Sia says burn the “28 Pages” of 9/11 disinformation!

28 Pages

A bit of 2005 history, Australian style:

 Jets didn’t topple towers: cleric
Cameron Stewart


AUSTRALIA’S most radical Muslim group is promoting the bizarre conspiracy theory that planes did not destroy New York’s World Trade Centre.

Instead, the prayer group run by controversial Melbourne cleric Sheik Mohammed Omran suggests the Twin Towers were destroyed by controlled explosions, presumably set off by agents of the US Government.

The radical theory has been given prominence in a newspaper, Mecca News, edited by Sheik Omran and published by his group, the Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jamaah Association. The paper, which claims a readership of more than 10,000, is distributed around the country.

The story is the second part of a campaign to persuade local Muslims that the 9/11 attacks in 2001 were part of a US-inspired conspiracy. The paper last month promoted the theory that a plane did not crash into the Pentagon in the September 11 attacks and that the story was a major hoax.

In the October edition of Mecca News, published this week, the paper does not deny that planes crashed into New York’s Twins Towers, but denies this is what caused them to collapse.

“The problem is that fire has never before caused steel-frame high-rise buildings to collapse, even when the fire was a very energetic one,” says the paper, which devotes a page to supporting the conspiracy claims made by a US author, David Ray Griffin.

It asks why a third building, not hit by planes, collapsed next to the Twin Towers when the building had fires on only two of its 47 floors. The article suggests all the buildings were brought down by controlled explosions.

“If explosions had been used to break the steel columns, these columns would have had telltale signs of the impact of these explosions,” the newspaper says.

“Virtually all of the steel was quickly removed from the scene, before any forensic examination could be carried out, then sold to scrap dealers and exported to other countries.

“Generally, removing any evidence from the scene of a crime is a federal offence, but in this case the FBI allowed this removal to go ahead.”

The article does not explain who might have set off such controlled explosions or why. However, Mecca News has previously implied that the 9/11 attacks were a massive US-inspired conspiracy, so the paper effectively invites readers to conclude that US authorities, not Islamic terrorists, were to blame.

The paper has defiantly pledged to continue its 9/11 conspiracy series next month, despite an angry response to the provocative campaign from moderate Muslims and non-Muslims.

The newspaper last month credited its editor-in-chief, Sheik Omran, with “breaking the ice” by raising questions in Australia about who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

The public campaign on the 9/11 conspiracies comes despite calls from John Howard and moderate Muslim officials for Islamic leaders to avoid inflammatory comments on terrorism.

The paper’s campaign has sparked a mixed response from readers. “I implore you to keep up this line of questioning – you’re the only ones with an ounce of sense,” one reader writes to the editor.
But another writes: “I find your comments about 9/11 repulsive and ignorant to our way of life … You, sir, should be deported to Afghanistan or some sandy desert.”

28 Pages

Sia says burn the “28 Pages” of disinformation and tell the truth about 9/11!

Sia Music Video “Burn the Pages




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