“Nuke (Classified)” From 9/11 Revealed And (Classified) Will Defend Against Alien (Classified)


Note: This article is written for well-informed active Military, Veterans, Intel or retired Intel, USG Policy Makers, and Members of Congress. If you do not have some knowledge of Secret (Space War/classified) issues, reading this article is probably a waste of your valuable time.


aliens laughingU.S. Rep. John Haller (R-PA) introduces bill HR-89-11 that will allocate (classified) dollars over the next (classified) years to defend against an Alien (Draco/Luciferian / terrorist/ classified) attack. The Homeland Security authorization bill includes Extra-terrestrial incursion, which the U.S. Government, has repeatedly stated, DO NOT EXIST!


After 9/11, tens of thousands of Americans developed nuclear (classified). Many died but no one will ever know how many. That number is, for some reason “classified.”


By 2006, the Village Voice had begun to write about the (classified) epidemic, and Dr. Larry Norton of Sloan Kettering Memorial Medical Center cited that something in the dust may have caused the (classified) outbreak. Norton demanded a detailed study be funded, but no study followed.


Withheld (classified) information has led to over a decade of purposeful misdiagnoses with medical professionals fearful of being charged as “conspiracy theorists” – if they develop and treat patients in accordance with established procedures involving radiation exposure.


Instead, tens of thousands have developed statistically impossible (classified) diseases with the vast majority misdiagnosed for years.  Today, 70,000 survivors of 9/11 have (classified) diseases. There is no official cause other than “toxic soup,” a term any medical researcher would cringe upon hearing.  Thus, the (classified) term remains highly classified!!


For further reading of highly classified government material, please follow these web links:





Gordon Duff – the Senior Editor of “Veteran’s Today” is currently practicing his Jack Nicholson impressions, by shouting: “You can’t handle the truth!” (a quote from the film “A Few Good Men”).   Gordon believes that all information should remain highly classified because no-one (other than him) can handle the truth.  Thus, he is hoping to soak up ALL the highly classified information in existence, strictly within his very own big head – like a dry sponge would soak up water, or how a hot potato might soak up butter (these analogies are being used to help those who are not used to thinking too much – due to the preponderance of highly classified information being withheld from public view worldwide).  Gordon states:

“I am not an internet person.  I work in intelligence as a full-time job.  The things you have access to are largely from a fantasy world made up of those with too much time on their hands. Learn the difference.  Stop reading things on the internet…or…worse yet…other media.  As for expecting me to brief the pubic on what is really going on….”they couldn’t handle it..”…not even close. The truth is beyond even official conspiracy theory.  What “truth” is out there generally comes only from me and at great personal risk. Everyone else is either making it up or lying…with few exceptions…very few.”


Gordon Duff believes that anyone who questions the truth of what he has to say within his news articles, is a “conspiracy theorist”, and a “potential terrorist, troll and shill, who needs to crawl under a rock and learn not to think at all!”

You Can’t Handle the Truth! – A Few Good Men Movie CLIP:


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