An Open Letter to Gordon Duff

The letter below to Gordon Duff concerns the following letter published on “Veterans Today”:

[ Editor’s Note: This came in Arabic and Gordon had to drop what he was doing on a late Saturday afternoon to put a crew to get this translated and published.

This is a passionate letter from a man who loves his country and put into words better than we could the concerns many have about why the resupplying of the Syrian insurgents was allowed to go on during the ceasefire to put them in the position to launch counter offenses after so much had been done to put them on the defensive.

Many of us feel the whole “end game” could be changed by this turn of events. NATO members are actively engaged in supporting terrorist proxy forces in Syria and Iraq, in violation of it charter and a list of other international laws.

Citizens of countries are paying taxes to support activities done in their name that they would never approve of, yet consider themselves democracies, or pretend-a-democracies as the case may be.

We salute the good doctor for putting his words where his heart is. He is not ungrateful for what the Russians have done by any means…quite the opposite. Syria and Russia are going to win this together, or lose it together. Unless the resupply chain of the jihadis is broken it is hard to see a positive conclusion to these hostilities… Jim W. Dean ]

An Open Letter to Gordon Duff


Dear Gordon,


We read on your “Veterans Today” website that you recently received an “open letter to Putin”. You were (allegedly) so exiting by it that you immediately dropped everything that you were doing to have it translated and published on your 60% disinformation news website. “We the People” are very confused by your latest crazy behaviour. Why should such a wordy letter to Putin excite you so much? Everyone knows that the gangster Putin can’t even read properly – especially long-winded, love letters written by unknown persons! Some are now speculating that you wrote the open love letter to Putin yourself – whilst kissing a giant poster and golden statue of him in your V.T. newsroom office. Is there any truth in that allegation? Never mind.


Due to the fact that you and your fellow Luciferian V.T. staff love such wordy Putin letters, we hope that you will publish the one below – even though it is short and sweet – to best meet the learning needs of the one-eyed, one minute attention span, ignorant Russian leader – Putin:

An Open Letter to Putin:


Dear Putin,


You scum sucking pig! You son of a motherless, big-boobie transsexual Baphomet goat!! We are the amigos of freedom, the amigos of true liberty and justice! We’re gonna kick your stupid illuminati New World Order ass back into the stone-age!   Everyone knows that your “Hegelian Dialectic” Russian constitution is identical to the constitution of the United Nations. You scum-sucking pigs are seeking to spread your communist tyrannical regime worldwide – under the guise of fighting the so-called “War on Terror”.


Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when we come for you?! What ya gonna do when your baby-faced “ISIS” (or “I Piss”) ignorant scum are replaced by real, true enlightened Muslim warriors?! You’re gonna piss in your pants that’s what!   The only people that admire you and your war-mongering ways are deluded U.N. luciferian freaks that work at “Veterans Today” – such as Gordon Duff, Dr. Kevin Barrett and Allen Roland – who seek to promote the Luciferian philosophy of the United Nations – with their fake so-called pantheistic “unity” and perverted “order out of chaos” freemasonic transgressions. We see through your lies! You ain’t fooling us, no way! So here is a poem we wrote especially for you and your mindless “Veterans Today” minions – Enjoy! :


Putin joker face


Russian Putin


Oh one-eyed maggot Russian Putin

Go throw yourself in the bin!

You’re immersed in bloody sin

Stop bluffin’ with your muffin

‘cause your Hegelian Dialectic is wearing thin

Silence your warmongering din

Turn the other cheek and chin

‘cause the New World Order is never gonna win

Muslims will never stop believin’

Despite the illuminati game that’s confusin’

We see your evil joker face grin

It’s our Muslim brethren you’re killin’

Just ‘cause they ain’t your next of kin

For illuminati gangsters you’re workin’

But Gordon Duff is admirin’-

Thinkin’ you’re his magic jinn

Like a Tin Man he wants your oilin’

But he’s only wishin’

For ‘order out of chaos’ lyin’

So stop your Russian bear pissin’

‘cause it’s really stinkin’

Evil is what you’re eatin’

Faith ‘n’ freedom’s what you’re hurtin’

Your integrity is thinner than a pin

Like you’re drunk on Tonic and Gin

You’re in deep water swimmin’

With your cold-blooded shark’s fin

Peace is what you’re messin’

But it won’t be long before you’re drownin’

And Muslims world-wide will be rejoicin’

The one-eyed dajjal Putin is dyin’ –

That’s what we’ll all be singin’

So ya best be behavin’

Before we bury you in your coffin

‘cause we’ve got an elastic heart ‘n’ thick skin



Music Video – Sia – ‘Elastic Heart’:



Islam is unstoppable today!

the quran



Music Video – Sia – ‘Unstoppable’:


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