6 Reasons To Hate “The Omen” film



6 Reasons To Hate “The Omen” film:

1. The film itself is an “anti-Christ” – with its distortion of the true message of God.  There is a scene in the film where the supposed “evil” (anti-Christ) boy refuses to enter a church and attacks his mother. The boy named Damien violently lashing out while the family attempts to attend the church for a wedding ceremony.  However, many non-Christians would be able to relate to the boy’s reluctance to enter the church, i.e. Muslims may be reluctant to enter a place that mentions God as being one of three in a “trinity”, as this is considered to be blasphemous.    The film also promotes the use of the Christian cross symbol – which Muslims think is rather “evil” anyway because Isa (Jesus) didn’t die on the cross according to the Islamic faith. 


2. It discriminates against black creatures – like black jackal dogspope doves attacked and black birds – making them seem evil when “evil” only exists in the nature of humanity.  Animals cannot be “evil” as they can only behave in the way that God made them to behave.


3. It discriminates against women  – as they are seen to be more ready to nurture and sacrifice themselves to “evil” – i.e. the nannies looking after “the antichrist” in the film – the suicide of the estate’s nanny and Ms. Baylock – his other nanny who acts as his bodyguard and gets herself killed for his sake. 

Some Muslim men believe that in the “End Times” there will be more women than men, so hence women will be the main followers of the Dajjal (anti-Christ).


4. It discriminates against orphan children by casting them in a negative light – so people begin to assume that they might be evil, or born of a jackal and are therefore not human.


Wickerman sacrifice5. Like the horror film “The Wicker Man” it promotes ritual sacrifice and child abuse – i.e. the sacrifice of children in a church for the sake of Christianity – when actors in the film state that the boy “anti-Christ” is to be killed in a church:


“Robert then receives instructions that he must kill Damien on consecrated ground with seven sacrificial daggers. Bugenhagen also tells Robert, who is appalled by the idea to murder a child, to examine Damien for a birthmark in the shape three sixes to confirm him as the Antichrist. However, Robert refuses to kill his son and throws the daggers on the ground. Jennings tries to retrieve the daggers to do the deed himself, but is decapitated by a sheet of window glass sliding off a truck.

Agonized by Jennings’s death, Robert resolves to end the madness as he arrives home and manages to subdue Mrs. Baylock’s Rottweiler. Robert then enters Damien’s room, finding the 666 birthmark on the boy’s scalp before being attacked by Mrs. Baylock and managing to kill her. He then loads Damien in the car and drives off to the nearest church to kill the screaming child. Unfortunately, Robert’s erratic driving and excessive speed attract the attention of the police, and they arrive at the church and fire upon Robert as he raises the first dagger to stab Damien. Having survived the ordeal, Damien is in the custody of the President of the United States as he attends Robert and Katherine’s funeral. “ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Omen


6. It basically is an extremely evil film written by very sick and twisted people, who enjoy twisting religious truth for fear mongering and blasphemous so-called entertainment.  Beware this film IS the anti-Christ! Don’t watch it because it will mess with your mind and give you nightmares.  The music is evil and will bring evil into your home too:


An original score for the film, including the movie’s theme song “Ave Satani,” was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, for which he received the only Oscar of his long career. The score features a strong choral segment, with a foreboding Latin chant. The refrain to the chant is, “Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani” (ungrammatical Latin for, “We drink the blood, we eat the flesh, raise the body of Satan”; note that the correct Latin would be, “Sanguinem bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani”), interspersed with cries of “Ave Satani!” and “Ave Versus Christus” (Latin, “Hail, Satan!” and “Hail, Antichrist!”). 



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