The “Burden of Proof” and the “Salem Shill Trials”

elephant in room



One Born Free’ has gone to great lengths (he spent over 30 hours in writing his article: “9/11 Scams: The 9/11 “Truth Movement” Versus “The Burden of Proof) to prove the importance of the “Burden of Proof” in a modern-day court of law.  However, what good can the “burden of proof” do – when society, and the court itself, is dominated by madness and hysteria?


How to spot a 9/11 ‘Truther’ shill in a Salem Shill Trial:


1. Make a shill trap cake. What’s a shill trap cake, you ask? Unlike any other delicious cake, it’s definitely something you don’t want to eat. You take the urine of the people who are thought to be under the spell of the shill in question, mix it with rye meal and make a little patty. Then you feed the patty to a dog. Because some of the powers the shill used to cast a spell on the afflicted people were in their urine, when the dog eats the cake, it will hurt the shill and they’ll cry out in agony.


2. Weigh them against a stack of Bibles. If the suspected shill is heavier or lighter than the stack of Bibles, then clearly they’re guilty of evil-doing. If the scales balance out, they’re in the clear. You can imagine that a perfect balance doesn’t happen often.


3. Check for moles, birthmarks, scars, or extra nipples – they’re marks of the Devil. That’s a sure sign right there, but if you need even more proof, try pricking the Devil’s Mark with a blade. If it doesn’t bleed or hurt when it’s pricked, you’ve definitely got a shill on your hands. However, some unscrupulous shill-hunters actually use knives with retractable blades, so of course when they appear to puncture the Mark, nothing happens.


4. Observe them talking to themselves. Anyone not actively engaged in ‘truther’ work – through regular appearances on live radio and T.V. debates, is a shill.   Any shill seen muttering to themselves is secretly casting evil spells on people.


5. See if they can say the Lord’s Prayer. If they don’t, they’re guilty. If they do, they’re guilty too. A shill would be unable to utter the holy words. However, if they do utter the holy words, then that just means the Devil allowed them to say that prayer to make it seem as if they were innocent.


6. Ask a hard-of-hearing shill if they’re guilty while their good ear is turned the other way. If they don’t respond, they’re definitely a shill. Even if the person is known to be a very pious person and most people in the community are hesitant to accuse them, or believe the pointing fingers that are. During a court trial, any outbursts from young girls who say they are being tormented by a shill, will mean that the person accused will definitely be suspected of being a shill.  If any well-known shills claim that the shill “is was one of us” during the court trial, and the accused fails to respond, then they’ll immediately be assumed guilty.


7. Observe the number of pets a shill has. A shill who has pets – or says hello to the neighbor’s cat – is surely using that animal as a familiar. In fact, if a fly or a rat enters a shill’s cell while they are awaiting trial, it will be assumed that the shill has used their powers to summon a familiar to do their bidding.


8. Take their sarcastic comments seriously.   Anyone who sarcastically says, “Hang them all, they’re all shills” will immediately be accused of being a shill too. 


9. Ask if they’ve had dreams about Native Americans.  Anyone who admits to having recurring dreams that an Indian would seize them by the hair and drag them out of their house is a shill.


10. Check to see how many times they’ve been married.   Shills who have been married two or more times will be accused of killing their former marriage partners (“shilling” them to death) or evilly seducing them.




Can you spot the ‘truther’ shill in the picture?:


Truther Family zombies

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