9/11 Truth rising – The Muslim Ummah is ALIVE!!


Dear Abdal Hakim Murad,

Thank you for your very insightful speech in your Rihla 2016 “Contentions” session today – 18/07/2016.

You began by speaking about gender issues, the decline of masculinity and the role of female warriors in society. You rightly spoke about the need to retain our God-given natural gifts and religious principals – despite the changing norms and values of society. Stating that men and women should learn to value their unique individual talents, rather than compete against each other. You then went on to talk about the importance of living in the moment and appreciating every second of ones existence – in much the same way that a baby/child would do. In times of great “trouble” (Arabic “fitna”), you say that it is the prophetic belief that Muslims should “retreat” and not get involved in controversy or violent rebellion, but should peacefully spend their time in quiet contemplation – you gave the example of a Sufi saint who wore wool, preferring to live a simple, quiet, non-materialistic life.


willful-ignorance-solves-nothingMany Muslims recognise the great work that Deen Intensive is currently doing – in helping to keep the prophetic tradition alive. However, one cannot shy away from controversy, or bury ones head in the sand with scholarly books, when the Ummah (Muslim community) is being relentlessly and viciously attacked for no good reason. There are many Quranic verses warning of the dangers of apathy and complacency. Imam Ali (PBUH) allegedly stated: “There is no wealth like intelligence and no poverty harsher than wilful ignorance”.  A scholar who speaks out against the tyrant is considered to be more faithful than the one who only ‘thinks’ about the injustice of the tyrant, without taking any action at all. Such passive scholars are compared to donkeys carrying books. It’s not a “jahilliya”, or ignorant/egotistical thing to think you can make a difference in times of great trouble (as you suggested in your lecture today). The early Muslims were few in number but look what a great difference they managed to make in the world – with their faith in God and hope for change.


Ever since 9/11, the false-flag attacks against the Muslim Ummah have escalated. Very few religious scholars have spoken out against the disinformation and war mongering against Muslims. Donald Trump recently spoke about how many religious leaders (including Muslim leaders) have approached him with concerns about their fear of speaking out for the truth. Trump said this on live T.V. – before introducing his Iraq war mongering potential Vice President candidate. He said the religious leaders were afraid to speak out against injustice (with their political views) – because they said they were afraid of losing their “Tax Exempt” status in America. When he said this to the world-wide T.V. viewers, he was basically telling the world that our current religious leaders love money more than they do the Word of God. As a politician, even Trump has managed to harness some courage to question the official story of what happened on 9/11. But yet, leading Western Muslim scholars (such as you and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf) have never once spoken openly about this on the Rihla events, or anywhere else – despite many appeals from muslims and 9/11 truthers for you to do so. This is very embarrassing for the Muslim Ummah – we don’t want Donald Trump to think that we are all just a bunch of cowardly tax dodging materialistic freaks – rather than noble, courageous, brave scholars following the sunna (religious tradition) of the prophets. Strong leaders never shy away from controversy. President Kennedy once stated:


“I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers–I welcome it. This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.

Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution- -not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants”–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.”


Sheikh Abdal-Hakim, you spoke about the need to “seize the day” and appreciate living in the moment – like the message that Robin Williams tries to convey in this song: “Seize the Day”. You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to find it, the harder it may get. There’s no time to waste, we must never be afraid to speak the truth in the face of tyranny.
believersToday Muslims from all over the world are waiting for YOU (Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad) to “seize the day”, and do that one heroic act that will catapult you to the Hall of Fame for good. Openly speak out for 9/11 truth and you will have lived a full life, and you wont leave this world with any regret – thinking stupid thoughts like: “Oh if only I had spoken out for 9/11 truth when it mattered, I may have helped prevent all those wars of aggression against the Muslim ummah… Oh if only my friend Hamza Yusuf hadn’t shook the hand and endorsed the war mongering of the criminals Bush and Blair…Oh if only I had not labelled 9/11 truthers as crazy moon landing sceptic “conspiracy theorists” just to enhance my career working for the BBC…” etc. etc.


You suggested that Muslims should start a “Good Wudu Campaign” – because there is no point in washing their sins away in a dirty environment – like some Muslims may perform the Wudu cleansing ritual in a toilet sink. You say that Muslims should have clean places to perform their Wudu cleansing ritual, and should take greater care to ensure rubbish is cleaned from their streets – and not wait for the government to do it for them. The 9/11 Truth Campaign wholeheartedly supports this initiative of yours, in fact we go even further – speaking out for 9/11 truth to stop all the wars because you can’t do wudu anyway if W.M.D. are falling on your head! So our campaign is the “mother of all” noble campaigns and so we trust that you too will join us, and not be afraid to speak out for the truth – like Donald Trump thinks you are. Your beloved Muslim Ummah is still alive and there is a lot of fight left in us still, so please don’t feel that you have to retreat into a time-warp cave just yet – like those boys who did so a long time ago – as was mentioned in the Quran’s story of “The Cave”. These are modern times and we must make great use of all the modern technology we have at our disposal to fight the oppressor. Tweeting “9/11 Truth Now” will not reduce your testosterone levels – not much anyway, so do not fear the radiation emitting from such electronic devices (as an excuse to not speak out against injustice). Equally, please don’t use the excuse that there are hormone changing chemicals in the water so men have become less masculine, and now prefer to sit at home and knit like only grannies, rather than speak out for 9/11 truth – because this has yet to be formally acknowledged as a scientific fact (although the Ian Greenhalghs and Gordon Duffs of “Veterans Today” are a rare occurrence of this home knitting, disinformation twat phenomenon – because they think that “all the big guns are on the side of evil” and so everyone should just sit back and die, or …. never mind, you don’t wanna know – ‘cause it involves George Soros type presstitution).


Despite the fact that you like to think of yourself as just “…a brick wall echoing the prophetic tradition”, you are in fact a scholar of great influence in the world, and you can indeed make a great difference with critical thought. The Muslim ummah is alive and will be with you all the way. All you have to do is say on this Rihla 2016 Livestream event: “9/11 was an inside job… Blair and Bush are demonic. mind-controlled, war-mongering stupid satanic whores!”, and all your sins will be forgiven – trust me, this is like a trillion times more powerful than a life-time of water based sin-cleansing rituals (wudu). Seriously, if you did this then your Muslim followers will rejoice and you will be seen as a legendary warrior – who has used both female and masculine aspects of his character to defeat the enemy for good. Like a modern-day David verses Goliath story, you could say on your Rihla to the warmongers: “You have come at me and the Ummah with all your W.M.D., but I come at you with the Word of God, and 9/11 was an inside job and Donald Trump is a bird-brained racist!!” O.K., so you could modify the language a bit – in more Cambridge educated posh speak but the controversial message would still be the same, and you would defiantly prove that ALL religious scholars are not just Donald Trump’s tax haven, tax dodging, petty-minded cowards – even though (let’s be honest) he does have a point.


Lastly, we 9/11 truthers would just like to say that we were sorry to learn that you had to destroy your mum’s old piano, because it could not be removed easily from her house when she died. You said that it grieved you to do this and that you felt the need for some kind of cleansing ritual to placate the guilt you felt at the time. We are pleased to inform you that we have just the kind of ritual that would help in this type of situation – even atheists find this one helpful. When you have bulldozed your mum’s piano and feel extreme guilt for doing so, you sing this song (to the tune of the nursery song “Music Man”):


The Piano Cleansing Ritual Song:

I am a Muslim man
I come from far away
And I can play

[What can you play?]

I play piano
Pi-a-pi-a-pi-a-no, Pi-a-no, Pi-a-no
Pi-a-pi-a-pi-a-no, Pi-a, Pi-a-no!


You sing the above song (preferably) whilst dancing naked around a camp fire in the middle of the woods somewhere, where no-one can hear or see you. It’s very liberating.

Also if you happened to have encouraged world-wide wars against the Muslim Ummah because you called 9/11 truthers crazy “conspiracy theorists” in your BBC articles , then the best cleansing therapy for this is to sing the following song (on the Livestream Rihla event to the world):


The Muslim ‘9/11 Truther’ Ritual Song:

I am a Muslim man
I come from far away
And I can say

[What can you say?]

9/11 was an inside job
Inside job, inside job…
Inside, inside job!


You could sing this song in a room full of giant portraits of all your favourite 9/11 Muslim truthers, i.e. Dr. Kevin Barrett (allegedly the only Muslim 9/11 truther in the whole world) , with Prince’s song Controversy also playing in the background. However you decide to get the message out, we do hope you do it soon for all our sakes. The entire Muslim Ummah is counting on you Sheikh Adbal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter) – a noble descendant of the Winter family of rebels who plotted with Guy Fawkes to light up Parliament. You have warrior, rebellious blood in your veins, so please don’t let it go to waste. We are not asking you to light up Parliament with fireworks. All we are asking you to do is speak out for 9/11 truth during this year’s Livestream Rihla event from Turkey. Remember the whole Muslim Ummah is relying on you. Only you – because you look like Sean Penn from the film “Dead Man Walking”. Every minute of every day, we’re watching, waiting, hoping and praying for you to speak out for 9/11 truth. Freedom hasn’t died yet – and all because the Scots love freedom – because it was a brave Scottish man who once said in a Braveheart movie: “You may take our lives; but you may never take our freedom!!” As you said yourself: “Don’t die in vain because the worm of decay is always eating you.” We will not go quietly into the night. We will fight for truth and live on. Because, unfortunately, if you don’t speak out for 9/11 truth now, then you’ll have more than just the “worm of decay” to worry about – Theresa May has just announced in Parliament today that she is prepared to nuke 10000,00000000 people if she ever has a bad hair day, or if someone else asks her another ridiculously stupid question. Please heed our call for 9/11 truth now, and reply ASAP to our campaign letter.  Thank you!




When life knocks you down – don’t just roll over and look up at the stars! Never say never, because true believers always get back up and fight, ‘cause there’s no turning back when your heart’s under attack…it’s our destiny!


Never Say Never



The Muslim Ummah is ALIVE!!


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