9/11 Crash Test – now in mainstream U.K. newspapers!!

Dear Truthers,   Andrew Johnson just sent me this link:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3593063/American-expat-51-wants-raise-1-5million-recreate-September-11-terror-attack-plane-crash-Twin-Towers-prove-hoax-conspiracy-theories.html   The Daily Mail is a mainstream British newspaper!!! Do you all realise the significance of this?!!! It means the 9/11 Crash Test is now going mainstream!!  Why did no-one else tell me this important info?!!  I’m the boss, need the info! – throw me […]

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Fake Plane

  Song Lyrics:   Fake Plane   Your name was Plane but now it’s Fake Play  Jet, you seem to change it everyday Your wings were long but now they’re short  They say, “You got it cut” But I don’t see no wings upon the floor Whenever I investigate you I find out something new You’re a […]

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  False Flag The flag was just an old rag Taken from a dirty bag And risen by an old slag Selling her soul for a measly price tag Whilst smoking a fag Like an old hag Boy did she nag: “Believe in my false-flag ‘cause the truth I wanna gag!” **************

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“Majesty Twelve” verses the “Muslim 12,000”

William Cooper’s Chilling Revelations http://beforeitsnews.com/strange/2014/10/william-coopers-chilling-revelations-2458594.html   William Cooper’s 1998 MajestyTwelve broadcast: One of the most frightening things you’ll ever hear. We are victims of an elaborate deception. The US is already a defacto fascist dictatorship run by masonic Satanists lurking behind a facade of freedom. The foundations for a totalitarian communist world government are already […]

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