The Force of the One

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Latest 9/11 truther E-mail exchange between Steve De’ak and Christopher Bollyn: 

From: Steve De’ak
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 5:36 PM
Subject: 9/11 Crash Test 2016
Hi all,
Latest 9/11 Crash Test video here:
I’m sure you will all be enthralled.
From: Christopher Bollyn
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 10:08 AM
To: Steve De’ak et al
Subject: Re: 9/11 Crash Test 2016
Dear Mr. De’ak,
Just watching your video for a few seconds I could see a fundamental error in the set-up of your project.  You take a small section of the airplane, mount it on a rail, and crash it into a section of the wall, ignoring the total mass of the airplane striking the wall.
Obviously, the small section of the plane will crumple against the steel columns, but your experiment is meaningless. It is as if you were to take the plastic from the headlight of a car and used it to show that a car could not have smashed an oak tree.  Meaningless.
Christopher Bollyn

From: Christopher Bollyn
To: Steve De’ak et al
Sent: Friday, 3 June 2016, 18:49
Subject: Re: 9/11 Crash Test 2016


Dear Steve,
That is not correct.  In your experiment you would be taking a small piece detached from the whole and trying to extrapolate a conclusion from that.  The problem with this is that you detach that small piece from the total mass of the plane on impact.  The section of the wing was strongly connected to the rest of the mass of the plane.  That mass would have penetrated the building, the exterior of which was 66 percent glass, and pulled the connected parts of the plane into the building.  
We don’t know if the front edges of the plane were hardened or not, but even if they were not the mass of the plane would have pulled the connected mass of the plane into the building around the columns.
Christopher Bollyn

From: Steve De’ak
To: ‘Christopher Bollyn’ et al
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 7:30 PM
Subject: RE: 9/11 Crash Test 2016


Mr. Bollyn,
Anyone who knows anything about materials science knows that a whole jet is not needed.
From the video:

“Because we saw it on television many people believe that it was the mass of the whole jet and the speed of the impact that made it slide so effortlessly into the South Tower, and that for this reason only crashing a whole jet into a skyscraper will be a valid test, but this impression is likely because most people have no idea how the towers were constructed.   A critical clue missed by the authorities and the truth movement alike is that the exterior steel wall columns were shaped like this, with the sides of each column protruding past the face.  It would be these two sharp, laterally-braced steel knives that the wing of the 767 would have impacted first, striking the column corners sequentially, one sharp edge at a time, from fuselage to wing tips.

9/11 Crash Test will recreate this claim made by the NIST, that it was the fuel in the wings that provided the mass necessary for them to penetrate the wall columns.  Note how the NIST model ignored the actual construction of the columns as well as the 30 degree sweep of the wing; their wing impacted the towers perpendicularly.  Also note that they claim that the wing was disintegrated as it burst through the steel.  If we apply this claim to the actual way the wing impacted the wall columns on the video, then by the time the engines penetrated the towers, the wing tips would no longer be attached to the plane.  The mass of the jet was not contained in the wing tips, but according to Purdue University and according to every video in the public domain, no part of the jet fell off.  Even the wingtips slid like butter into the tower.  But when the damage evidence is examined closely it can be seen that neither jet fully penetrated the columns, and that whatever did cause this damage struck from the side, impacting the corners on the opposite side from what the videos show.It is this unique construction of the World Trade Center that makes the need for crashing a whole a building becomes moot.”

If the above e-mail exchange could be portrayed in a movie then it would be “Star Trek” as follows:

A Movie Script – “The Force of the One”


Starring: Steve De’ak, Christopher Bollyn and Dennis Cimino – Flight Data Recorder Expert and Former Navy Combat Systems Specialist, and other crew of the Starship Enterprise.


Movie Synopsis:


Spock and his ship mates journey into the unknown – A big Black Hole within the cosmic truther’s galaxy! Star trekking across the universe of the “9/11 Truth Movement” – only going forward ‘cause they can’t find reverse! The Starship Enterprise is doomed to wander the Solar System looking for a new habitable planet. Christopher Bollyn (aka Spock) wrestles with his human emotions and embraces his friendship with Steve De’ak (Kirk) and the crew.


The following movie script is a parody of the Spock tribute by Melodysheep:


Dennis Cimino: “Spock, does the force of the entire jet plane outweigh the force of the one wing?”


Christopher Bollyn: “Yes. I would accept that as logical. I have a human half you see as well as an alien half, submerged constantly at war with each other. I survive it because my intelligence wins out over both. It makes them live together. I am a Professor, bred for peace. I speak from pure logic. Humans make illogical decisions. Believing what they choose.


Dennis Cimino: “What does your telepathic mind tell you now?”


Chris Bollyn: “Logic clearly dictates that the force of the entire plane outweighs the force of the one plane wing.”


Chris (Spock) says to Steve De’ak (Kirk): “As I turned and my eyes beheld you, I displayed emotions, I beg forgiveness. You have been my friend. You came back for me. Why would you do this?”


Steve De’ak: “The force of the one jet plane wing outweighs the force of the entire plane.”


Christopher Bollyn: “Live long and prosperous. I have been and forever shall be your friend.”


Steve: “You’re not going to admit that for the first time in your life, you committed a purely human emotional act?”


Chris Bollyn: “No Sir”


Dennis Cimino: “Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled.”


Chris Bollyn: “Don’t stop me. Don’t let him stop me. I must pursue this.”


Dennis: “Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled. I must master it. I must control.”


Chris: “I stand with my truther ship mates, ‘cause nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a ship load of illogical humans.”


Steve (to Christopher): “You may not understand but as my comrade you have feelings and they will surface.”


Christopher: “You’re my superior officer. You’re also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours.”


Spock tribute by Melodysheep:




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