil”.  Haven’t you all seen the movie “The Three Amigos” ?!  – Let’s all now sew life-like dummies that look exactly like “The Three Amigos” in the movie – this covert warfare strategy will be code-named operation “Amigos, Amigos, Amigos”  – it is a very good trick that will completely blow the mind of the real 9/11 evil doers as they will definitely not see it coming!  So sew like the wind amigos! 


We are the fearless amigos and amigos forever we’ll be!


Thank you!



 On Fri, 3/6/16, Christopher Bollyn  wrote:

Subject: Re: 9/11 Crash Test 2016

To: “Steve De’ak” 

Date: Friday, 3 June, 2016, 18:49

Dear Steve,

That is not correct.  In your experiment you would be taking a small piece detached from the whole and trying to extrapolate a conclusion from that.  The problem with this is that you detach that small piece from the total mass of the plane on impact.  The section of the wing was strongly connected to the rest of the mass of the plane.  That mass would have penetrated the building, the exterior of which was 66 percent glass, and pulled the connected parts of the plane into the building.   We don’t know if the front edges of the plane were hardened or not, but even if they were not the mass of the plane would have pulled the connected mass of the plane into the building around the columns.

Christopher Bollyn


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