If ‘Truthers’ were at the Rio Olympic Games…


If ‘Truthers’ were at the Rio Olympics…


A sports spokesperson comments on the “Truther Intellectual Relay Race” as it takes place, as follows:


As our truther team competitors emerge into the giant vagina shaped Olympic arena – to pay homage to the pagan goddess ISIS – in yet another illuminati inspired Zionistic Olympic games, there’s only one thing on our spectators minds (and no it ain’t the big fat vagina-shaped sports arena!): It’s who will win gold for this year’s truther intellectual relay race?!

relay race

…And the relay race begins:


In lane 1 we have Steve De’ak and his supporters with their “9/11 Crash Test” evidence.


In lane 2 we have the “Veterans Today” crew with their merry men of intellectual Duffs for their nuke theory.


In lane 3 we have Christopher Bollyn with his nanothermite theory supporters.


In lane 4 we have Simon Shack and his “everything is fake” media fakery believers.


In lane 5 we have some Muslim religious leaders and political figures – who we hope are here to support the real goddess ISIS and not the bad pseudo ISIS – that notorious group of black flag waving, head chopping, religious fanatics born of President Obama.


In lane 6 we have Dr. Judy Wood and her followers with their theory about Directed Energy Weapons on 9/11.


Who will win this year’s gold medal for their intellectual prowess, and for their spectacular ignorance busting stamina – to solve the crime of the millennium? Will the truther teams display more sportsmanship this year and play fair and square, or will they continue to stab each other in the back, and engage in petty name calling? We’ll just have to wait and see as the race progresses… Here they all come now into the arena! They’re all standing in their correct lanes now… And with the sound of gun fire, the race has begun!   Already well ahead is Steve De’ak. He was slowed down a little by his partner Pablo Novi who seems to be suffering some ill health. No matter, ‘cause our man of steel Steve is still going strong with his photographic evidence of the impact in the Twin Towers – to prove that military missiles hit them. Oh no! Gordon Duff is playing dirty again – he’s cheating by getting some secret help from Edward Snowden and is claiming Steve’s evidence as his own. He’s trying to point the finger away from the U.S. military and onto some shitty little country in the Middle East somewhere. Israel obviously denies everything, but who cares because Israel is America’s military puppet anyway. But here comes George Soros flying in like a bat out of hell – if he touches any one of our competitors they will be instantly disqualified. No one wants to be associated with that murderous Zionist, twisted fire-starter scum bag, and all the teams are running fast just to stay the hell away from him. It seems Gordon Duff is having a hard time running away from Soros. Soros is yelling at him like Dr. Evil to “come to daddy”. Duff cries back at him like a naughty school boy: “Stay away from me you lazy-eyed freak. I hate you!” Ooch, that’s gotta hurt! Oh no, Duff’s just fallen into a Soros black hole and is now crying for his V.T. crew to rescue him. He says publicly on radio that he’s only covered in 40% Soros bullshit, but no-one believes him and they’re all keeping their distance. Dr. Jim Fetzer has run a mile away from the V.T. crew and is now running the “nuke theory” relay race solo. Can he even do that? We’ll have to check with the judges. But will the Soros bullshit, nevertheless, still stick on Fetzer too – after his association with the Soros stink covered Duff, or will the sheeple think him to be lily white clean and good – despite even his open support on YouTube for gay sodomy? We wouldn’t want any Sodom and Gomorrah type asteroid strikes at this sports event now would we?! Dr. Kevin Barrett has just pushed Jim Fetzer aside and blasted him for his support of sodomy on YouTube. However, Barrett is as loyal as ever to Duff and seems to be giving him a helping hand now. Will Kevin draw upon the winning Olympic sailing skills of his father – to sail his way to the front of this race, or will he be too distracted? Oh nooooooo!! It looks like I’ve spoken too soon! Kevin’s just fallen into a giant ‘truther’ black hole – inadvertently dragged in by his close friend Dr. Allen Roland – with his “Unified Field” theory lucifierian philosophy. As a Muslim, Kevin really should have seen that one coming. Will he ever recover and get himself out of that New Age luciferian black hole bull crap, or will he be submerged in godless mumbo-jumbo forever? And continue to dream of himself as an evolved New Age hairy ape – like his luciferian Spiritual U.N. sponsors are brainwashing him to do? Will Allen Roland and Kevin Barrett help the pseudo intellectual Israeli Dr. Robert Lanza clone a race of military zombies – an indestructible Gog and Magog race to help usher in the New World Order ruled by the anti-christ or Dajjal? – The long awaited Jewish messiah? Will these bird-brained cloned Goggie Woggies all look like Robert Lanza? – For goodness sake! You’d think an army of Robert Lanza lookalike clones at Sandy Hook wasn’t bad enough! Enough already! Give us a friggin’ break! It’s not like he’s even really, really ridiculously good-looking like Zoolander!


And here comes Dr. Judy Wood – but just as suddenly as she’s appeared, she’s suddenly disappeared again! What is it PMS session again?!! WTF!!! Will she stick around long enough to explain her DEW theory to spectators, or will she continue with her allusive, disappearing act forever? She can’t keep disappearing on her high horse; or on her witch’s broom stick “defying gravity” forever and ever. What the hell did she train for any way, if she’s not going to compete at all? Her supporters really need to pin her down – to at least hold one more measly interview with any one of her opponents, without breaking down into her usual cry baby mood swings.


Oh nooooo!! It looks like Gordon Duff is playing dirty again. He’s blacklisting and slandering anyone who has any opinion at all – whatever happened to the V.T. committee for ethical journalism and free-speech? It seems that for V.T., there are no rules in this truther race. Will Duff be distracted by his many Maryland spanker Craigslist sex workers waiting in the audience, or will he continue the race fair and square? It’s hard to tell – those spanker high black leather boots and long whips are very distracting, and Gordon Duff is openly begging for a spanking.


Here comes Christopher Bollyn with his nanothermite theory. Dr. Richard Gage has just handed him a load of nanothermite evidence. Will Christopher be able to carry them to the finish line, or will he too be distracted by members of the audience? Oh no!! He’s just taken a tumble! Duff has apparently made Christopher’s evidence completely disappear by making one simple phone call to a nanothermite company. The nanothermite company says nanothermite can’t be produced in the quantities required to bring down the Twin Towers. This is a mighty blow for Chris and his team, but will he still be able to carry his evidence to the finish line? Oh my ***** ****** (excuse my French) Christopher has just gone and shot himself in the foot – so to speak – he’s fallen for an Israeli Mossad agent and has gone off and married her. The V.T. crew are never gonna let him live that one down – especially Ian Greenhalgh. That’s gotta be the worst thing you can ever do as a 9/11 truther. But wait a minute, why is Ian G. now running with a giant statue of his idol George S. Patton – with giant Texas sized balls?! That’s sure to slow him down! And why is Ian G. now screaming “all the big guns are on the side of evil” and running in the wrong direction!!  With Gordon Duff chasing after him screaming: “Come back, come back!! I’ll give you the job title of ‘Military Affairs Expert’ if you’d just come back!”  This relay race just gets crazier and crazier!


Will Simon Shack save the day? Oh no!! It looks like he too has the stink of George Soros’s Tavistock institute lurking around him. Will Shack ever be able to escape from that stinking green toxic mist to ever see the light of day? Or will he continue to pretend to be a native Italian sock puppet singing David Bowie’s infamous “Changes” Tavistock tune; “cha cha cha changes … changes” with a fluent British accent, whilst posing butt naked on his window sill?


And now we have Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad – the long term Muslim anti-establishment hero, emerging like a dark horse to take the lead. Will he win? It looks like he can make it, if he can just stay clear of all those black holes on the race course – Murad knows all about ‘truther’ black holes – because during his Rihla 2016 lecture he spoke about how they resemble the little light that gradually disappears on an old T.V. set, so (at least) he has some idea of what they are. Oh for heaven’s sake, what now! He seems to be distracted by BBC disinformation and is now yelling that all 9/11 truthers are “conspiracy theorists” – just like nutty moon landing sceptics. Oh my goodness – now what’s he doing?! Is that him now dancing to Sia’s “Chandelier” song and leaping about like a gymnast? I can’t believe my eyes! He says he wants to swing from a chandelier, and live in the moment and act like no problems ever exist. It looks like he’s going into extreme cognitive dissonance again. Will his partner Sheikh Hamza Yusuf be able to take his loving eyes off George W. Bush or Tony Blair, for long enough to be able to rescue him? Or will he continue to admire and clap to Bush in his “war on terror” fear mongering? Hang on; it seems we’ve got a new contender in the race now. Holy crap! It’s non other than Donald Trump – flying in with yellow angel wings and a yellow wig to match. And who even thought he could run with that great big bright yellow hair wig on! Well if he can run for President with it, then I guess anything goes. But what’s he doing here?! It looks like he’s trying to help our religious leaders. He’s battling the IRS to give our religious team more freedom of speech – so they don’t have to worry about their “tax exempt” status if they engage in political thought. Will this be enough power to motivate our religious leaders to speak any truth at all, or will they continue to bury their heads in the sand? Or let themselves be assassinated, one by one, like sitting ducks for daring to speak up for 9/11 truth? Only time will tell.


There’s not much time left and it looks like Steve De’ak is still in the lead. He doesn’t have much help, but it looks like he still has enough brain power to reach the finish line to win gold! Duff is as jealous as hell, green with envy, and is yelling his petty name calling at him again – like yelling “grandpa 9/11 truther” in the hope that he can demoralize Steve to drop out of the race. Let’s hope Duff doesn’t have any more dirty tricks up his sleeve, but if he continues to fall in any more Soros black holes, he will be instantly disqualified from the race – as who can ever believe him with that Zionist Soros stench all over him and his V.T. crew? And we won’t even mention all the New Age bullshit that he, Allen Roland and Dr. Kevin Barrett are still throwing about to slow down their fellow ‘truther’ competitors. Whatever happened to sportsmanship? I guess it doesn’t exist in the truther world at all… Well, at least, we’re all competing in a giant vagina-shaped Rio Olympics sports stadium – I’m sure that will keep the sex-crazed Duff perverts happy for a short while. We only hope that Allen Roland and Kevin Barrett don’t take their luciferian religious beliefs too far, and start openly worshipping our iconic giant sun symbol – the pagan, freemasonic Olympic Flame – we wouldn’t want our dumb ass sheeple audience to suspect anything now would we?! – Like them guessing that we’re all luciferian, pagan, sun-worshipping, perverted twat loving, mental midget freaks! This, after all, is the INTELLECTUAL relay race, is it not?! – The first of its kind at the Olympic Games – so we can’t all be little spoil sport brats, or mindless, ignorant Duff twats, now can we?! As Prince once sang “all that glitters ain’t gold”. We’re after the real Intellectual Olympic Games gold medal – not the fool’s gold that often attracts the dope fuelled pseudo ‘truther’ athletes.


To be continued…









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