Judy Wood’s “Directed Energy Weapon” has been found!

Wickerman sacrificeThe film “The Wicker Man” was made in 1973 – about the same time as the construction of the Twin Towers.  The film was a form of predictive programming to subliminally prepare the masses for the 9/11 terror event.  If the ruling élite/freemasons follow the luciferian religion (sun worship), then it follows that the Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) that could have been used on 9/11 would harness the power of the sun.  Some truthers think Dr. Judy Wood’s work is crazy, for example, Ian Greenhalgh writes:

“Planes, no planes, it’s irrelevant, a detail to keep the conspiracy nuts arguing while the really important stuff i.e. who did it and why, is overlooked.  9-11 as a criminal case has been solved, we have all the evidence in place, people who continue to push for continued debate about fake this or fake that or any other trivial aspect are simply disinfo ops working for the people responsible for 9-11 in the first place. Judy Wood and Christopher Bollyn are still pushing magical space beams and mythical nanothermite and they will continue to do so because they are being paid to do so by their Israeli employers.”



However, the nuke theory advocates at “Veterans Today” don’t consider all the photographic evidence of toasted cars and “dustification” of the towers – to do this type of damage, nukes would have contaminated New York for many years, but New Yorkers were told the air was safe to breathe and so they all went back to work after just a few weeks.  Perhaps Judy Wood’s “magical space beams” are not so crazy after all, considering the new evidence that has come to light regarding ancient technologies that could be powerful enough to “dustify” the concrete reinforced steel of the Twin Towers in a more “clean” energy way – like with use of solar power with minimal radiation.  The following article and video explains how this may be possible:


The Ancients Had Advanced Technology That Could Melt Stone! (Video)
Thursday, June 23, 2016 7:52



This documentary looks at ancient engineering and the use of Sun to cut rock and granite.

Archaeologists and other scientists have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how remarkable ancient structures were constructed.  The Suns ability to soften stone is the answer to the mystery. The ancients had advanced ancient technology that could melt stone and shape some of the greatest megaliths and monuments in the world.

Many ancient civilizations world-wide were familiar with the high-tech melting of stone technology. Stones were seemingly fitted together by means of a liquid that softened stone to the consistency of clay.



Amazing ancient solar stonecutting techniques (documentary) – YouTube.


Sun worship ritual on 9/11 – Eye of Horus/

Lucifer ritual during 9/11 Ground Zero memorial service (2oo2):





Andrew Johnson says this about Dr. Judy Wood’s work:


Hi there,
I am unsure what problem you are trying to solve and there is no debate about what happened to the towers. Please review all 7 hours (maybe more now) of video on this page:
Here is a summary written by Evan Denton:
It is also clear from the available evidence that the plane crashes weren’t real. (No crash test – and hence no debate – is needed to establish this). You might want to read http://www.wheredidthetowersgo.com/ if you haven’t come to know this yet.)
You can rap all you like. It doesn’t change the facts.
In 2007, Dr Wood, Dr Reynolds and to a lesser extent myself put the evidence into a court case – because we knew it could be used to prove science fraud on the part of NIST contractors – that’s why it was beyond debate then (and still is now).
Happy rapping….
Andrew Johnson
fake jet plane

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