Twin Towers: The Missing Evidence

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Documentary film review: “Twin Towers: The Missing Evidence”


Channel 5’s “The Missing Evidence” investigative series (aired on UK T.V. on Monday 3rd November 2014 at 8pm) probes what may have caused the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center to collapse after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, bearing in mind the huge fireproofing, steel-structured buildings were designed to withstand the impact of a commercial airliner. The filmmakers meet retired chemist Dr. Frank Greening, who spots a glaring omission in the tragedy’s official government report – which took four years to produce. In Norway, metallurgist Christian Simensen is also unconvinced by the report. What is the missing piece of the puzzle?


A review (by email) about the film written by Pablo Novi (9/11 truth researcher for  ) is as follows:

“This is one pretty bizarre / whack theory, imo.


The video’s main point is:

WHEN IN A FURNACE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO DO SO, Aluminium will get very hot (super-heated) & when THAT hot can explode when in contact with water. And, supposedly, conditions around the WTC Twin Towers core(S) were such that they mimicked such furnace-like conditions.


However, nowhere in the video is the case made that, in such a disorganized mess as that which existed inside each Twin after the “crashes” (by whatever “crashed there”: official-story commercial airplanes, OR modified ones; or missiles; or whatever),
that those conditions in / around BOTH cores, SOMEHOW (?) included all of:
1) large quantities of the AL from each plane collected up together THERE;
2) furnace-like conditions were reached initially (in a clearly NOT furnace-like scenario);
3) maintained long enough to melt & SUPER-HEAT large quantities of AL from each plane;
4) such super-heated AL STAYED super-heated long enough even while moving far AWAY from those “furnace-like” conditions, that it reached the floor below;
5) that it then encountered enough water to explode;
6) that these explosions (one in each tower) were so powerful (yet so un-observed) that THIS WAS THE THING that initiated collapse in each tower.
Frankly, (though I’m no scientist, metallurgist, etc.) I can’t “buy” ANY of these far-fetched “reaches” much less all of them happening sequentially/simultaneously.
btw, I am not aware of IF or how much Gage may be “promoting” this. (Do we have proof of this?)
Yours sincerely,
P.S. At the very beginning of the video, the commentator says that two big questions were raised on 911, right from the start:
1) who did it; &
2) why did the Twins collapse.
He then immediately claims that “the first question was answered long-ago.” This goes by so fast, many people may miss it – but this too is another claim that is unsubstantiated & thus we should question WHY it was even raised and WHY it was then dismissed as obvious when it clearly is NOT obvious to ever-larger segments of the U.S. & world populations. (He does NOT actually state who the Perps were; but the implication is clear: 19 Arab/Muslim Al Qaida Terrorists).



Further notes on the main points made in the film (written by this blog author):


60 tons of aircraft went missing when the planes hit the Twin Towers

343 fire-fighters lost their lives

The scientists try to find the simplest, most logical reason for the collapse of the twin towers according the principle of “Occam’s Razor” – to keep it simple:  Occam’s razor – Web definitions:

“the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly; the simplest of two competing theories is to be preferred”’s%20razor


The Twin Towers collapsed in 56 and 102 minutes total duration time – first plane struck at 8:45 am, the second plane at 9:03am


Dramatic collapse happened at North Tower in 13 seconds, South Tower in 11 seconds


There was fire protection in the concrete reinforced steel of the Twin Towers – this fire protection is lost after 10 hours of burning. Without concrete fire proofing the steel would normally weaken after just 13 minutes. NIST says the fire proofing was dislodged by the impact of the planes which led to the dramatic collapse of the towers.


There are images of glowing yellow liquid coming from the walls of the South Tower. The alleged planes sliced through steel columns – then 60 tons of aircraft went missing. 30 tons of molten aluminium is equivalent to the explosive power of 90 tons of TNT.   The towers collapsed not by man made bombs but by the combined ingredients of burning aluminium, iron oxide and concrete. Yellow liquid is produced at 1000˚c heat of fire. The building rubble created the necessary conditions for a furnace environment to emerge inside the towers to melt the planes.


Richard Gage and 22,000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth question the official government theory of the collapse.


NIST has conducted a 16 billion dollar investigation. They published their conclusion of what happened in October 2005. They claim steel was not protected because the fire proofing was dislodged. The unsupported steel led to the dramatic collapse. However, if NIST are sincere about finding evidence, then why do they refuse to allow access to the Twin Tower debris at the landfill for further investigations to be made? Frank Greening believes that there is physical evidence to support his new theory in the rubble of the Twin Towers but NIST does not agree – they will not allow it to be examined where it is kept at the landfill. The New York Port Authority also refuses permission for the rubble debris to be examined.


Dr. Frank Greening is a research chemist (nuclear physicist) who examines the plane impact on the steel. He has designed a computer programme to explain his “transfer theory” of the building’s collapse. He states the mass of the upper block – a 38,000 ton mass, caused the collapse of the lower floors. Fire proofing was not dislodged as stated by the NIST report. There were signs of explosive activity: glowing liquid, molten metal, the burning aluminium from the planes in the office building was the trigger which led to the collapse.


In Oslo, Norway, Christian Simensen (material scientist) agrees with Frank Greening. He states that the “missing evidence” of why the towers collapsed is found in the way the towers fell due to burning molten metal. He believes that aircraft do not disintegrate like NIST believes they do. Molten metal is the most explosive substance in the world. Water and molten aluminium is highly explosive:

AL + H20 = AL2 02 + H2 

Exothermic reaction: Molten Aluminium = 3 times the power of TNT = 50 pounds of dynamite. 

30 tons of molten aluminium = 90 times the explosive force of TNT 

Aluminium metal burning at 1000˚C turns yellow molten metal


The water which added to the explosive power of the molten metal came from the sprinklers in the towers.   There were 30,000 gallons of water in the sprinklers and when the planes impacted the towers the sprinklers in the floors below the impact were still working correctly. Oxygen and hydrogen were the additional ingredients which led to the explosive power of the molten metal.


The scientists claim they need to examine the evidence of aluminium oxide within the Twin Tower debris held at the landfill site. NIST believes that the planes totally disintegrated on impact – and that the burning liquid aluminium did not react with water to cause the towers collapse. However the NIST report gives contradictory evidence on this.   It does not highlight the major significance of molten aluminium but acknowledges it did occur but not enough to cause the towers to collapse – as is believed by Frank Greening and Christian Simensen.

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