9/11 Crash Test – now in mainstream U.K. newspapers!!

Truther Family zombies
Dear Truthers,
Andrew Johnson just sent me this link:



The Daily Mail is a mainstream British newspaper!!! Do you all realise the significance of this?!!! It means the 9/11 Crash Test is now going mainstream!!  Why did no-one else tell me this important info?!!  I’m the boss, need the info! – throw me a frickin’ bone here!! (as Dr. Evil would say)  I’m so happy right now, I just wanted to share this link with as many of you “truthers” as possible.  This means we’re making progress!!!
I was thinking we could raise the millions needed for the “9/11 Crash Test” by getting the public to place bets:  ‘The force of the one jet wing’ VERSES ‘the force of the entire plane’ – what will be stronger in the end?  Is Christopher Bollyn’s theory that the whole plane is needed to cause the tower’s hole damage, or is Steve De’ak’s theory correct? 
Truther professionals such as Chris Bollyn think a whole jet plane is needed to determine how a jet wing can penetrate the towers like it did on T.V. – I’ve published his e-mail to Steve here:  https://truthermusical.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/the-force-of-the-one/
David Griscom – a truther former NASA scientist says that a whole jet plane isn’t needed for the test to be accurate – so if these knowledgeable truthers are confused, then how much more confused is the layperson?  David says:

Christopher is half right about the mass of a real plane being needed for Steve’s crash test. The other half is that, if you follow the Pilots for 9/11 truth, you would know that a stock 767 would have disintegrated long before reaching its deduced speed at low altitude by Britain’s Royal Aircraft Establishment to be 575 mph! Consequently, the plane that hit the south tower had to have been strongly reinforced merely to fly that fast that low (note that all passenger carrying aircraft reach their maximum speed only after reaching 30,000 ft or above to avoid damage to their plane at lower heights).  For that reason I believe that the plane that hit WTC2 was very likely modified with steel both in the fuselage and the leading edges of the wings.


Everyone now SUPPORT the 9/11 Crash Test project, quick!! – we’re in the money!!! Place your bets now!!!
I’m sooo excited and I just can’t hide it, I know, I know I know …NOTHING!!!!   To misquote from the “Zoolander” comedy film:  “Steve De’ak invented the 9/11 Crash Test – what have you done truthers?!! You’ve done NOTHING, NOTHING!!!”
It’s time to jump aboard the 9/11 Crash Test ship (or otherwise sink in the deep blue sea of ‘truther’ ignorance).
Cousin Itt




‘Zoolander’ Movie Clip – “You done NOTHING!!”



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