Muslims launch lawsuit against Hollywood actor George Clooney!

Jahilliya Times – News Flash:

Muslims launch lawsuit against Hollywood actor George Clooney!


Following the success of Madonna’s recent court battle – against those who moaned that she stole a tiny fraction of a second of their music for her “Vogue” song, Muslims have thus been inspired to finally sue George Clooney for his arrogant, blasphemous, petty act of Muslim plagiarism – as clearly seen in his recent Nespresso coffee commercial advert where he uses the famous Muslim epiphany “what else?”, or “who else?” – i.e. as seen on YouTube here:


Nespresso ‘What Else’ – Epiphany – by Nespresso (starring George Clooney and Jack Black):

YouTube – Published on 28 Oct 2015

Discover the new Nespresso commercial starring George Clooney and Jack Black. Find out more on:

Hollywood actor George Clooney is allegedly stealing/plagiarising small phrases from the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed – as documented in the Muslim “Hadith” books. This was made apparent during his recent coffee T.V. commercial for Nespresso (as in above video) – in which he tries to act all sexy, holy and cool by speaking the typical well-known two word Muslim phrase: “Who else?” Every Muslim under the sun immediately recognises that Clooney is only trying to imitate the holy manliness of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with such a phrase – as Mohammed famously uttered the wise phrase “who else” – as recorded in the following hadith (Clooney blatantly plagiarises the “who else” phrase for his T.V. Nespresso commercials and tries to act holy too!):


Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported Allah’s messenger (peace be upon him) as saying:


You would tread the same path as was trodden by those before you – inch by inch and step by step, so much so that if they had entered into a hole of a lizard, you would follow them in that also. We said: Allah’s messenger, do you mean Jews and Christians – by your words: “those before you”? He replied: “Who else?” (Meaning: “who else other than those two religious groups”).


The British Muslim human rights group “MAMA” are now in uproar about Clooney’s Nespresso coffee commercial. One MAMA (an acronym for “Muslims Against Moronic Assholes”) spokesperson had this to say:


“Year after year, Muslims see their human rights are slowly being stripped away and eroded. We see it when the average “Joe Jihad” European Muslim woman is denied her right to wear the hijab in the workplace, we see it when thousands of Muslims are drowned at sea as refugees because of unjust wars launched against our ummah (Muslim community). George Clooney’s pseudo-Muslim Nespresso ‘who else’ epiphany coffee commercial is just one more slap in the face to our ummah – as illuminati Hollywood Muslim-wannabe freaks seek to slither and slime their way into our faith just to corrupt it, and mock the heavens with their stupid coffee commercial!! Why do you think Clooney married a woman with the Muslim name “Amal” – if not just to infiltrate the Muslim faith with his satanic Hollywood ways?! Such Hollywood infiltrators should not be allowed to casually plagiarise well-known cool Islamic phrases (like “what else” or “who else”) without a fight! If we allow such small encroachments against our pure Islamic faith, then we will only be opening the floodgates of corruption to occur in future years. We must put an end to this madness!! “What else” or “who else” is clearly a Muslim phrase (inspired by the Muslim Hadith) and so we will be suing Clooney for one billion dollars – for his unauthorised use of such a phrase for his coffee commercial. He is like a slimy lizard trying to drag the Muslim community down into his satanic Hollywood lizard hole of perverted, egotistical corruption. He doesn’t have one manly or sexy-cool bone in his ugly body. How dare he try to imitate the humble, manly braveness of our beloved prophet!! Clooney is lucky that we don’t also sue him for the unauthorised promotion of coffee – which everyone knows was first discovered by Muslims when they were seeking to stay awake all night in order to study Islam. We’ve had enough of the illuminati’s mocking of our Islamic tradition and heritage. Enough is enough!!”


Sadiq KhanAt press time, London Mayor Sadiq Khan was unavailable for comment. He was (allegedly) too busy following the Christians and Jews down the lizard hole of the Rothschild usury fake money-based world system of tyranny, and acting the “mother of all Uncle Toms” – by imitating President Obama by plagiarising his statement: “Yes we Khan!” – Which in his case means: “Yes we can be Uncle Toms for Wall Street and the satanic globalists/illuminati!!”



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