The Real Fight Within

real fight within

Jihad (struggle against the self, or ego) according to Dennis Cimino – Pilot for 9/11 Truth:


Naiveté never is a crime, if it were most people would be multiple offenders and that includes me, and I would be punished for it. Having said this, good intentions are usually a universal passport.  People sometimes will see these and write you a lot of good hall passes for displaying them.

In the real world we do have a veritable battle between intrinsic ‘good’ and intrinsic ‘evil’ now on-going and, having seen it first hand, it has made me feel like those of us who are best equipped to see the real intrinsic evil out there, are destined to fight these battles on a much more personal and deep level than those who are oblivious to that evil in men and women.

As you might have guessed, the term; “synagogue of satan” wasn’t just a euphemism for Zionists.  They worship the darkest dankest force in the universe even if there were no daijjal or ‘satan’ out there per-se, the concept of ‘satan’ incarnate is a strong indicator of the character of those who seek to worship intrinsic EVIL amongst the world.

The myriad of the world’s key religions were sparked by man’s quest to justify ‘why’ exactly the polarization amongst us, and ‘why’ do some do EVIL and why do some do ‘GOOD’, and humans have always sought to come up with good excuses as to absolution of those who adhere to the worst traits in human behaviours, so man had to invent religions to make sense of these two apparent opposites in human behaviour.

heaven-and-hell-2It is this that has made some write extensively in allegorical terms that make moral examples for humans to either ignore or follow, because as you might have guessed, in more than perhaps 5,000 years of more advanced human development and intelligence and greater understanding
of all around us evolved, the most damning questions that defied answers were those that dealt with these two obvious opposite poles of human endeavour.  Worship of EVIL vs worship of GOOD.

Not that Mohammad didn’t exist, or Jesus, or any of the number of other prophets, but the concepts of GOOD vs EVIL have so damned us to fully explain, we can simplify this by simply stating that EVIL follows SATAN and GOOD obviously believe in GOD or JESUS or ALLAH or whomever was the ‘good’ force in whichever religious belief.

Within each of us is our GOD per se.  Not necessarily a benefactor but a conscience that always haunts and taunts us with a definitive; “you’ve done wrong, you’ve lied, you have deceived, you have done WRONG!!”, and of course that same GOD within us, the conscience, which is lacking in many humans altogether, rewards us with feelings of goodness when we do good things, good deeds, helpful things, such as pursuits of the arts, and of philanthropy, and generosity and kindness.

We never needed a book to tell us how to behave ourselves.  The books were created for those without the consciences, or ‘godhead’ inside them.  Unfortunately, I forget which philosopher said; “a blind man isn’t unable to read, he is unable to understand..”, translated, it means; “rules are not universally recognized just like consciences aren’t always present inside people”.




We all have a sliver of what can be called GOD inside us, but it’s not an omnipotent being or some deity, it’s the resolver that allows us to know when we are doing good things and when we are doing bad things.  Those who cannot see this are missing a ‘soul’ because the soul is the key that
allows us to transcend space and time and action with our existences across many lifetimes, the term ‘old soul’ is truly a term that applies to a person with higher awareness who understands we have always been here and always will be, whether we are incarnate or not, the existence of the very essence of what we are is something that just like a flame, can jump from a candle to another candle and not reside solely in one candle.


That thing we call ‘heart’ is the union between the ‘soul’ and the ‘heart’ and the heart is not merely that object pushing blood thru us, but our emotional part of what we are that allows us to feel tremendous joy and tremendous pain alternately. The joining of the conscience and the soul provides the heart for us to feel ecstasy or remorse or intense sorrow for our actions or inaction.

Truly, none of us need look upwards to the heavens to be religious or spiritual, we merely need to look inside ourselves for that flickering tiny flame that is the essence of our very humanity within us, for it does jump from physical body to physical body forever, and those who lack the key and pivotal thing called ‘conscience’ are forever locked within that stagnant prison of the incarnate body they live in.


Immortality is like a graduation ceremony…the receipt of the diploma that says you passed the course of humankind and evolved to the next level of empathy, understanding, and reasoning. This is elemental in understanding why people choose to adhere to GOOD vs EVIL, and my theory about that is that the followers of EVIL lack the conscience or the introspective ability to understand their actions and the ramifications of them.  Nobody can hand you a book to make you spiritual.  It is always in you if you so choose to let yourself see that flickering flame of humane behaviour and endeavour inside each of us.  As much as I’d like to think the Quran will help me, I don’t think it is the total answer to anything any more than I think that a glass window over one’s chest will be a portal to allow others to see your heart, or for that matter, your conscience.


GOD always was standard issue part, but some reached inside and cast that out of themselves, for lack of a better way of articulating it, because to be mindful of that, one had to become responsible for one’s own actions in the Universe.  Only a small handful in the aggregate totality of mankind understand that to see GOD one only need to look inwards.  For some, seeing into the black abyss that is the absence of conscience and soul, means they are destined to forever worship the only thing that has value to them in this world, and that is external wealth and power, not spirituality and goodness.
It’s the fundamental reason why Zionists are so very locked in a cycle of EVIL forever.  Long ago theysheeple cast out those parts they had no way of embracing and coveting, the very gifts that were bestowed upon all of us long ago when protohumans evolved from very basic amino acids and proteins and became a being that could walk upright, perceive the world around them, and make decisions based on the compass we all were born with but some have cast out.  To follow that compass or that conscience, requires a very, very solid dedication to the seeking of TRUTH, and the adherence to GOOD, and the desire to be a beneficial part of ALL, or be the antithesis of what humankind was always meant to strive to achieve as sentient beings with empathy and feelings for our fellow human.  We never ever needed that to be from without because it was always there inside each of us till some made the choice to cast it out.   – D.C. (Dennis Cimino)

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