The Real Fight Within

Jihad (struggle against the self, or ego) according to Dennis Cimino – Pilot for 9/11 Truth:   Naiveté never is a crime, if it were most people would be multiple offenders and that includes me, and I would be punished for it. Having said this, good intentions are usually a universal passport.  People sometimes will see […]

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The Most Important Moral Lesson of the 21st Century Is Known by Few!

The Most Important Moral Lesson of the 21st Century Is Known by Few! Written by J. Speer-Williams   The non-reporting of this story is a prime example of the deception designed to darken our souls with apathy and ignorance ­ an arrogant ignorance at that.      Not so long ago, in a far away land […]

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Disability is a blessing from God

Being disabled should never be considered a misfortune, because our Almighty Creator works in mysterious ways. He knows the true nature of our souls and so a person’s perceived handicap may, in actual fact, be a blessing in disguise.   For example, Oscar Pistorus may have had a very impulsive, bad-tempered nature, and so being born without […]

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T Mark Hightower - Truth Seeking Pluralist

Christian Universalism, Flat Earth Debunking, Spherical Earth Affirming

The Truth Hurts

Truther Musical

A '9/11 Truther' Musical Production


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