Dr. Kevin Barrett wants to see the best of you!


As we can tell from the above YouTube video, Dr Kevin Barrett is an extreme fan of the music of Prince – because Prince was allegedly a 9/11 ‘truther’.   Often Kevin just can’t help but break into a Prince song – when he is speaking about serious topics like 9/11 truth.  He recently announced on Press TV that unless Muslims start to speak up for 9/11 truth, then they’re likely heading for the FEMA camps in America. Why have they lost all their courage and faith he wonders – this is not the prophetic way! This is NOT Muslims (or even non-Muslims) behaving at their very best! Dr. Kevin Barrett then sings to his T.V. audience: “Are we gonna let the illuminati bring us down? Oh no, let’s go crazy!” He says that his fellow Muslims are more than what they’ve become, and says he wants to see from each and every Muslim “the best of you”. He is fed up with listening to leading Muslim sheikhs living in 9/11 truth denial, or making lousy “confessions” or excuses – of why (after all these years) they still choose to remain apathetic and complacent in the face of such blatant false-flags against Muslims.


Kevin Barrett then ends his Press T.V. announcement with a full rendition of Prince’s 2007 Super-Bowl performance – in particular, Prince’s awesome rendition of the Foo Fighter song “Best of You”:


For the attention of Dr. Barrett and fellow truthers – here is the other declassified part of the 9/11 Commission Report:


The Declassified 28 Sentences of the 9/11 Commission Report


In addition to the 28 Pages of the classified section of the 9/11 Commission Report, now also emerges the once classified 28 sentences of the Commission Report, as follows:


  1. In addition to Saudi Arabia, all other Muslim countries also had something to do with 9/11. At the very least they showed what apathetic and complacent cowards they all are in the face of a very obvious, occult, illuminati false-flag ritual and therefore should be utterly ashamed of themselves!
  2. All non-Muslim countries are also guilty of 9/11 for the same reasons as stated in Sentence 1 above.
  3. General Wesley Clark has often tried to warn Muslim countries – that a war is being waged against them for no reason whatsoever: “7 Muslim counties to be invaded in 5 years time” he says– too bad such countries just sat back and let it all happen despite all the warnings – no wonder they were all such apathetic and complacent 9/11 cowards hiding from the truth!
  4. Everybody knows the poor stay poor, the rich stay rich and life’s a bitch!
  5. How many more sentences do we have to write for you guys to wake the hell up!
  6. Why do we have to write 28 pages or sentences anyway – what’s with all the obsession with the number “28” anyway – is it because 2+8= 10 and 10 is God’s number, whereas 11 is from the devil because “11” always wants to rebel and be more than God? Who knows and who cares anyway. 9/11 was an inside job!!
  7. How many more sentences must we write, I’m bored. Let’s sing: “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, big ones, small ones some as big as your head…”
  8. Gordon Duff is a George Soros boot-licker – everyone knows that, no secret there!
  9. If Muslims don’t speak up for 9/11 truth, then sometime in the future Dr. Kevin Barrett is going to scare them all by telling them (on Press T.V.) that they’re all heading for FEMA camps.       Oooooh, let’s all be scared little muzzie twats!
  10. Why do people only ever want to hear the truth from a “Commission Report” – since when have such reports ever told the truth and nothing but the truth anyway? Get real folks – think for yourselves damn it! No wonder Adolf Hitler once stated: “How fortunate for rulers that men don’t think!”
  11. Oh no!!! Not the evil number “11” – let’s skip this sentence, quick onto the next one.
  12. Dr. Allen Roland and Kevin Barrett have been brainwashed by the U.N. Luciferians to promote New Age mumbo-jumbo with their “Unified Field” theory – “we are the universe, let’s all merge and co-create with the gods” – It’s all pagan, pseudoscience of Dr. Robert Lanza’s “Biocentric Universe” bull crap. But they can’t ever handle the truth when they’re told this – talk about cognitive dissonance, bloomin’ hell!
  13. If anyone ever asks you: “Are you a God?” You say: “no!” – Even if demons try to possess you.
  14. Ian Greenhalgh never was and never will be a “Military Affairs Expert” – despite Gordon Duff’s efforts to brainwash him into believing he is – just so that he joins the “Veterans Today” sinking ship – because anyone with even half a brain cell has already left that rat infested COINTELPRO sinking ship.
  15. If Dr. Kevin Barrett ever works for “Veterans Today”, then what does that tell you about Kevin Barrett – delusional twat or what?
  16. Dr. Kevin Barrett loves Press T.V. and secretly hates “Veterans Today” but can’t leave because Gordon Duff has hypnotized him into staying. Gordon Duff needs to pretend that he loves Muslims even though he is an open supporter of the hard-line Zionist and twisted fire-riot starter George Soros.
  17. Where have all the good men gone and where are all the truthers. Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds. I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night…
  18. Gordon Duff wants to replace the term “burning” (the infamous secret intelligence term used to describe disabling fellow COINTELPRO agents – who are no longer disinfo assets) with the term “circle-jerking” instead. If you don’t sell out to George Soros, or if you question Duff’s real identity, he calls you a “circle-jerk” and says: “I gave you a chance to sell your soul to the devil but you ‘circle-jerked’ instead!”  For all your information, Steve De’ak will never sell out – no matter what Gordon tries to do to get him to cross over to the dark side – even name calling him “grandpa 9/11 truther”, or promising to give him the V.T. job title “Military Affairs Expert” will not work!
  19. O.K., we’ve definitely run out of things to say now, so let’s just count the rest of the sentences until we reach the end: “20, 21, 22…..27”.
  20. Here we are folks – the number we’ve all dream of. You walked in, I woke up. I never saw a pretty number look so good. You got that look. You must have took, a whole hour just to make up your face. Did I say an hour? My face is red. You’ve got that natural, truth-telling look, unaffected! You’ll sure be added in my 9/11 Commission book. So there you have it folks, we’ve reached the grand number “28” of our 28 Declassified Sentences!! Be good everyone. We love you all. Trust our 9/11 Commission Report because we told you to. We’re not all NeoCon Zionists – honest, we’re not! Just don’t believe everything you read. Toodles, doodles, noodles. See ya! That’s all folks – now we wanna see the best, the best, the best of you!



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