Shirk in the First Degree!

An open letter to Dr. Kevin Barrett


Dear Kevin Barrett,
Your fellow Muslims are calling you out!  Come out, come out wherever you are?  Don’t play innocent hide ‘n’ seek games with us.  Stop hiding behind Gordon Duff’s skirt and be a man and explain your statement:
“Muslims are undoubtedly going to say: Allen Roland’s ideas sound awfully new-agey. And the New Age, as we all know, is a satanic New World Order plot to establish one-world government and one-world religion. Is THAT the ‘urge to unite’ Allen’s talking about?” 
All readily available evidence suggests that Allen’s “Unified Field” theory is VERY new-agey – in fact, it is down-right blasphemous, pantheistic “shirk stuff “to the highest degree!!  How can you reconcile such blasphemous beliefs with the Muslim faith – who are you trying to deceive?   Prove your stuff if you are truthful, otherwise stop trying to dilute the Muslim religion with crazy luciferian concepts – that only a crap eater like A-LIE-ster Crowley would believe in.
As M.J. sings in his bad song “.. show your stuff, or let it be!”  Come out and fight like a man!  Explain yourself if you are a REAL Muslim.  We’re all waiting to know – especially Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Abdal Hakim Murad – they know all about seeing with both eyes and not just with the one-eyed dajjal (luciferian) N.W.O. eye.  You know the only unforgiveable sin in Islam is “Shirk” (associating others with Allah).  We’re trying to save your very soul.
We’re waiting…
Fellow Muslims
P.S. Have you got any more “Spiritual U.N.” sponsors for your “Truth Jihad” blog?  – You know, the ones that like to merge all the religions together in a crazy New Age luciferian soup?
Due to the fact that you and Allen Roland don’t wish to discuss your “Unified Field” theory and how it contradicts monotheism – because you seem to believe that people can “co-create” and “merge” with God (whereas Islam teaches that there is only One God and no-one can be like Him in anyway), then would you instead be interested in singing the following song for this musical blog – “Truther Musical” ?:


Lyrics for “Shirk in the First Degree” :
[Dr. Kevin Barrett sings:]
I once thought of shirk as a prison
a place I didn’t want to be
So long ago, I made a decision
to be Muslim and think Islamicly
But Allen Roland came and I was so tempted
to gamble on his paganistic ‘love’ for all time
I never thought, that I would get caught
It seemed like the perfect crime

Allen you left me defense-less
I’ve only got one plea
Lock me away, inside of your so-called ‘love’
And your “Unified Field” theory of fake unity
and throw away the key
I’m guilty…of Shirk in the first degree
I thought it would be so simple
like a thousand times before
I’d take what I wanted, and just walk away
but I never made it to the door –
’cause people are now callin’ me a New World Order whore
Now Allen I’m not beggin’ for mercy
go ahead and throw the Luciferian book at me
If lovin’ the U.N. is a crime
I know that I’m as guilty as a man can be
Shirk in the first degree (oh-oh yeah)
Shirk in the first degree
Oh Yeeeaaaah!

Further reading on the pagan luciferian philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin:

Robert Lanza and the New Age religion


Can you “co-create” this butterfly with the “Unified Field” theory?


Verses from the Holy Quran:

O MEN! A parable is set forth [herewith]; hearken, then, to it! Behold, those beings whom
you invoke instead of God cannot create [as much as] a fly, even were they to join all their
forces to that end! And if a fly robs them of anything, they cannot [even] rescue it from him!
Weak indeed is the seeker, and [weak] the sought!

22:74 No true understanding of God have they [who err in this way]: for, verily, God is most
powerful, almighty!

(22:75) [In His almightiness,] God chooses message-bearers from among
the angels as well as from among men. But, behold, God [alone] is all-hearing, all-seeing:
 (22:76) [whereas their knowledge is limited,] He knows all that lies open before them and all
that is hidden from them – for all things go back to God [as their source].


Read the Holy Quran:

the quran



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