“Guts Over Fear” – song by Gordon Duff (feat. Theresa May)

Guts over Fear!

Turkey military coup


In a recent interview between Dr. Jim Fetzer and Ian Greenhalgh (when Ian and Jim were still friends and not scratching each others eyes out), Ian Greenhalgh states that many ‘truthers’ often try to “burn” each other – “burning” is the technical term that is used by the ‘intelligence’ community – to refer to the technique used by intelligence agents to outsmart their fellow shill opponents. In Ian’s interview with Jim Fetzer, Ian states that the mini-nuke theory still reigns supreme – because (according to him) all other theories have been well and truly “burned” by Gordon Duff’s mini-nuke theory. He says that Duff managed to “burn” Christopher Bollyn’s nanothermite theory for good – by simply making one simple phone call. Duff, allegedly, called some company to ask if they produced nanothermite – in the quantities that were (allegedly) required to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11. The company director then replied to Duff: “No”! Ma sign is ‘no’… Ma name is ‘no’… Ma nanothermite is ‘no’ – You need to let it go… You need to let it go!” Ian says the company director then threatened to call a lawyer and take legal action – because he was furious that Christopher Bollyn had dared to suggest that nanothermite was used on 9/11. Therefore, Gordon Duff proclaims that his supporters can be assured that his mini-nuke theory is the best theory out there – to solve the blatant 9/11 false-flag crime.


Gordon Duff seeks to continue to blame the use of mini-nukes for all past and future false-flag events. For example, he also believes mini-nukes were used during the false flag event on 7/7 in London, and more recently in Turkey on the Parliament building during the failed military coup. Unfortunately, the only evidence Duff can provide to the public about the existence of mini-nukes remains highly classified – so the public currently have more confirmation of the existence of fairies than they do mini-nukes! Nevertheless, they should blindly believe Gordon’s nuke theory because he is obviously a very trustworthy person – because who else openly admits to publishing 60% disinformation and loving the Monsanto, marijuana and riot promoting drug-lord gangsta named George Soros? Not many, that’s for sure! Although Ian Greenhalgh wears massive rose-tinted glasses to work at “Veterans Today” to support Gordon’s nuke theory, Simon Shack continues to be sceptical. Simon believes that nukes haven’t even been invented yet, and he demands to see hard evidence of their existence – despite all the readily available ‘evidence’ of Gordon’s infamous ‘honesty’, and the apocalyptic Fukushima nuke disaster.


Meanwhile, Theresa May is reconsidering her role as a role-model for females, and is hoping to abolish the use of nukes altogether – whether they exist or not (despite recently proclaiming in Parliament: “YES!!! Nuke ‘em all!! Yes, yes, yes!!!” – much to the dismay of Jeremy Corbyn – who favours total nuke disarmament). Rumour has it that Theresa now no longer wishes to be a clone of Margaret Thatcher, and recognises that women should not seek to be “equal” with psychopathic mass-murdering men, but rather they should seek better “opportunity” and “respect” – like what modern feminists are now demanding.   Her new political campaign slogan is “Guts Over Fear” – a catchy theme much like Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. Thus, she is requesting that Barack Obama immediately halt all the obvious false-flag events for gun control – because since he has been in office, mass shootings have gone up 700%, and this psy-op is now just so frickin’ bloody ridiculously obvious to anyone with even half a brain cell!   Using her newly found “women’s power”, Theresa May is seeking to ban all WMD, nukes, guns, drones etc., which grossly diminish the moral and ethical principles of humanity.   Therefore, all people will be required to willingly hand in their “sissy” and “cowardly” weapons, and revert back to more honourable “one-to-one” combat and the pursuit of martial arts – this includes the police and military armed forces.


Gordon Duff is beginning to see Theresa May’s point of view. He deeply regrets boasting about “burning” his fellow 9/11 truthers with his rather fickle mini-nuke theory. He’d rather be “burned” by God’s honest truth – because (he believes) to finally face reality is a “beautiful pain” to endure. Ghandi would never shy away from such pain and nor will Gordon Duff ever do! Gordon no longer seeks to “burn” his fellow truthers, or be burned himself – like the Wicker Man, but is truly seeking the absolute honest truth about what happened on 9/11. He also hopes to eventually “do away with” the pagan, religious philosophy of Allen Roland’s luciferian/sun-worshipping “Unified Field” theory, and instead intends to be more Islamic – because the prophet Abraham could never be “burned” – when the pagans tried to burn him when he spoke the truth and broke all their pagan idols.   Gordon Duff sings the following song relevant to his current dilemma:


“Beautiful Pain”


I can feel the heat rising, everything is on fire

Today is a painful reminder of why

We can only get brighter

The further you put it behind ya

But right now I’m on the inside

(Lookin’ out, cause)


I’m standin’ in the flames

It’s a beautiful kind of pain

Settin’ fire to yesterday

Find the light, find the light, find the light


As time passes

Things change every day

But wounds, wounds heal, but scars still remain the same

But tomorrow today’s going down in flames

Throw the match, set the past ablaze


I feel the burn, watch the smoke as I turn

Rising, a phoenix from the flames

I have learned, from fighting fights, that weren’t mine

Not with fists, but with wings that I will fly



Gordon Duff also hopes to sing the song “Guts Over Fear” with Theresa May soon in public – because they have learned a lot from Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad’s recent advice – about the need for more honour and fair-play in military combat, with better consideration to men and women’s unique talents. Humanity is fed up with all the constant nuke and drone warfare fear mongering. It doesn’t take much “guts” to pull the trigger of a gun, or press a nuke button and kill millions of people. So “guts over fear” means than humanity will be ruled by the fear of God alone, and the firm belief in God’s Universal Law and Divine Justice. It’s never too late to “burn” a useless COINTELPRO mini-nuke theory – when faced with God’s honest truth, because nothing compares to the truth. Furthermore, with the help of Theresa May’s “woman power”, humanity may yet learn to behave a little better than animals do – because animals never mass murder a species purely for egotistical, sadistic fun, or in complete disregard for God’s Divine Commandments. Theresa May sings (from within the Houses of Parliament) to Gordon Duff the following song:


“Guts Over Fear”


I was a… afraid to make a single sound

Afraid I would never find a way o-o-out

Afraid I’d never be found

I don’t wanna go another round

When women’s power will shut you up

Trip wires fill this house with tip toed love

Run out of excuses for everyone

So here I am and I will not run

Guts over fear (the time is near)

Guts over fear (I shed a tear)

For all the times I let you push me round

And let you keep me down

Now I got, guts over fear, guts over fear



Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with Theresa May’s proposed “Guts Over Fear” military strategy. War pigs (such as Henry Kissinger) fear that they will no longer be able to make fun of their military “dumb, stupid animals” – to be used as cannon fodder for their “mass ritual sacrifice” elitist wars; nor will they be able to hold their annual “Dinner for Military Schmucks” event! During this annual dinner event, the Zionist elite ask their minions to bring in a so-called “Military Affairs Expert” – preferably a “lucky schmuck” who states (in his “A Call To Arms” V.T. articles) that he admires the gigantic “Texas-sized balls” of the late George S. Patton, but who, nevertheless, still firmly believes that “all the big guns are on the side of evil”, and so pessimistically suggests that “We The People” should just give up and continue to die as cannon fodder!



“Guts Over Fear”

(Eminem feat. Sia)


“Beautiful Pain”

(Eminem feat. Sia)

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