A reply letter from Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad!!


Dear Truthers,


I Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter) have just a few minutes free to convey to you this urgent message. I must do so quickly before I’m overcome again by demonic possession. Had it not been for Gordon Duff’s recent courageous confession – about being possessed by aliens/jinns, I never would have had the courage to tell you what I’m about to tell you now. Yes (as many of you have already suspected), I too am demonically possessed, and have been for quite some time. That’s why, many years ago, I announced to the world that I was “not a scholar”:


 That I was simply a mindless “brick wall echoing the prophetic tradition”. Acting like a brick wall is clearly an un-Islamic thing to be doing – it’s the sort of freaky thing Donald Trump might be into, but certainly not a renowned Islamic scholar like yours truly – at least not when I’m in my true Islamic form – free from all shape-shifting reptilian demonic influence – of the evil inter-dimensional ET entity kind. I made the public announcement that I was “not a scholar” because I wanted you guys to think more critically, and with self-responsibility with reference to God’s Universal Law (with selfish devotion to our Supreme Merciful Creator alone). After all, why place such mindless trust in me as a “Sheikh”? – I’m not an infallible superman! I could be anyone, so how would you know that I’m truly for real? I could be a synthetic clone, an android, a Manchurian Candidate mind-controlled illuminati slave, a jinn, a blood-sucking lawyer, a dentist, doctor or (God forbid) President! Even the Bible warns that Lucifer/Satan can pretend to be someone ‘good’ – i.e. an angel of ‘light’. I’m not saying that I might have become a devil. All I’m asking is that you use more critical judgement, and stop always expecting us “sheikhs” to answer every single frickin’ question running through your ignorant, puny, little brains! Please learn to read between the lines and know when to use your own God-given faculty of reason. If you do this, then you will easily recognise when an evil jinn has taken control over my brain. Come on, it’s not rocket science!


I have always wished to speak up for 9/11 truth, but the evil demon possessing my brain just won’t let me. I’m not making excuses – it’s true I tell you! Please believe me. The demon is female and her name is Layla. She’s in love with me – perhaps because she mistakes me for her boyfriend by the name of Majnawn, or it might be because of my ridiculously good-looking Sean Penn movie star good looks. Who knows? But what I can say for sure, is that she just won’t ever willingly leave! She’s as persistent as the male demon (named Roman) who won’t leave the brain of pop star Nicky Minaj, or Beyonce’s female demon named Sasha Fierce. I think Layla is trying to seduce me into renouncing my Islamic faith and into becoming a Hollywood actor instead – perhaps Sean Penn’s acting double, but I won’t do it I tell you, I just won’t! I won’t, I won’t, I won’t – not even for a billion, trillion, million dollars! Twas ‘Layla the Jinniya’ who made me label 9/11 truthers as “conspiracy theorists” (much like crazy moon-landing sceptics). I never would have written such an evil thought in my BBC article all those many years ago, if it hadn’t been for Layla’s demonic influence. I recognise now that the 9/11 conspiracy is indeed very real and is getting worse by the day. I sincerely wish to answer the questions of my followers – regarding their recent letters and concerns about 9/11 truth, but Layla simply won’t let me. All she allows me to do is feebly respond to such concerns with the words “stop backbiting!” But a great Islamic scholar (such as I) is more than capable of replying with a coherent, detailed professional answer to any question posed by a 9/11 truther. For goodness sake!  It’s not like I’m a typical mindless minion/troll/shill working for “Veterans Today”  – who refuses to answer ANY questions from news readers and viewers.  We sheikhs would never be too frightened to do so. Sometimes, however, the jinns try to make us look weak – like ostriches burying our heads in the sand, but we’re like lions of the desert. We won’t die like dogs, we’ll fight like lions (like “The Three Amigos”)! I’m a testosterone fuelled real, rare man who would never shy away from controversy – like a stupid, cowardly sissy. I agree with former US President JFK – when he said that it’s criminal to shy away from controversy.


During this year’s Rihla Live Stream event, I really wanted to sing your 9/11 truther song – written especially for me, but Layla has (to date) only allowed me to sing an Islamic Bosnian hymn (during my Rihla teaching session on 20/07/2016). My strong Islamic faith has subdued her evil tendencies, but she will not allow me (under any circumstance) to speak any 9/11 truth. However, we seem to have a common extreme dislike for the Saudi inspired Salafi/Wahhabi movement in Islam. That’s the only thing we have in common, so I haven’t yet tried to see an exorcist – because I hope she’ll revert to being a good Muslim sometime soon. Sometimes she makes me contradict my friend Sheikh Hamza Yusuf – perhaps to cause strife between us because she is so jealous of our life-long brotherly love. For example, she makes me say that God can never be described as being “The Far”, but He can be described as being “The Near” (or “Al Kareeb” in Arabic – in the absolute sense of the term), whereas Hamza Yusuf tells everyone that: “God is above and beyond His Creation” – are we two sheikhs contradicting each other?  I would hate to ever contradict my friend in Islam. I say that God can’t be described as being “far away” because the Qur’an teaches that God is closer to a person than their own jugular vein. To say that God is “far” might suggest that He is somehow indifferent, or negligent of His creation, so Muslims shouldn’t describe Him as such.   However, I’m afraid that Layla might one day try to make me say that we are ‘one and the same’ with God – as Allen Roland seems to suggest in his articles for “Veterans Today”. This is “shirk” (or “associating others with God” and is an unforgiveable sin). Unlike Dr. Kevin Barrett, I could never support Allen’s “Unified Field” theory – which is obviously inspired by the pan-Christian, pantheistic, luciferian philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin – just to appease the perverted tyrannical beliefs of U.N. spiritualists. Teilhard states:


“What I am proposing to do is to narrow that gap between pantheism and Christianity by bringing out what one might call the Christian soul of Pantheism or the pantheist aspect of Christianity.”


Nor would I (your beloved Sheikh, as sweet and innocent as an English rose) ever support mad scientists like Robert Lanza – with his blasphemous “Biocentric Universe” theory. He states:


“…claiming that it’s all a “dumb” accident is no more helpful than saying “God did it…Indeed, according to biocentrism, it’s us, the observer, who create space and time (which is the reason you’re here now).”


So Robert Lanza supports Allen Roland’s theory – that we lowly subservient observers can “merge” and “co-create” with the gods, to eventually become Gods ourselves! – This is clear blasphemy!!


I’m really, really, sorry that I have so far been unable to answer any questions coming from Live Stream (Rihla 2016) viewers – especially questions regarding 9/11 truth. In the same way the Theosophical Society asks people to state that they believe in fairies, I too am requesting a statement of belief from my followers. I ask you now to write back to me with your firm affirmation: “I do believe in Abdal Hakim Murad. I do, I do, I do” (In much the same way that the lion says he believes in “courage” – in the film “The Wizard of Oz”, or how the children say they believe in fairies in the film “Peter Pan”). If enough people write to me with this statement of belief in me, then I might have enough power to overcome any demon infiltration of my brain – at least enough to utter a few words in support of the 9/11 Truth Campaign, or in support of Steve De’ak’s “9/11 Crash Test” project. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if (during my Live Stream Rihla classes) I got so excited about 9/11 truth, that I jumped up and down on the white leather sofa (just like Tom Cruise once did on The Oprah Winfrey Show), but instead of declaring my love for a woman like Tom did, I scream: “I love 9/11 truth!!” I bet you’re all just longing for me to do just that – well aren’t you? As Clint Eastwood once said: “Do ya feel lucky Punk?! Well do ya?!” Dreams can come true, so repeat after me: “I do believe in Abdal Hakim Murad, I do, I do, I do!”


During my Rihla 2016 “contentions” talk yesterday (20/07/2016), I spoke about why it’s important for Muslims to give people “the benefit of the doubt”, and not be so quick to stereotype them, or, as in the case of the Zionist run ISIS sect, chop of their heads. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and I deeply regret not being able to give 9/11 truthers the benefit of the doubt. We hate it when you guys often look upon us with scorn, just because we seemingly love George W. Bush and Tony Blair more than we do the Muslim ummah. We can’t help it when our brains get infiltrated by demons. It’s not like we’ve any control over them – to prevent them completely disabling those parts of our brain that deal with “objective reasoning”, and our unconditional love for 9/11 truth and the ummah. Deep down inside, we secretly know that there’s a great big 9/11 “elephant in the room” and that the term “conspiracy theorists” was only conjured up by the CIA to discredit all 9/11 truthers. In an ideal world (without demonic possession), the Rihla 2016 programme (“contention” sessions) would be as follows (to counteract the official government 9/11 fairy-tale):


Contention No.1


How to perform compulsive ritual washing as penitence – like if you’ve ever shook the hand of the warmonger George W. Bush, or Tony Blair (i.e. like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf once did) – these war criminals have blood on their hands!


How to perform compulsive ritual washing as penitence – for those who clapped to endorse the fake “war on terror”, during George W. Bush’s psychopathic “State of the Union Address” – to genocide the people of Iraq and Afghanistan with blatantly false WMD ‘intelligence’ data (i.e. like Hamza Yusuf once did – unfortunately, simply crying to students at Oxford University that the FBI made you do it, isn’t quite enough atonement for doing such a mindless gross act).


Contention No. 2:


How to perform exorcism in extreme cases of 9/11 truth denial, particularly when mind-controlled by the FBI, CIA or jinns – who are infatuated with you, perhaps because of your really, really, ridiculously good-looking movie star features (i.e. Hamza Yusuf -who looks like the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean), or I (Abdal Hakim Murad) who looks like Sean Penn from the movie “Dead Man Walking”.


Contention No. 3:


How to break the curse preventing one from speaking 9/11 truth to the world (and be more like brave truthers such as Steve De’ak – who Gordon Duff jealously labels as “Grandpa 9/11 truther” – just because Gordon is a demon possessed minion of the Zionist George Soros).


Contention No. 4:


How to always give 9/11 truthers the benefit of the doubt and not stereotype them as crazy “conspiracy theorists” – just to further ones career with the BBC. How to be brave and not yearn to hide in Plato’s “cave of shadows” – hiding away from reality with wilful ignorance. Muslims must practice what they preach and shun hypocrisy. Not pick and choose what aspects of Islam to believe in – just to dwell in apathy and complacency.


Contention No. 5:


How to sing more 9/11 ‘truther’ songs (such as “Merciful Rain” and “Hello” – to counteract the evil influence of the satanically inspired Music Industry.


Contention No. 6:


How to use Islamic Science to determine if a jet plane can cut through concrete reinforced steel – like a hot knife cuts through butter, or like a “phantom plane” undergoing some weird quantum entanglement.


How to research the truth of Simon Shack’s statement that nuclear weapons don’t in actual fact exist. If his theory proves to be correct, then we can “burn” the 9/11 mini-nuke theory of Gordon Duff and his followers for good. We can also tell Theresa May to stop being such a mass-murdering, nuke threatening psychopath – expecting tax payers to sign a blank cheque for nuclear WMD that (allegedly) haven’t even been invented yet! This only diminishes her femininity – as most people know that feminists these days say women should not seek to be “equal” with psychopathic men, but rather they should seek for better “opportunity” and for “respect”. Women should respect the intrinsic differences in gender, and respect God’s Word and not seek to mass murder tens of thousands of people. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf once spoke about how the Japanese once banned guns from Japan – because they were disgusted that such weapons dishonoured their longstanding, noble sword fighting tradition. It doesn’t take guts to pull a trigger, or press a nuke button and kill millions. This is an extremely dishonourable way to fight – even if done in retaliation. One cannot defeat the enemy by adopting the ruthlessness of the enemy – there is an afterlife and God will severely punish those who indiscriminately kill with such perverse indifference to human life. Stating: “We were only following orders”, or: “We were only doing “collateral damage”, “preventative”, “deterrent”, “pre-emptive strike” type warfare”, will not pass as an excuse on Judgement Day. During the recent military coup in Turkey, the good Turkish people showed that by peacefully standing in front of military tanks, and reaching out to the humanity of those involved in the military coup, they could peacefully prevent further military violence without the use of weapons.


ghostSorry, I must go now – I sense the jinni named Layla is about to manifest herself and take possession of my brain again, and so keep me from speaking any more 9/11 truth. However, “Remember who you are” (like the wise monkey says to the Disney Lion King), 9/11 truth lives in you too, so even when I’m gone still carry on, but remember to constantly tell me: “I do believe in Abdal Hakim Murad” – for only then will I be able to defeat the evil anti-truther spell cast upon me and help you. Only with your prayers and support can the spell be lifted and Sleeping Beauty (yours truly) be given the kiss of life. For goodness sake! If Theosophists can make fairies appear with wishful thinking alone, or with a trillion dollar CERN “mother of all” false-flags demonic portal machine, then surely you ‘truther’ lot can help make 9/11 truth manifest from my mouth now and then – as Dr. Evil often says: “Throw me a frickin’ bone here! Need the info – I’m the boss!”


elephant 911Only with your strong, firm belief in my 9/11 truther capabilities (as well as my ridiculously good-looking good looks) can I begin to recognise the 9/11 “elephant in the room” once again. Until then, I’m as blind as a bat as far as 9/11 truth is concerned – so speak to da hand, ‘cause I ain’t listenin’ (as Ali G. might say). With strong faith (from you lot) in my abilities, I will be able to keep my beloved “sunniship” (Muslim ummah) afloat in these turbulent times. Without your support, Sheikhs (such as I) can only debate such trivial issues as whether or not it is acceptable for women to wear hair pins with their head scarves (in the Rihla Live Stream Islamic teaching sessions) – it doesn’t get more controversial than this, and such teachings are sure to bore you to death. Such brain deadening chauvinistic issues will only give support to Donald Trump’s argument that religious scholars are afraid to speak their mind – because they’re too afraid (allegedly) of losing their “Tax Exempt” religious status. This is not who we are! We’re fearful of God’s Word alone – so who cares about money when 9/11 truth is required to be spoken publicly – for the purposes of avoiding any further world-wide genocide wars. I (for one) am never afraid to speak my mind about controversial issues – just don’t ask me about my views on gay people – because the “Daily Mail” will chew me up and spit me out and label me a homophobic bigot, and then I’d be forced to issue a shallow apology just to appease them and keep my Cambridge University job. Thus helping to make a Sodom and Gomorrah asteroid strike more likely to happen again, and so condemning myself to live with an eternal burden of guilt.


I should like to end this letter to you all with a poem and a song. I always tell my students that secular Arabic poetry is the best type of poetry. So here is a secular poem in English which I hope will be translated into Arabic sometime soon – perhaps to be used in a much needed exorcism:


“Layla Ya Jahilliya Jinniya”


Oh Layla! You jinniya – be gone from my brain!

You’re driving me insane

Allow me to participate in the 9/11 ‘truther’ game

I’m not doing it for fortune or fame

Your possession of me is so lame

Why do you do it again and again?

I wish to light the Liberty Flame

So turn from wildness and become tame

Wilful ignorance has nothing to gain

9/11 false-flags only kill and maim

They’re insane and never wane

So speak truth to remain sane

Please, please, please –

Do so in God’s name

For His forgiving, merciful rain

Jump on the Peace Train

Before we burn in Hell’s everlasting flame


I never meant to cause you any sorrow

I never meant to cause you any pain

I only wanted one time to see you laughing baby

Only wanna see you,

See you laughing, yeah

In the merciful rain

Merciful rain, merciful rain…

Can I play this piano? – Or should I bulldozer it – like I did my mum’s piano and 9/11 truth?


Manadatory Credit: Photo by Brian Rasic / Rex Features (396812dh) PRINCE VARIOUS

[OK, I admit those last poetic lines were copied from Prince’s “Purple Rain” song Super Bowl performance – I wish I could sing like that! One day I’m going to walk around with the words “Slave 4 Allah” written on my face – just like how Prince once did – just you wait and see. They’ll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover, just you wait and see…]


I dedicate the following song to my beloved Muslim ummah – what I famously like to call my “sunniship” – ‘cause we follow the sunna (Islamic tradition) of the prophets of Islam (peace be upon them all). I really sincerely regret not speaking up for 9/11 truth when it mattered the most, when it could have helped save the life of billions of Muslims worldwide. With your help, I hope to still make a difference. I will go down with this “sunniship” – rather than surrender to the evil, mass-murdering, psychopathic elite:


“White Flag” (lyrics by Dido)


I will go down with this ship (my “sunniship”)

And I won’t put my hands up and surrender

There will be no white flags above my door

I’m in love (with 9/11 truth) and always will be

I know I left too much mess and destruction

To come back again

And cause nothing but trouble

I understand if you can’t talk to me again

And if you live by the rules of “it’s over”

Then I’m sure that that makes sense

I will go down with this ship…



The second song that I’d like to dedicate to my beloved ummah goes something like this: “I don’t think you ready for this jelly / I don’t think you ready for this jelly / I don’t think you ready for this / ‘Cause my body too bootylicious for yo babe…” [that’s Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious” song on YouTube!  Not too provocative I hope, I wouldn’t want to be too controversial now – like “9/11 truth” obviously is!]


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