“Independence Day – Not Again!!” – Spoof Movie

independence day movieDear Allen Roland,


We are the producers of the famous American movie “Independence Day”. We would like to make a spoof sequel of the movie entitled “Independence Day – Not Again!!” We would like you to play the role of the drunken fighter ex-pilot hero who saves the day in the end – by entering the alien mothership and blowing it up. Here is a brief summary of your part in the new draft script:


“The aliens invading America this time are ugly little red commie men with strange luciferian beliefs. You encountered them many years before when they kidnapped you and brainwashed you in their mothership. You were brainwashed to believe in their UN, New World Order, luciferian philosophy and in some crazy “Unified Field” theory – which made you arrogantly believe that you were a God, or were merging into God. After many years of soul-searching, you finally come to your senses and vow to destroy the evil red alien men when they reappear to destroy America on the 4th July.”


fighter pilotYou are perfect for the role because you have an uncanny resemblancewill smith to the original actor, and you are an ex-pilot – so the acting role is just perfect for you! We only now need to find some token black guy – to play the role Will Smith played in the original movie (we’re thinking Dave Chappell would be great in it. “Dave” Chappelle is a stand-up comedian). Of course we also need a genius Jewish guy to play a main heroic role – and who better to play the role of Freemasonic actor Jeff Goldblum than Gordon Duff – like Jeff, with his big fat Khazar lips, he is just perfect for the role. His minion, dogsbody side-kick could be Dr. Kevin Barrett.


jeff goldblum

Jeff doing the freemasonic “silence” signal – finger on lips –

don’t let those freemasonic ET loving secrets out!


Please reply to this letter (as soon as possible) because we have a long waiting list of actors just dying to take up the roles. But we wouldn’t want you or your “Veterans Today” colleagues to miss out. So hurry and accept this acting offer asap – it’s a much more lucrative job than brainwashing traumatized veterans on YouTube to believe that they are Gods, or merging with God.


Kind regards,


Movie Producers –

“Independence Day – Not Again!!”


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