A letter from Gordon Duff to “Veterans Today” staff and other ‘truthers’

ufo56Classified Top Secret:

Please only read if you are still fully human and not yet an alien from outer space!


A letter from Gordon Duff to “Veterans Today” staff and other ‘truthers’:


My fellow V.T. journalists and truthers,


If you are reading this letter, then (unfortunately) it means that our V.T. mothership has been infiltrated by the alien enemy, and you should no longer obey my military commands. Signs that aliens have infiltrated my brain, could be any combination of the following:


  • My open adoration of the mass murder George Soros and the need to encourage his “order out of chaos” world-wide riots such as the so-called “Arab Spring”, or “American Democracy Spring”.
  • My love for deadly vaccines, Monsanto GMO crap and JADE HELM FEMA camps.
  • My need to threaten and intimidate all members of the public that comment on the V.T. website and disagree with my viewpoint.
  • Endorsement of the UN luciferian spiritual philosophy – such as claiming that humans are God and are one with the universe’s “unified field” – and so can “co-create”, or “merge” with God to become Gods themselves – the sort of blasphemous stuff that Allen Roland likes to believe.
  • Endorsement of the theory of evolution – that we humans evolved from apes, whilst claiming that I’m an atheist. Thus, openly denying my monotheistic Jewish religious and cultural heritage.
  • Pretending to love Muslims and pseudo-Muslims who may also have been turned into alien zombies, i.e. Dr. Kevin Barrett.
  • Tendency to censor the work of other senior V.T. Editors that have shown extreme loyalty to me in the past – i.e. Jim Fetzer – giving them the sack, whereas promoting and brainwashing those who didn’t like me very much in the past i.e. Ian Greenhalgh – who has no experience whatsoever in military affairs but, nevertheless, I give him the job title of “Military Affairs Expert” anyway.
  • Frequent daydreams about Maryland spankers wearing high black leather boots – who I secretly desire to spank some sense into me and get the aliens out of my alien-infested brain.
  • The human half of my brain frequently, but secretly, trying to get the word out to everyone – that my brain is not fully human – i.e. if I burst out saying stuff on the radio like “V.T. is now at least 40% bullshit disinformation otherwise I would not survive”  – please take this as code language for the V.T. crew to abandon ship and not keep the bullshit going on – like a mindless minion just to please me! – Because, seriously, if you do this, then I’m going to personally kick your ass if my brain ever becomes fully human again.

(This is not a comprehensive, full list of alien traits but you get the picture, right?)

You have all watched the “Alien” movie and you know that when the aliens infect any person, the most noble thing that person can do is abandon the mothership to save humanity and not let the aliens inflect other people. I trust that you will all do the noble thing and recognise when your leader and captain has only about 1% human brain activity left, and is behaving more like a reptilian alien shape-shifter by the minute. I hope that you never have to read this letter, but rest assured that if you ARE reading it, then it is indeed 100% legit and you must now use your common sense, basic humanity and concern for the common good to not let SHTF any more than it already has. I cannot stress enough the seriousness of the situation we are in now, but if I ever express love for Soros, then (realistically) what hope can there ever be to redeem one’s self and the situation when that happens?!  Get real folks!


May the alien scum be defeated! It’s in your hands now.


Farewell comrades. It was good whilst it lasted, but now that your V.T. captain has been infected by aliens, please just bloody well THINK for yourselves and do the right thing damn it!


Your V.T. mothership captain signing off for the very last time – ‘cause basically I’m alien dog food now!


Gordon Duff


aliens laughing

[Is this letter genuinely from Gordon Duff?  You decide.]

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